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b"Umm OK let's see so France is fighting England and they are being helped by the Burgundians right? Joan heard the voices of god and angels right? I Don't Know: -The name for the king before he is crowned is the______ -Joan wanted to have______name crowned at_______city -..."

b'english due tommorow. Need Help'

b'I have to find the root and the affix for venerate. Would the root be the Latin word and the affix ven-?'

b"i'm writing a persuasive essay about human cloning against it. do you knw any good articles that has disadvantages and risks of human cloning? thnx in advance"

b'I had a very good day today, and I wrote about it as well. I had a title for it which was: An extra-ordinary day, but I want to give it a kind of magical title. My day was pretty much full of my wild imagination especially in the reality of boring parts. Meaning that My day ...'

b'Can you please answer my last questions. I need them for tomorrow. Thank you very much in advance.'

b'I need help with making a thesis for a paper on preventing teens from becoming teen parents.'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much for your help. 1 The man thinks that that gang of teenagers back there is an absolute disgrace. 2 He believes that in a town that size there should be more for young people than just hang around the railway ...'

b'Can you check the grammar in the following sentences, please? 1 The most satisfying aspect of her work is that she doesn\xc2\x92t have to sit at a desk all day. 2 Though she has to write reports, she spends most of her time in court. 3 In particular, she has to question ...'

b"what's the question for a sentence of now i have twice as many?"

b"Can someone please help me to find poetic devices in this poem? I found metaphors, visual imagery and onomatopoeia. Any more? Phenomenal Woman Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They ..."

b'When I write a classification can i put more than one subject in a paragraph or dose each subject needs it own paragraph'

b"What is the meaning of 'guy'? Is it a boy or a man? Can we use 'guy' for a woman? If you say 'you guys' to some people, is it a little rude or an informal good expression? What connotation does 'guy' have?"

b'1. He is one of the tallest boys in my class. 2. He is one of the tallest boys in our class. Are both the same? 3. He got three times as much money as I. 4. He had three times as much money as I. 5. He earned three times as much money as I. Does 3 mean 4 or 5? 6. Who do...'

b'Would doing a classification paper on skin types be to complicated?'

b'* simple-- sim/ple The word is composed of two consonants. In the second syllable, there is no vowel. However, the second part is also a syllable. l is a syllabic consonant. What is syllabic consonant? Would you name the syllabic consonant? Thank you.'

b"Make two clear sentences out of these five, avoiding 'so' and 'then'. The burglar climbed hastily out of the window. The burglar was terrified he'd be caught. The burglar didn't notice the water-butt. The burglar got stuck in the water-butt. The burglar was caught by a passing..."

b'What is the coordinating conjunctions that can be used to combine two complete sentences with a comma ?'

b'How do i balance this sentence? Is it already balanced? Tubman wanted freedom regardless of personal danger, whereas for her husband,john,personal safty was more important than freedom.'

b"Expand these notes into fluent sentences. Vary the length and pattern of your sentences and avoid 'then' and 'so'. Try not to use 'and' more than once. girl went to night club-proud of new ring-worth 500-ring loose on her finger-ring fell off-not noticed till next day-girl ..."

b'1. Don is as strong as Bill. 2. Don is much stronger than Bill. 3. Don is a little stronger than Bill. 4. Don is somewhat stronger than Bill. 5. Don is less strong than Bill. 6. Don is much the best strongest of the three. 7. Don is the very best strongest of all. Are all the...'

b'1. I have as many books a Tom has. 2. I have as many books as Tom does. 3. I have as many books as Tom. 4. I have as many books as Tom has many books. Which ones are correct? 5. Tom has as much money as Bill. 6. Tom has half as much money as Bill. 7. Tom has half times as ...'

b'Should the sentence say her and i or she and me? Next season we are determined to earn at least one place between[she,her]and[I,me].'

b'We are working on conjunctions. Rewrite this avoiding also. If a pregnant mother smokes the child can be small. Also if the father smokes his spern can be abnormal. Also non-smokers have little risk of getting lung cancer. If a pregnant mother smokes, the child can be small...'

b'Just have to write an essay and i was wondering if i can get any help to start writing my essay on who changed Siddhartha the most and why? Thank You:'

b"i need help on finding the meaning of this quote With the realization of one's own potential and self confidencne in one's ability, one can bulid a better world thanks"

b'You forgot to check the grammar in the following sentences yesterday. Thank you. 1 You referred to question number 4 when answering question number 1. Your paragraph is off the subject or you wandered off the subject? 2 Express yourself in your own words next time and do ...'

b'I forgot to include the following statements. Thank you a lot for your help. 1Brutus fears what Caesar would become if he were elected king. 2 Brutus tries to convince the mob hat he was right in killing Caesar. 3Political power is compared to an ambitious man, who wants to...'

b"Thank you for your last corrections. Can you check the grammar in the following sentences, please? 1 A: What would you like to drink? B: I'll have a coke, please. A: What about you? and not And for you?C: I'd like an orange juice. 2 The Celts were a tribal ..."

b'just wonderin-is there any sites on interent where i can find data bout autism 2010. i cant find anything anywhere'

b'All their focus appears to go towards somewhat way beyond imagination. -atutistic people-make sense?'

b'i think that autistic people view this world better than ordinary ones. i think that they typically tend to see the world as one; everyone all linked together. is it true that they tend to see the world as one?'

b'Im working on prepostional phrases and need help with these problems: What is the prep. or prep. phrase and indicate whether it is an adj. or an adv? 1. An aid car raced through 3 red lights. 2. Latecomers may enter the theater only between acts.'

b'do people with autism look different from others or do they look normal like other normal people?'

b"what is autism? autism is a developmental disablity that affects a person's way of communicating with others, their social interaction, and educational performance. how i put this in diff words?"

b'In the novel Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko: Was Pinkie dependable?'

b'please could someone tell whether the film miss congeniality was a book. If not can you think of a film that was a book, which had a character similar to gracie hart either as the fbi agent or as miss new jersey. many thanks'

b'What is the prepostional phrase and indicate if it is adj or adv? 1 Mrs. Ruggiero loves to show pictures of her 5 grandchildren.'

b"Can someone please proofread my spanish project? Hi I'm a second year spanish student and we just learned about past and imperfect tenses. I'm having a little trouble since my teacher refuses to look over projects and would greatly appreciate any feedback. We are supposed to ..."

b'What is the independent and dependent cluase of this sentence: One of our most experienced trainers drowned in an incident with one of the killer whales, he said.'

b'I need meaning of idoms . Do you know any web?'

b'I Have No Idea What To Put For My Conclusion Of My Frankenstein Essay.... The Question For It Is Describe the significance of chapter five to the novel as a whole. Focus on the relevance and effect of the writer\xc2\x92s use of language to describe setting, characters and what it ...'

b"I have to find five poetic devices in this poem. Can you please help me? Weekend Glory Some clichty folks don't know the facts, posin' and preenin' and puttin' on acts, stretchin' their backs. They move into condos up over the ranks, pawn their souls to the local banks. Buying..."

b'I forgot to include the following statements. 1 Use the simple past when reporting historical events and the simple present when referring to the main events in a plot. 2 The fact that Hamlet refers to himself using adjectives such as dullo pigeon-livered is symbolic of his ...'

b'Thank you very much for your last corrections Can you check the grammar in the following sentences, please? 1 Antony uses his rhetoric to persuade people to mutiny against Brutus. 2 History was seen as a sort of moral teacher, where the Elizabethans would find and answer to...'

b'should i write: red in color or reddish in color'

b'What rhetorical device would be using the term Creator instead of God?'

b"I am writing a descritive essay about the Mcdonald's Big Mac. I am having trouble coming up with adjectives to describe how it looks, tastes, feels, sounds, and tastes like. Also some adjectives to describe how eating this makes me feel. Can you help?"

b'Can you please check the grammar in the following sentences? Thank you. 1 His father is the perfect king who symbolizes justice and strength, unlike ? his uncle, who is pure evil. or who stands for pure evil? 2He fears that when becomes King, he will turn into a tyrant. ...'

b"The lights went out and we can't find the candles. What part of speech is can't and find?"


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