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b"what wud have been another really good Canadian song sung at the Olympics? Is this one good: Sarah Mclachlan: I will remember you I have to add as well, why I think it is good. I think that this song is good because it has a lot of deep feel in it and it's quite sad. It is a ..."

b'Can you check these sentences, please? In particular, let me know if the words occurring before the parentheses are OK. 1 Jane Austen disapproves of relationships based only on wealth or on sudden violent passions.According to her, a good marriage should be based on calm ...'

b"I looked up the synonyms in the thesaurus. Can you please check if everything is correct? 1 The tempest is caused by Prospero. 2 Prospero confesses Miranda or to Miranda? that he was .... 3 I couldn't find a synonym for set adrift : Prospero was set adrift on a small ..."

b"Midsummer Night's Dream: The fourth act opens with Bottom at center stage. What is your opinion of Bottom's character? How might he be the antithesis, or opposite of Theseus's character?"

b'What pronoun is used for the Empire State Building?'

b'what is a god teacher'

b"I need help with finding sources for my research paper. My teacher said: All of your sources should be from reputable scholarly sources, from journal articles you access via the library's online databases or from books that you access in the library. Websites are considered ..."

b'Thank you for your suggestion. Can you just tell me if the grammar is OK in all sentences?'

b'what are the literary devices in the song if today was your last day by nickelback?'

b'You forgot to check these other sentences. I really hope you can go through them, too 1Can you check the following sentences for me, please? Can you please tell me a synonym for the words in parentheses? Thank you. 1Alonso is shipwrecked near an enchanted island with his ...'

b'I forgot to include the following statements. Thank you very much for all, 1 The three main themes of the play are forgiveness, reconciliation and the element of magic. Prospero forgives his brother for deposing him and takes possession of his lost dukedom. 2 The are two ...'

b'Can you check the following sentences for me, please? Can you please tell me a synonym for the words in parentheses? Thank you. 1Alonso is shipwrecked near an enchanted island with his son and the Duke of Milan. 2 The tempest was raised synonym? caused, provokedby Prospero...'

b"I need help with my outline for my character anaylsis. I am doing my research paper on Ethan Frome, and I can't come up with alot of things to include in my essay. Help Please"

b'i have answered the other questions that i was requested to do but theses ones i cant figure them out can anyone help please? Chapter 5 Kamala What changes do we see in Siddhartha in chapter 5? ---3 quotes that show this change? Chapter 6 Amongst the people Why is Siddhartha ...'

b'What is the proper grammar for the sentence..the empty lot separated the river from us,we.'

b"My problem has to do with linking verbs. I know the obvious linking verbs: forms of be, is,etc. But I don't know if words such as during, a chance that. I am very confused. Thanks for your help."

b'Can you check if the following statements and questions are correct? Thank you very much. 1 Answer one among the following four questions. Write five lines only. 2What does the ghost urge Hamlet to do in Act III Scene IV? 3What or How ? did the Elizabethans think of ...'

b"i have to write on a topic for about 300-400 words . topic is 'IS HOMEWORK HARMFUL OR HELPFUL'"

b'These are the very last questions of the day. Thank you all in advance 1 How did the Elizabethans conceive the universe and by whom did they belive it was ruled? 2 Outline the characters of Brutus and Antony and refer to their attitude towards the crowd. 3 Why does Hamlet ...'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. I really hope you can help me. 7 The poet makes use/employs of musical devices such as repetition, assonance and alliteration all singular??. 8 The wind, for examples, is treated like as? a human being, who taps at the poet\xc2\x92...'

b"Can you please check if the word choice is correct and if the words in parentheses are also possible? Thank you in advance. 1Work out both the poem's rhyme scheme and its metre/rhythm The poem is written in rhyming couplets /in iambic pentameters. Each line consists of is ..."

b'Thank you very much indeed for your last corrections I still need your precious help to check a few more sentences.In particular, I would like you to tell me if the words in paranthes are also possible 1 The action takes place/happens, occurs in ....are they all OK? 2 A ...'

b'Can someone help me and write the answers to these tasks especially the last sentence in the 2nd task What\xc2\x92s the time now? What month is it? What year is it? Look at these sentences. Can you replace since with for? Make the necessary changes. 1 He has been running for 5 ...'

b'53. In an essay, discuss the causes of discontent between Catholic and Protestants in Ireland and the significant events in this drama. Be sure to include dates throughout your essay in order to create a timeline of the events. my answer: Ireland\xc2\x92s history has been shaped ...'

b'Can you please check the following sentences for me, please? Thank you 1 The first inhabitants of Great Britain were the Iberians. They were followed by the Celts. 2 They were organized in tribes or used to live in tribes? and were skilled a synonym? experienced, ...'

b"I am working on an argumentive essay. My argument is to add a pick up lane in front of my son's elementary school.I am finding it dificult to come up with the right words for my topic and the first maint point. Can somebody get me started? Please."

b"I have a question about Shakespeare. I know that he wrote many plays, about 37 and that they all could be classified as comedy, tragedy or histories, but Which type of classification is often cited with Shakespeare's greatest plays?"

b'Can you check the following sentences for me, please? 1 Last year my brother and I went for a ride on our motorbikes Can you also say: I went for a motorbike ride with my brother? 2 We were riding on a digged up road. how can I say that the road was unsurfaced, dirt? 3...'

b'i have a hard time understanding to write essay and start paragraph'

b'need to change all 1st and 2nd person pronouns to 3rd person pronouns for the following: We animals are the most complicated things you will find in the known universe. The universe that we know, of course, is a tiny fragment of the actual universe. There may yet be more ...'

b'wat r prepostions'

b'The atmosphere around me was really daunting.'

b'I was unable to stop. I kept going and going, something was out there which was bringing me closer to itself.'

b'Ms. Sue you know the description of the old house I did, well now I have to put all that into a paragraph. I want to make this paragraph seem really intersting and spooky. Ms. Sue could you please give me a spooky intro and conclusion for this, please. If not the conclusion ...'

b"I'm black,approx. 6 square,I have a hole in the middle ,and my sides go round and round"

b"Thank you for your last correction. Can you explain to me why I can't use the past simple in sentence 1 as the action is finished? I really hope you can check all the other sentences too 1 He makes clear that he had to overcome his prejudice towards her ..... he is ..."

b'Could you check the following statements, please? My doubts concern the words before the parentheses.I really hope you can help me 1 Elizabeth believes her closest friend Charlotte has demeaned herself in ? marrying Mr Collins. Though she is disappointed with her choice...'

b'how The Federalist Papers would have been more or less successful if newspapers had been printed monthly rather than daily or weekly.'

b'I have to describe a waterpark in 3rd person? need HELP : homework needs to be in 2morow.'

b'Could you check the following statements, please? 1 Elizabeth believes her closest friend Charlotte has demeaned herself in ? marrying Mr Collins. Though she is disappointed with her choice, she promises to visit her in Kent. 2 The Chapter starts with Darcy\xc2\x92s proposal to...'

b"Hello Any ideas on how to practice present perfect continuous in the classroom? Any games? I don't need web pages with fill in exercises I need some ideas about some games which could be played in the classroom but shouldn't last longer than 10 minutes THank you"

b'Please help me to correct Grammar 2. To what extent is CA relate to culture? Is it possible to analyze a particular conversation with no regard of cultural schemata? Support your argument with what you have learnt in this course. Conversation analysis concern with analysis of ...'

b'What pun could I make with this word: *smart'

b'Is this a pun? You ate all of my candy No, I only ate more than half of it.'

b"I'm trying to create puns, and I think this is one, please tell me if it is. *What is the volume of the T.V. It is very loud. Puns would be appreciated from others, thanks :-"

b"Ms. Sue, you know the paragraph I did yesterday right, well I just want to change the the starting/introduction. I want to make it sound more interesting. I don't know if what I wrote makes sensein the beginning Could you show me another way to put it interesting. Your help ..."

b'Is fletcher christian an enlightenment hero? i need to write a paper about this and I have a clue what to write. Please Help'

b"I'm going to ask for a little help tonight. Does the following sentence have double negatives, misplaced or dangling modifiers? I left my agenda in a restaurant which had all my important dates in it."

b'How do you figure out what the stressed syllable in a word is?'

b"Oh,no Diane broke her father's expensive new telescope. please classify using shurley english"


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