Business Question Description Introducing a new dairy-free product. With an increased focus on

Description Introducing a new dairy-free product. With an increased focus on health and animal welfare, as well as concerns for the environment in terms of the global warming, there has been a rapid growth in the non- dairy food/drink sector in certain markets. You have been employed as a marketing consultant for a manufacturer of non-dairy chocolate bars and drinks and asked to research the market and advise on a product aimed at a market segment of your choice. You have a free choice of the product and should give it a brand name as well as a brief description. (You may choose an existing organisation on which to base your product or a hypothetical one).The marketing manager has asked you to prepare an informal report explaining how you would market the new dairy-free product, and you are to submit your report containing a full appraisal of the following three (3) sections by the required deadline date:Section 1 – Marketing Environment and Planning Process a) Briefly introduce your product. Explain the components of the marketing planning process and outline the marketing context for the new dairy-free product, with particular reference to the role/importance of adopting a marketing orientation and its application to the business. b) Carry out an environmental audit in the form of a PESTEL analysis for the new dairy-free product ensuring that you detail specific market / organisational related facts that are fully referenced where possible. c) Outline* the extended marketing mix 7Ps and explain how the development of the extended marketing mix could contribute to effective marketing planning for the new product. * a fully detailed marketing mix analysis is NOT required here – that is required in Section 3 here you are explaining the importance of building a strong and coordinated marketing mix.Section 2 – Segmentation, Targeting

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