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b'Can you please tell me if the following statements are possible? Thank you very much for your help 1 The action of the piston of the steam engine likens/is similar to/resembles/is like/ the head of an elephant in melancholy medness. 2The town is described through and not ...'

b"Express each statement using an inequality involving absolute value.Do not solve. 1.The majority of grades in Sean's English class are within 4 points of 85. 2.AA thermometer is guaranteed to give a temperature no more than 1.2F from the actual temperature. If the thermometer ..."

b'I just got back travelling the world. Is this grammatical? Would you paraphrase this sentence? Does the sentence mean:I just got back while I was travelling the world.'

b"I only have one question on this script that I need help on. This script is different and is called NO SMOKING by jacinto benavente. It is pretty good. I actually found a link to this script and here it is: I can't actually post the link on here but you go to Google Books and ..."

b'Hi, Can someone please tell the difference between diagnosis and prognosis? Thank you :'

b'Does anyone know any good quotes about Jordan Baker and Myrtle Wilson in the Great Gatsby. I only have about 7: Daisy and Jordan lay upon an enormous couch, like silver idols weighing down their own white dresses against the singing breeze of the fans. \xc2\x93I married him ...'

b'What does this quote mean? We forgive those who bore us, but never those whom we bore.'

b"Despite high-tech special effects of today's violent horror movies it does not create the emotional impact it did on the classic horrors films of the early 1900s."

b"Is this a good thesis statement about horror movies. Compare today's horror film violence with the classic horror films of the earlier years."

b'need a thesis statement about horror movies'

b'Can you please see if my corrections are ok? Thank you very much for helping me. 1 Refer then to the point of view from which a narration instead of narrative story can be told and the types of characters involved. 2 What message of nature does Davies want to convey in his...'

b'i need to write a process paragraph about how yeast causes bread to rise. i was wondering if this was good. Yeast is the essential cells of Saccharomyces cervisiae waiting to be activated. Take a half cup of warm water or milk in a bowl, and add a teaspoon of sugar. Then ...'

b"From frankenstein can you discuss justine's choice."

b'Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you please let me know if the following statements are correct? 1Briefly outline the different types of narrator you can encounter when reading a narrative text/or in a narrative text? Refer then to the point of view from ...'

b"Who is Hana's funny friend? 1. Her funny friend is Junsu. 2. He is Junsu. 3. Junsu. 4. Junsu is. 5. Junsu is her funny friend. Are the answers all correct? Which one is commonly used?"

b'1. What do you need to put on a shadow puppet show? 2. What do you need to perform a shadow puppet show? 3. What do you need to act on a shadow puppet show? Which one is similar to 1, 2 or 3?'

b'1. Shine a light on/at/in the back of the sheet. 2. Shine a light in back of the sheet. Which prepositions do we have to use? 3. Play music for me. 4. I want you to play music with the guitar. 5. I want you to play the CD and make me hear the music from the CD. What does 3...'

b"1. Doing good to others is the best way to be happy. 2. Doing evil to others is terrible. 3. Cut out/completely all the pieces. 4. Cut all the pieces out/completely. Can we use 'completely' instead of 'out'? Are all the expressions grammatical? 5. Tape a stick to/on the back..."

b"I have wrote a brief summary about the script I am referring to, so if you have time, please do read it, thanks. Can I still post my questions, maybe not all of them. I am going to go through them, and the ones I need help on, I'll post, thanks"

b"Before I start posting questions, I'd like to ask, has anyone read the script -Joker in the Pack. It is a short play about Mitch--the main character. Even if you have not read this script is it okay if I still post the questions about it. I'll answer them by myself, but your ..."

b"In Langston Hughes poem Theme for English B, in the lines 16-26 it says: It's not easy to know what is true for you or me at twenty-two, my age. But I guess I'm what I feel and see and hear, Harlem, I hear you: hear you, hear me--we two--you, me, talk on this page. I hear ..."

b"Is there any quote in the great gatsby which expresses daisy's self obbsession and her self pride? Please help me, i tried looking the book but couldent find it"

b'Is there any quote on Daisy expressing her being self obbsesiven in the great gatsby? If yes please state it below i cant find any in the book'

b'waht does the idom catch a cold mean'

b'is the following sentence biased? Our new district attorney, a Cuban American, is making a speech on Saturday.'

b"Language Analysis Please help me find persuasive techniques/statements in the following article.. I've never done this before, and I've stewed over the subject for the last couple of days, but I'm absolutely incensed that the Victorian Government will be tossing in money to ..."

b'1. Talk with your partner using frequency adverbs. You should think of your favorite sport and work in pairs, and practice the dialogue. There are some blanks in the senences, so you should fill them out remembering the dialogue we practiced before. Are you following with me? ...'

b'1. She is good at dancing. 2. She is good at dance. Which one is correct? Are both correct? 3. I am a student at Class 1-1. 4. I am a student in Class1-1. 5. I am in Class 1-1. 6. I am a first year student in Class 1-1. 7. I am a first grader of Class 1-1. Are all ...'

b"1. There are peieces of words. You should put the word pieces together and make complete English words by going through the maze. The first one is done for you. OK. Let's go. 2. Roll the dice and if you get 3, move forward three spaces and put your marker in the third space. ..."

b"The teacher wants us to express our answer to this question in a quote, then underneath that, she wants us to tell what we mean by it. I have expressed what I mean, but I just can't turn these into quotes. What would be two advantages of being immortal, and two disadvantages ..."

b'What is a good adverb for the verb pull?'

b'What would be two advantages of being immortal, and two disadvantages of being immortal. Two advantages of being immortal: 1.- Everyone is scared of you and you can do what you want. 2.- Self esteem rises I need help putting these into quotes, ur help will be appreciated, ...'

b'what is a good adverb for put'

b"I still hae a few doubts on the Beowulf as well as on street directions. I really hope you can check these sentences. 1 The breath of the dragon flared up and the ground boomed. 2 Beowulf summoned the strength to swing his sword so hard that it snapped against the dragon's ..."

b'I want to stay that a women is a handsome women but I cannot think of another word for handsome. I do not want to put pretty etc. as this is in not what I am trying to say. Hope you can help.'

b'I am doing a 1000-1500 word contrast/comparision essay. This is what I have so far. Could you tell me if this is good enough. This is part of the body. My neighbours, Sharon and Shelley both have two children each. Sharon has two beautiful girls with long, dark brown wavy hair...'

b'How do I write a paragraph naming three possible agendas and one example of each that you might find in the media?'

b'How to structure a 1 minute speech. I have to write it on an achievement i had. My one is a sports 1st place ribbon. PLEASE HELP'

b"what does explain why this character's ... is significant to the meaning of the work of literature mean?"

b'1. He retired from baseball in 1999. 2. He retired from a baseball player in 1999. 3. He retired from his job in 1999. 4. He retired from throwing balls in 1999. Are they alll grammatical? 5. He was born in Flint, Michigan, America. 6. He was born in Flint, Michigan in ...'

b"Could someone please clarify this sentence for me, thanks. I ain't so sure I wasn't better off in the old days."

b"1. Cut out all the pieces. Does 'out' mean 'completely' here? 2. Shine a light on the back of the stage. 3. Shine a light at the back of the stage. 4. Shine a light in back of the stage. 5. Shine a light in the back of the stage. Which one is right? Do they have the same ..."

b'1. Each one of us has his room. 2. Each of us has his room. 3. We each have our room. 4. We each have our rooms. Are they all the same? Which one is correct 3 or 4?'

b'now i need a sentence that goes in this exact order, adverb, verb, pronoun, adverb.'

b'When can you start a sentence with and or but? Can I get some examples? Thanks -MC'

b'i need a sentences. one with a pronoun then conjuction, pronoun, helping verb, verb, prep, pronoun.'

b"I made a few more changes. Let's hope everything is fine this time. Thank you. 1 Mr Utterson decides to look for Mr.Hyde. At last, Mr. Hyde appears. Utterson hears his steps approaching the end of the street. 2 He is a small, plainly dressed man and his appearance shocks him..."

b'I need to write a explication about this poem, can you help? A poem comes straight from inside the heart A poet with his own poem he will never part A poet feels and can see what others cannot see A poet can see beauty in bees and the fruitful pure tree A poet looks on and can...'

b'critical essay on phenomenal woman'

b'What are the 6 points in formulaic drama?'


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