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b'We are doing this group project where we have to teach the class our vocab words. My job for the project is to make big flashcards with pictures of the words on it. One of the words is vignette, and I have no idea what picture to use, the definition is short verbal description...'

b"I can't find the answer to this anywhere Help? What did Henry II do that solidified his power as king but led to economic problems and helped incite conflict with the church? - executed all bishops who were opposed to his rule - gave enormous financial gifts to the nobility ..."

b'In the short story Homeless by Anna Quindlen what distinction is she making in hjer conclusion with the sentences They are not homeless. They are people who have no homes?'

b'does the Fairness Doctrine violate freedom of the press or freedom of speech? Why or Why not?'

b"ut the words in correct sentence order. If necessary, change the form of the simple verb in boldface. Be sure to begin each sentence with a capital letter. Pay attention to the final punctuation. 1be no, she. 2don't no, you."

b'to Steve go City College. Steve goes to city college.is that right?'

b'Put the words in correct sentence order. If necessary, change the form of the simple verb in boldface. Be sure to begin each sentence with a capital letter. Pay attention to the final punctuation. 1be we library the in. 2at college be she the? 3be no, she. 4be he late ever ...'

b'beautiful:pretty::obliterate: conduct:deportment::disorder: genus:kind:: model: week:fornight::monogamy: same:unique::debtor: glasses:spectacles::separate: suit:clothing::degree:'

b"This is a paragraph on my best childhood friend and if you could edit this, I'll be very happy, thanks :- My best friend during childhood was Kayla. We met eachother in grade 3 and started hanging out. She was always supportive, and happy. We did everything with eachother. We..."

b'A store clerk sold 25 maths books and 10 english books for 855.00 .if she sold 10 maths books and 40 English books, she would have got 135 more. calculate the cost of each book.'


b'This is the second and last stanza of the poem Preludes I need to rephrase. Thank you very much for your help. The morning comes to consciousness Of faint stale smells of beer From the sawdust-trampled street With all its muddy feet that press To early coffee-stands. With ...'

b"I really need your help to rephrase the poem Preludes by T.S.Eliot. I don't need an intepretation of the poem, though. IThe winter evening settles down With smell of steaks in passageways. Six o'clock. The burnt-out ends of smoky days. And now a gusty shower wraps The grimy..."

b'Is it works well with others or work well with other?'

b"Can you please check the following sentences for me? 1The mirror compares itsself to a lake. A woman bends over it so see what she is really like. The mirror is important to her.She is addicted ? to it to the point that she's searching for what she really is in the mirror, ..."

b'wath is deference?'

b'intiation As opposed to swooping, singing heather birds, in flock, one like the other, all exactly alike. This comparison inspired millicent to 1. join the sorority and be like the other? 2.ask others for assistance? 3. think and act as an individual?'

b'We are working on descriptive writing and right now I have to do a whole description on a Old House. Sounds: Screams Howls Whispers Touch: slimy doorknob sticky path dusty windows Sights: broken steps Spider webs on door damaged rooftop Colours: Brown door grey pathway Blue ...'

b'Correct the incorrect punctuation and type a semi-colon, colon, em dash, or parenthesis. What can be done about pollution? I know what I must doand will do--to help reduce pollution. Although, the way I see it, there are at least three things we all should do; 1 recycle ...'

b'Write a poetry explication that describes aspects that typify the work of a poet in Twentieth-century to contemporary poetry'

b'brother is to mother as fly is to?'

b'what does this say in English despues de haber encontrado todas las palabras escondidas, bosque el refran escondido, haciendo un circulo a las letras apropiadas, de izquierda a derecha.'

b'Can you check the very last sentences of the day? 1The biker wanted to cheer his supporters or wanted to cheer to his supporters? 2 We toasted the New Year or we toasted to the New Year? 3In order to stress the fact that the children were given very little to eat, Dickens ...'

b"I'm not sure if the the following sentence have misplaced or dangling modifier errors. My bike fell over while tying my shoelaces."

b'Hi, I am having a hard time finding the faulty parallelism, I could see it in my other exercises, but not these. Would you be able to help me with these? Thank you, Dana 1. Arriving at Lake Powell in a thunderstorm, the campers found it safer to remain in their cars then ...'

b'Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you please check these ten more statements? I still have some doubts about the words underlined or in parentheses. 1.She says that Netherfield has been rented instead of let by Mr Bingley. 2 He was playing in a second floor...'

b'I forgot to include these other three paragraphs. I really hope you can help me with them, too. I thank you all. 6 Elizabeth walks three miles to look after her sister. Mr Darcy feels attracted by her but he says her low connections prevent him from falling in love. He wants...'

b'I made the changes you suggested to me. Can you please check if my five paragraphs are correct? Thank you very much in advance. 1 In the first chapter Mrs Long tells Mr Bennet that Netherfield has been let by Mr Bingley, a rich young man from the north of England. Mrs Long ...'

b"What were the hobbies if any of Nobel Prize winning poet Seamus Heaney? I searched everywhere and couldn't find anything. . ."

b'I have to do a project on 4 types of writing. Fictional narrative, Personal narrative, Informational writing and Persuasive writing. The project consists of giving characteristics of each, as well as 2 prompts examples for each. This is what I have so far. Please tell me if ...'

b'When refering to a person as another person ex. My teacher was thie Hitler or all teachers do i have to underline or italisize Hitler? If not does anything need done to it?'

b'which phrases are simile, metaphor and personfication in the following paragraph: Our vacation paradise cutting all flour legs from under the dinner table With one deep-water move he unwove the rugs in a moment throwing pints of blood over everything we owned His odd head full...'

b'Writing a research paper on anorexia in teens. Can you recommend some good resources?'

b'I forgot to include the following paragraphs for you to correct. Thank you 1 Unfortunately, Elizabeth overheard his conversation but didn\xc2\x92t take it hard because of her playful manners. 2 Mr Bingley soon fell in love with her. When he was asked which daughters he thought ...'

b'Can you please check my tenses. In particular, can you tell me, which tense I shall use when making a summary? Can I say \xc2\x93She says she was going to give a party?\xc2\x94 when referring to her own words? Or shall I write \xc2\x93She said she was going to have a party\xc2\x94? 1 Mrs Long ...'

b'What is the part of speech for scheduled in this sentence? The baby is scheduled for delivery today.'

b"My professor said 2 Be sure to footnote your writing when necessary. Of course you do not have to footnote general information, and the difference is not always to see If you're in doubt, footnote a whole paragraph, or even one sentence. By the way, you may use endnotes OR ..."

b'afle-feicrlk what is this football phrase unscrambled?'

b'Thank you. I think i have it now, just one more question can an introduction be two sentences or does it have to be five or more. thank you for your patients'

b'what is this football phrase unscrambled iocfnf cernro?'

b'Football phrases: Can someone help me please? sdnieo ikkc, iocfnf cernro, afle-feirlk, awrd aypl, and udrnao. Can someone help me unscramble these words they are football phrases'

b'1. How is Sophocles\xc2\x92 goal of returning to the Hellenic perspective supported in \xc2\x93Oedipus the King\xc2\x94? What must have been his purpose? 2. Choose the quote The only conception of freedom I can have is that of the prisoner or the individual in the midst of the State. The ...'

b"IM SO STUCK I don't know where to start... i have everthing i need to write my essay but i cant begain to write it. please help me. my paper is due tomorrow"

b"Alright. I'm supposed to respond to this, but I'm not really sure how to respond. Here it is: In one character we see a complex mix of what he is, what he is supposed to be, what he thinks he is, and how he is perceived by others. Trace the way Chaucer achieves this in the ..."

b'Ok so what if i wanted to compare and contrast frugality and oniomania in subject by subject format How would i start the introduction what would i compare and contrast I already Brainstormed and i made my list, i also have my thesis statment but im sure how to write the essay'

b'Im writing my essay on Onomania but i cant come up with the important points to talk about'

b'I forgot to include the following two statements 1 The Elizabethans believed that everyone was linked together by a chain of rights and obligations. If someone broke the chain Can I say when the chain was broken, the whole system would break down plunging the universe ...'

b'1. I have fought with Bill and have felt sorry later. Is it correct? 2. I have fought with Bill. 3. I have ever fought with Bill. 4. I fought with Bill and I feel sorry for that now. Does 2 mean 3 or 4?'

b'1. I have learned Chines this year. 2. I have ever learned Chinese this year. 3. I have been learning Chinese this year. Is 1 similar to 2 or 3? in meaning? 4. He has gone to Japan this year. 5. He has just finished writing a book in Chinese this year. Are both ...'

b"Can you please check if the following statements are correct? 1 What is Brutus's decision to support the conspiracy based on? It is based on the possibility that Caesar may turn into a tyrant once made king. 2 What does Brutus compare political power to? He compares ..."


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