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b'Need some help from teachers : On Friday I am teaching Phrasal verbs ninth grade,learning English as a foreign language, introducing Phrasal verbs Anyway, I need some funny ideas on how to practice phrasal verbs not the typical fill in exercises but something more ...'

b'How can I make this a better five \xc2\x96sentence paragraph using chronological order to arrange the details of the paragraph? Signing to my homepage is simple. First I go to the school website which is \xc2\x85\xc2\x85\xc2\x85. . Then I click on student login. Then I enter my username and ...'

b'1. Give me five grapes from the bunch of grapes. 2. You should call the Internet connection company. Then you can get the Internet installed, but you should have your ailen card. 3. Interview two of your new friends and write down the information of the friends in the table on...'

b"1. Did you apply the cosmetics on your face? 2. Did you wear the cosmetics on your face? 3. Did you put the cosmetics on your face? Are all correct and the same? Can we use 'lotion' instead of 'cosmetics?"

b"In a long composition, when you write the paragraph that's supposed to identify the character what is it supposed to say? their personality or their struggles or the basics of their life in the book?"

b'Thank you writeacher for your corrections These are the very last sentences for you to check. 1 An epic contains formulas, that is, conventional expressions easy to remember, and kennings, which are metaphorical expressions. Beowulf 2 Beowulf is a young Scandinavian hero ...'

b"1. What's your favorite class? 2. It's math. 3. It's math class. 4. It's a math class. 5. My favorite class is math. Which are the right answers for the question? 6. What's your favorite subject? 7. It's math. What about the question, 6? Is the question the same as question ..."

b'the diffrences and similarities between the outsiders novel and movie'

b"As agreed, I'm sending you the sentences I rephrased myself. I'm looking forward to your prompt reply as I need them for tomorrow. Thank you a lot 1 The breath of the dragon flared up from the rock and the ground boomed re-echoed? Beowulf, concealed \xc2\x93overshadowed\xc2\x94 ..."

b'Need help identify logical mistake, in this paragragh. People are overreacting and taking this so seriously, blowing it completely out of proportion. There was no harm done and I don\xc2\x92t see why they are making it a big deal. I seriously doubt any controller would put a kid on...'

b'I need to paraphrase some lines from Beowulf for tomorrow. I really hope you could answer this as well as the previous message I posted to you. Thank you in advance 1 The breath of the dragon billowed how can I rephrase it? \xc2\x93rose and fell\xc2\x94, floated? from the rock in a...'

b'Hi, I just have a question about this assignment I have. It says to complete an internet search to find at least two instances of conflicts between the legal and ethical issues confronting the education of ELLs. For example, some states have ceased funding for bilingual ...'

b'I forgot to include the following statements. I really hope you can correct them, too. 1The fleetness of the serpent wound itself together : the serpent quickly ? coiled itslef up. 2Beowulf summoned the strength to swing his sword so hard that it snapped against the ...'

b'If the subject of the sentence is first person, then the verb must be in what form?'

b'how would i diagram this sentece What does the total consecration to god mean'

b'I forgot to include the following statements, too. Thank you very much for your help 1 A narrator can be external to ? the story and talk about events he has not taken part in. 2A third-person narrator refers to the characters using the third person voice. 3A character ...'

b'Can you check the grammar in the following sentences, please? 1The narrator is a voice which or who? talks about the story or who tells the events in a story? 2 An omniscient third-person narrator can be either obtrusive or unobtrusive, depending on ? whether he ...'

b'1. Paul visited me in order to ask for a help. 2. Paul visited me in order to ask for help. Which one is correct? Are both grammatical? What is the difference between them?'

b'1. When is the report due? It is due on Monday. 2. When is the book due? It is due on March 10th. Are the short dialogues correct? 3. What are you saying? 4. What are you speaking? 5. What are you talking about? Are the three commonly used and grammatical?'

b'1. I took a shower so I cleaned the room. 2. I took a shower, so I cleaned the room. 3. I took a shower so that I cleaned the room. What does 1 mean? Does it mean 2 or 3? 4. I took a raincoat so I might wear it when it rained. 5. I took a raincoat, so I might wear it when...'

b"I am working on questions from the book To Kill a Mockingbird and i need help with this question: 1. Using Jem's description of Boo, how does Harper Lee makes it clear that we are looking through a child's eyes?"

b"I have a prompt for an English essay and it says, In a well developed composition, identify the character, describe what the character questions about society, and explain why the character's questioning is important to the meaning of literature. It's supposed to be five ..."

b'In your opinion, does the Fairness Doctrine violate freedom of the press or freedom of speech? Why or Why not?'

b'What is the hidden word in these letters. tiningtesre Thanks.'

b'Type the prepositional phrases in the boxes. In 1647 the first tax-supported schools were established by law in the United States. i think it tax-supportedby lawin the united states'

b'Type the prepositional phrases in the boxes. Kentucky bluegrass was brought to America from Europe. ____?____ _____?_____ i put to and from then i put from europe'

b'Some people can have really bad traits such as being dishonest, mean, strict, bossy, dirty, etc. What stereotypes about men are reinforced about these images? These types of people could easily tarnish their own reputations. Men with these types of characteristics would ...'

b'Type the prepositional phrase in the box. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona. i put in an i got it wroung and then i put the and got that wroung THEN i put is in'

b'There are many women in this world that display exclusively positive traits and behaviors. Those traits can be :caring, helpful, understanding, encouraging, respectful, lovable, thoughtful, etc. My question is : What ideas about women are reinforced by these depictions? Ideas ...'

b'I forgot to include the following questions for you to check. Thank you very much. 7 The interviewee got together with two friends of him and they dressed up like a seventies pop group in Afro wigs and dark glasses. 8 His girlfriend had also arranged for a musician to come ...'

b"What is the difference between 'female friend' and 'girlfriend'? Does 'girlfriend' have any negative connotation?"

b'There are many women in this world that display exclusively positive traits and behaviors. Those traits can be :caring, helpful, understanding, encouraging, respectful, lovable, thoughtful, etc. My question is : What ideas about women are reinforced by these depictions?'

b"1. She was very slow at the beginning, but she didn't give up. What is the opposite of 'at the beginning'? Is it 'at the end, in the end or by the end'? 2. Wilma tried very hard to be able to walk again. What is the function of 'to be able to walk again'? Is it the object ..."

b"Rewrite this fluently into 2 or 3 sentences. Don't use 'and' more than once and avoid using 'then'. I awoke in the darkness. I was in great pain. I was tied up. I heard the roaring of water. I heard thunder. I also heard sailors shouting. The whole world seemed to turn upside ..."

b"1. He is not our age. 2. He is not of our age. Does 1 come from 2? Is 'of' omitted in Sentence 1? 3. Who is a math genius? 4. Hana is. 5. Hana is a math genius. 6. It is Hana. 7. She is Hana. Which ones are the answers to the question, 3?"

b'My new friends are all great. 1. How do you like them? 2. What do you think about them? 3. How do you feel about them? 4. What do you think of them? 5. How do you feel of them? 6. How do you think about them? What is not correct and not the same as 1? I think 6 is incorrect...'

b"I was told in class to find a piece of biased writing and use the knowledge about critical thinking. how would i know whether an article is biased? really confused. also, it's a 1000 word essay, so it'd be really nice to get answer"

b'Why would Judy Brady use the letter I 67 times in her essay, I want a Wife ?'

b'Thank you for your last corrections Can you please check the following statements,too? Thank you very much in advance. 1 She finds it very satisfying when she gets the right verdict. She can garantee that with Calstra telephone services he will make substantial savings on ...'

b'Thank you very much for your help. Here are some more sentences I need to prepare for tomorrow. 1 The mirror is presented as a truthful object. When someone is mirroring in it is it correct: or when someone looks at himself in it? it reflects the truth or it portrays him...'

b'It is to do with like camera angles etc.?'

b'Does anyone know whether the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho have a deeper meaning that Listening to your heart and following your dreams? Thank you :'

b'What is the Interpretation for the poem A contemplation of Flowers ?'

b"I have to record observations for every main character on The Simpsons, like the satirical characteristics, then I have to describe the comments or criticism made about society through the character. When I watched the season 10 episode Lisa gets an A, I couldn't find the ..."

b"I forgot to include the following sentences, which I really hope you can check, too. 1 The woman is horrified by or at? looking at her image reflected in the mirror because she can't accept growing old. is the gerund correct? 2The mirror can be regarded as a symbol of ..."

b'Thank you for your last corrections Can you check following sentences, too please? 1 The narrator may be internal to the story, that is a character in the story, either the protagonist or a witness. It ? may also be a voice outside the story, who tells events he has not ...'

b'Hello. I o not know whether this question is to do with English or Ict. What are the media terms? Bu he way i have trie to research it on the internet and i have not found any results. Please help.'

b'I have a bar graph that shows the number of students by major in the College of Arts and Science. Math shows 200 students History shows 300 students English shows 400 students Science shows 150 students Other shows 175 students What percent of students in the college are ...'

b'Question 1 Solve using the multiplication principle then graph. -15>-75 Question 2 Translate to an equality. Use the variable x. The number of people in the chess clubi less than or equal to 15. Question 3 Solve using the addition and multiplication principles 2.1xadd20.8>...'

b'What similarities do you see in these two processes?'


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