English Question Description Description The passion for this topic comes from my personal

Description Description The passion for this topic comes from my personal experience of being isolated by myself. There has been a time of struggle and conflict during which I choose to escape from the reality both physically and psychologically.Nouns family problem, eating disorder, social anxietyVerbs sleep, escape, relieve, recoverAdjectives depressed, helpless, disappointedSettings my junior in high school, in between ages 16 and 17. The most important scene takes place in the emergency room at Boston Children’s Hospital.Characters school principals, my closest friends in high school (both seniors at that time)Paragraph (class activity) I was taken out of school during my second last class during that day, taken to the Boston Children’s Hospital and shut into the emergency room with a wordless woman who was supposed to supervise my during the process of examination. I was still in uniform and knee socks. I felt cold so I cuddled myself in the corner with a blanket on. There was no window in the room but a dull light place on the ceiling. I wanted to see the natural light. I felt such strong desire for the outside and sounds other than the TV shows and nurses and doctors brisk walking in the hall with disinfection carts.Further Directions: This personal narrative is going to show mainly the psychological shifts that happened when I was taken and held in the emergency room at Boston Children’s Hospital for eight hours straight. After eight hours I was finally diagnosed with anorexia which had have already caused me to drop 25 pounds during the last half year (from 119 to 94 pounds). Cautions: The attached files include a past writing exercise based on the topic and a rubric. Feel free to expand on the story told through the writing exercise. And please make sure to follow the rubric and AVOID plagiarism.

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