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b"I have to create a mood poem so I am posting it onto here for you to suggest on what I could add to it to make it better and any other recommendations. I would like to hear your opinion on the poem I've established. If some words seem awkward, then I would appreciate you ..."

b"I am writing a paper on war and human nature and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find out how many years in human history have been without war as I can't find anything. Thanks"

b'Can someone tell me if my answers are right? Questions 7-15 Directions: In each of the sentences below, three portions are underlined and lettered. Read each sentence and decide whether any of the underlined parts contains a grammatical construction, a word use, or an instance...'

b'Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you please help me find better words to assess these other paragraph? Thank you very much in advance 1 You have often strayed from the point. Actually, you have introduced a lot of themes you hadn\xc2\x92t been asked for. Bear ...'

b'Hello On Monday I am teaching English to 8th graders. There will be a little competition - the topic is the invention of the telephone and the clock.What can I give as a reward to the group that wins? They will be asked 14 questions and the group that has the best score wins'

b"Thank you very much for helping me Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check. Thank you very much 1 In fighting against the dragon, Beowulf performed can you use \xc2\x93did\xc2\x94 too? three actions. 2 First he, concealed by the barrow, raised his shield. OR Concealed ..."

b'If there is a long written poem in only one stanza, then does that indicate, that it is only following one pattern? What else does it indicate? If a poem is written in one whole stanza than is the poet who wrote that just talking about one thing wither in the past or present?'

b'how do you write a survey questions'

b'Why does Nick the narrator refer to character differently every time he talks to them? For example, sometime he refers to Tom as Tom but other times, he refers to him as Tom Buchanan? is there a reason for this?'


b'What does the green light symbolize in the Great Gatsby when Gatsby vanishes in chapter 1?'

b"Hi there, I am writing a english essay on 'Sophocles Oedipus the King' and I am trying to prove that Oedipus is not responsible for what happens to him. Could you help me come up with three strong arguments to support this."

b'for the word mustang.... which syllable is accented.... first or second'

b'Thank you very, very much for your last corrections Can you tell me if the following expressions are possible and therefore correct? 1 When approaching/charging the dragon, Beowulf raised his shield and drew his sword. Differently, in contrast, can you suggest to me other ...'

b'How should start my comapre contrast essay on Mariah Carey Whitney Houston? like can I get an example of an attention getter?'

b'This is the 2nd body paragraph for my Romeo and Juliet essay about fate. Can you please read over it and please give me your opinion and any advice on how to make it better. Throughout the play, the characters have mentioned fate and fortune numerous times which exhibits their...'

b'I have a standard 5 paragraph in class essay tomorrow. Any tips, friends?'

b'What are Friends For-by rosellen brown What are friends for, my mother asks. A duty undone, visit missed, casserole unbaked for sick Jane. Someone has just made her bitter. Nothing. They are for nothing, friends, I think. All they do in the end-they touch you. They fill you ...'

b"Here is another poem: the competition-by patricia young At times the competition was fierce between Cheri and me. Had to be equal in all things. Neither could bear that the other could run faster, picker a raspberry bush cleaner, that the other's mind could scrape the bottom ..."

b'What does the idiom Behind the eight ball mean? Thanks to anyone that could help'

b"I've read through this friendship poem, and now I need help with some of the questions. Here is this frienship poem: If you don't come-by marguerite mack The sun will get smaller and smaller and the grass won't green or the trees leaf and there will be no flowers or birdsong. ..."

b"Is this a good sentence using the words: Procure: to get possession of; achieve If you study hard you will procure good grades. Beguile: to lead by deception; divert The dog beguiled the thief's attention away from the cowering people towards him. Truce: a suspension of ..."

b'Is this a good sentence using the words: affliction: the cause of persistent pain or distress I was afflicted by grief after my cousins death. Digress: to turn aside especially from the main subject of attention or course of argument While discussing the bills the husband ...'

b'Can you please tell me if the following expressions are all possible? Thank you very much in advance. 1The church played and not had? a fundamental role in medieval times. 2It gave consolation to the oppressed and assistance to the poor. is the preposition correct? 3...'

b"I have to write a problem-solution essay and I can't think of a topic. Please help. It can be about any problem."

b'Can you please tell me if all the sentences typed below are possible? Thank you very much in advance. 1 Under the feudal system the King owned all the lands all land: are both correct? which were then given to the vassals in return for goods and services, especially ...'

b"I'm stuck. What kind of fallacy is: The officer said the driver had been clocked at 70 miles an hour, but the driver retorted, You were going just as fast as I was; if I'm guilty, so are you."

b"What is Wordsworth's main subject in The World Is Too Much With Us? * the frenzied quest for wealth * the decline of classical learning * the rise of industrial cities * the wanton destruction of nature"

b"Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey is easy to recognize as a Romantic poem because it * describes the narrator's emotions about a landscape. * is about a revolution. * takes place entirely outdoors. * argues for the importance of the individual."

b'Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey is a poem that celebrates the power of * analysis. * deduction. * memory. * prophecy.'

b'For Keats in Ode on a Grecian Urn, the lovers pictured on the urn symbolize his * eternal youth and hope. * maturation and full fruition. * despair and frustrated desire. * deep satisfaction and fulfillment.'

b'Which line best paraphrases the excerpt from Ode on a Grecian Urn? Ah, happy, happy boughs that cannot shed Your leaves, nor ever bid the Spring adieu . . . 1 point * Happy branches, that will never see the spring again . . . * Happy branches, you will never weep at the ...'

b'Which kind of ode is Ode on a Grecian Urn? 1 point * Pindaric * Horatian * irregular * devotional'

b'What do you think Keats means in these lines from When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be? I may never live to trace / Their shadows, with the magic hand of chance . . . * I may never live to paint pictures of them. * I may never have a chance to look at them again. * I may...'

b"Which is the best paraphrase of this excerpt from On First Looking into Chapman's Homer? . . . all his men / Looked at each other with a wild surmise\xc2\x97/ Silent . . . 1 point * All his men looked at one another in silent surprise. * All his men looked at one another, ..."

b'Which was a key element of the Gothic novel that Mary Shelley set out to employ in Frankenstein? * the inexplicable * the educational * the conventional * the philosophical'

b'Which is a favorite aim of the Romantic poets that Mary Shelley also had in writing Frankenstein? * to use the language of everyday life * to find evidence of the divine in nature * to depict the ways of the common people * to evoke intense and vivid feelings'

b'How do you write an outline in standard outline form?'

b'Hello I am teaching English to 8th graders next week they are learning English as a foreign language for 5 years I have two short texts one about Alexander Bell and his invention of the telephone and other about Christian Huygens and his invention of the clock Under each ...'

b"I'm suppose to identify and label the Subject Compliments, Object Compliments, Direct Objects, and Indirect Objects in each of these sentences. I've got most of them already but I'm having trouble with just a couple. Please Help, 1. Accomplishments have no color. 2. Gardening ..."

b"1. There are a lot of clubs in my school. 2. There are a lot of clubs in our school. Are both correct? Can we use 'our' instead of 'in'? 3. I study a lot of subjects like mechanics, ethics, and social studies. 4. I study a lot of subjects such as mechanics, ethics, and ..."

b"In many works of literature, an individual's encounter with death or destruction ultimately leads to the individual's affirmation of the dignity and worth of human life. What does this quote means and how does this quote relates to Hamlet by William Shakespeare. I have to ..."

b"I need help with undersatnding fallies. Example of a sentence to list fallicies: You're either a critical thinker or you're not."

b'i myself need a third idea to do a research project on as a 7th grade advanced english student so far i have abusive teenage relationships , and anastasia romanov'

b"I am writing a research paper on Billy Collins' poetry. What are his main themes? I need three... So far I have middle-class American life..."

b'need some advice My learners will work on a text next week.In the text are 7 new words. The aim of the lesson is to learn those words and practice them in a few ways. What can I do to practice those new words. Any interesting ideas from your own experience.I need 2 tasks 5 ...'

b'what are the didactic elements of morality play Everyman'

b'1. I learn how to play drums. 2. I learn how to play the drums. 3. I learn how to play the drum. 4. I learn how to play the gong. 5. I learn how to play the piano. Which one is correct? I think 5 is definitely right. Right?'

b"True or False? An appositive is a noun that is placed after another noun in order to tell more about it and it's usually set off with commas."

b'According to the authorities; only 35percent of criminals go to jail. a Use a period after authorities authorities. Only b Use a comma after authorities authorities, only c Use a colon after authorities authorities: only d There are no errors in this sentence B???'


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