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b'It takes 8 hours for 5 people to paint a room. How long would it take 4 people?'

b'Input: 100 Output 10 Input: 30 Output 3 Input: 70 Output 7 Input: 40 Output 4 Input: 50 Output 5 What is the equation to show the relationship between the input and the output???? PLEASE HELP'

b'Find the least residue of 7^5 mod 50 without using a calculator. so far I have 7=7 mod 50 7^5 = 7^5 mod 50 7^2 = 49 7^3=343 since 7^2=-1mod50 and 7^3=-43mod50 it follows that 7^6=7^2 * 7^3 = -1-43 = 43 feel like this is wrong though could somebody please explain where ...'

b'If the inverses of two functions are both functions, will the inverse of the sum or difference of the original functions also be a function? Explain your reasoning.'

b'The surface area covered by a rectangular playground is 100 square yards. The width of the playground is 15 yards longer than its length. Using factors, find the length and the width of the playground.'

b'A survey about the student government program at a school finds the following results. 190 students like the program 135 students think the program is unnecessary 220 students plan on running for student government next year. If a circle graph were made from this data, what ...'

b"Carols stamp collection France 24percent England 22percent Italy 25percent Norway 29percent How many more of Carol's stamps are from Norway than from France? A. 5 stamps B. 24 stamps C. 29 stamps D. 53 stamps"

b'The coordinate plane below represents a city. Points A through F are schools in the city. graph of coordinate plane. Point A is at negative 5, 5. Point B is at negative 4, negative 2. Point C is at 2, 1. Point D is at negative 2, 4. Point E is at 2, 4. Point F is at 3, ...'

b'What is a 15percent tip on a meal that costs 38.40'

b'he figure below shows two triangles. Which statement about the triangles is true? i.imgsafe.org/c6dcf267d1.jpg The triangles are congruent by: 1. AAS<<< 2. ASA 3. SAS 4. They are not congruent'

b'Sam is observing the velocity of a car at different times. After three hours, the velocity of the car is 53 km/h. After six hours, the velocity of the car is 62 km/h. Part A: Write an equation in two variables in the standard form that can be used to describe the velocity of ...'

b'I have \xc2\x85. 3 ones 15 hundredths 9 tenths What number am I?'

b'Given the data 21, 13, 13, 37, 13, 23, 25, 15: What is the outlier in the data? What is the mean with the outlier? What is the mean without the outlier? 13; 21; 17.6 37; 20; 17.6 37; 17.6; 20 13; 17.6; 21'

b'What other information must be given in order to be able to prove the two triangles congruent by ASA? i.imgsafe.org/c64c59dad9.jpg 1. T=S 2. P=S 3. P=R<<< 4. PQ=QR'

b'The figure below shows two triangles. Which statement about the triangles is true? i.imgsafe.org/c60dcd0488.jpg The triangles can be proven congruent by: 1. Angle angle side <<< 2. Angle side angle 3. Side angle side 4. The triangles cannot be proven congruent'

b'If the diameter of a circle is 42cm;what is its radius. Show the formula and the calculation'

b'how many pairs of numbers between 1-100 has LCM less or equal to 20?'

b'what are the mean,median,mode, and range of the data set given the altitude of lakes in feet:-11,-28,-17,-25,-28,-39,-6,and -46? A. mean= -25; median= -26.5; mode= -28; range=40 B. mean= -25; median=-40; mode=-26.5; range=28 C. mean= -26.5; median= -25; mode= -28; range=28*** ...'

b'Not counting the turn around , a helicopter carrying passengers between an airport and the roof of a downtown skycraper 20 miles away can make the round trip in 15 minutes. The helicopter flies 2 miles away with the wind when the time it flies 1 mile against the wind. What ...'

b"How does one solve this? A= LxW ;w This is exactly how it was written and I heard your supposed divide something but I don't know..."

b'Sheldon is a long-distance runner he can run a mile in 6 4/5 minutes how many miles can he run in 30 minutes'

b'Decide whether each equation has one solution, no solutions, or infinitely many solutions. 1. 2x \xc2\x96 3 = 2x a.one solution b.no solutions c.infinitely many solutions 2. 3y \xc2\x96 3 = 2y \xc2\x96 9 add y a.one solution b.no solutions c.infinitely many solutions 3. 10x \xc2\x96 2 \xc2\x96 6x = ...'

b'An arithmetic series is such that the 10th term is 40 and the sum of the first 10 terms is 265. Find the sum of the first 20 terms.'

b'A motorboat travelling at full speed against a current goes 15 miles in one hour. Travelling at half speed with the current, it goes 12 miles in an hour. Find the rate of the current.'

b'The air speed of a plane is 150 mph. If the plane traveled the same distance in two hours with the wind as it flew in 3 hours against the wind, what was the wind speed?'

b'Not counting the turn around , a helicopter carrying passengers between an airport and the roof of a downtown skycraper 20 miles away can make the round trip in 15 minutes. The helicopter flies 2 miles away with the wind when the time it flies 1 mike againstnthe wind. What ...'

b'Martha is twice as old as her younger brother. The sum oh their ages is 36. How old are they?'

b'Joe takes twice as long as to row against a current as with it. If he rows 6 miles an hour in still water, what is the rate of the water?'

b'A salmon swims 15 miles downstream from its birth to the ocean in 3 hours. The return trip upstream to spawn takes 5 hours. How fast does the salmon swim in still water?'

b'A fair die is thrown twice, what is the probability that the product of the outcome is a perfect square?'

b"gx=45x^5 For the given function, construct a new function whose graph is the graph of the original function shifted left by two units, then multiplied by 1/5, and then shifted down by three units. MY ANSWER: 9x^5add3-3 However it says I'm wrong please help."

b'-8y = 2x -7 add9y add7= 2x Determine whether each equation represents a direct variation. If it does, find the constant of variation.'

b'Find the set of all z such that neither 2addz nor 2-z is in the interval -1,1]. Express your answer as an interval or as a union of intervals.'

b'Find the cost of each item in 5 years, assuming an inflation rate of 8percent. Round each answer to the nearest cent.'

b'Two shaded identical rectangular decorative tiles are first placed one each at the top and at the base of a door frame for a hobbit\xc2\x92s house, as shown in Figure 1. The distance from W to H is 45 inches. Then the same two tiles are rearranged at the top and at the base of ...'

b'Any help at all is deeply appreciated. I am trying to figure out the formulas to use for the following problems: 1. Suppose that in a monopoly market the total cost per week of producing a high tech product is given by Cx =3600add100xadd2x^2. Suppose further that the weekly ...'

b'James shares 9/5 of his chocolate bar with his 2 friends. How much does each person get'

b"I want to make sure this one is ok. I know the area now I need perimeter. It's a long line it's a 1\xc3\x97 6 and on top in the middle is another box 1\xc3\x972 shape the area I got was 8 sq.units. I think perimeter is 15units. Is this right"

b'I found the area but I need help on perimeter. The shape in form of letter L. The long is a 1\xc3\x974 and the box on top is a 1\xc3\x971. THE AREA IS 5 sq.units I think perimeter is 12 is this right'

b'Jasmine has taken a quiz she ks on question 16 and has completed 20percent of the quiz. How many questions does the quiz have?'

b'A solid is formed by adjoining two hemispheres to the ends of a right circular cylinder must have a volume of 4000 cubic feet. The hemispherical ends cost twice as much per square foot of surface area as the sides. Find the dimensions that will minimize cost. I got as far as ...'

b"A couple purchased a home 5 years ago with a 20-year mortgage for 50,000 at an interest rate of 6percent compounded monthly. The home is now valued at 90,000. A How much are the couple's monthly payments? BWhat is their balance after 7 years and how much equity is in their new ..."

b"A couple is saving for their child's college. They decided they would like to have 50,000 in 18 years. If they can earn 4.5percent compounded semiannually, how much should they deposit at the beginning of each period?"

b'Bond Pricing: A 20-year corporate bond has a maturity value of 25, 000 and coupons are paid at 5percent at the end of each year. If an investor wants to earn a yield of 7percent compounded semiannually, what should she or he pay for this bond?'

b'Suppose that in a monopoly market the total cost per week of producing a high tech product is given by Cx =3600add100xadd2x^2. Suppose further that the weekly demand function for this product is p=500-2x. Find the number of units that will give the break even points for the ...'

b'A volleyball team has won 7 games during their 21 game season. What is the ratio of losses to total games?'

b'You have a 4/5 quart bottle of pineapple juice. How many 4/45 quart glasses can you fill?'

b'Four ways to round to 400'

b'A radioactive substance decays to the formula N=8e^-0.6t , where N is the number of milligrams present after t hours. Determine the initial amount of the substance to the nearest 10th of an hour, determine the half life of the substance, and determine the number of hours for 0...'

b'the mystery number is an odd number. The digit in tens place is equal to digit in the ones place. The sum of the digit is more than 10 and less than 15. what the number?'


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