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b'1. We should not eat and drink. Does it mean that we can not both eat and drink? Does it mean that we can not do the activities at the same time?'

b"1. What do you think about the movie? Is 'what' the object of 'think'? 2. How do you think about the movie? I think with my brain. I think it swiftly. I think it slowly. Are the answers correct?"

b"What changes have you seen in your lifetime with regard to people's attitude towards the environment?"

b'Question 8 5 points Save Use quotation marks when you introduce what sort of information? a speaker\xc2\x92s name as well as what the speaker says familiar material titles of your essays definitions of words my answer familiar material'

b'I finished reading The Stranger by Albert Camus and one of my projects is to make a CD with music based on events from the book. I have a few but not enough yet. Any ideas of songs that would fit well?'

b'We are going to be doing a contest for English. It has to be Good and Bad news of A giant bug crawling into your tent. I tried to come up with some, but found this topic complicated. Good news: -can be used for a bug collection -can be used to play a trick/prank on -is ...'

b"Ms. Sue could you please take a look at my previous post On English-Poetry. I'm supposed to make a list of 20 everday pleasures, which I did. Could you please see if they're good. Thank you very much for all your help:-"

b'Question 16 Use quotation marks to set off the exact words of someone else in all but which of the following options? Up to three lines of poetry A brief phrase Short quoted passages of less than four lines Long quotations of more than four lines MY ANSWER B'

b"In Favour of being Alive Twenty-four years ago I tried to kill myself but with my usual incompetence did not manage to. Not even one good poem out of it. Obviously I was no Sylvia Plath. I don't know why I write about it now and even now I am not giving details except maybe ..."

b"What is the significance of the exclamation mark at And 'barn' is only a noun-no verb or subject has entered into the sentence yet"

b'after studying the clues, sherlock holmes _____________ that the butler had committed the murder. reconciled endeavored extrapolated aquiesced infused'

b'1 Due to the _____ of the fire, the residents of surrounding homes were evacuated. A magnitude B consensus C laaitude D deportment E simulation 2 Sophia lives aan _________nieghborhood; many people have a similar_________- A prosperous.....occupation B ...'

b'The boys ____ climbingup the ______ cliff,but decided it was too dangerous. A asecended....lethal B contemplated....sinister C endured....mundane D simulated....dreary E declined....obscure'

b'How is your day going? - My day is going good Are these expressions grammatical?'

b'The Moose and the Sparrow by Hugh Garner What is a possible theme of the story? Emotional impact and physical pain due to bullying can drive a person to do unspeakable things. Is that right? Thanks.'

b"Can you let me know if the sentences below are grammatically correct? Thank you very much 1 She is wearing a long-sleeved cotton polo shirt with a slogan in the front and one in the back. 2She's got a pony tail and a patterned hair-band over her head. She is also wearing ..."

b'I need to add modifiers to this sentence A dog barked and ran.'

b'Write a fully developed paragraph on your favorite season. Out of all the seasons, spring is by far my favorite. When spring comes, winter goes and along with it the bitter cold. I do not like the cold. Spring brings clear blue skies and the warm yellow sun smiling down upon ...'

b'In the Great Gatsby, Why does Nick say that reserving judgements is a matter of infinite hope? in the opening chapter?'

b"Yes, I did receive a response and I thank you a lot for helping me However, as I'm not a mother-tongue speaker I still have a lot of doubts on how to name clothes. I included question marks next to the words I'm not sure of. I really hope you will consider my queries."

b'Please correct the paragraph below, adding punctuation and paragraph format as needed. Ashley never makes a mistake said Tom. It must be hard being so perfect Mary added. I believe it is grinned Samantha but then, I am only guessing. Lord knows I\xc2\x92ve made my share of mistakes...'

b"You didn't answer my questions regarding clothes. Would you possibly tell me which sentences are correct and answer my questions ?? Thank you very, very much in advance for your help 1 She is wearing a long-sleeved cotton polo shirt with a slogan in the front and one in ..."

b'Does anyone know a website that i can go and find main verbs, auxiliary verbs, and linking verbs Thanks'

b'What is a collective noun? Thanks'


b'is the sentence I have not a pen'

b"Can you please check if these sentences on clothes' description are possible? Thank you very much in advance. 1He is wearing a pair of straight-leg beige corduroy trousers with pockets on both sides. 2 He is wearing a long-sleeved cotton polo sweatshirt or T-shirt? with a ..."

b'how does anna feel about what is happening to her family from the play Thunder on Sycamore Street'

b'Which is the correct ordering of adjectives and adverbs in the English language? adverb-adjective-noun adjective-adverb-noun adverb-noun-adjective noun-adjective-adverb'

b'Write a fully developed paragraph on your favorite season. Out of all the seasons, Spring is by far my favorite. when Spring comes, winter goes and along with it the bitter cold. I do not like the cold. Spring brings clear blue skys and the warm yellow sun smilling down upon ...'

b'In this sentence what is the prepositional phrase: Kelly asked about you Thanks, M.P.L'

b"At the Lunch Counter A girl, fifteen perhaps, licking her fingertips, smoothing splotches of butter and salt off her blue pants, cheek muscles rippling. Nathan who is blind sidles to the stool beside her. They talk, he pompously, she making faces he can't see, telling the boys..."

b"Hi there, I am currently in the progress of writing a essay for my sister's keeper but I am having trouble creating a thesis statement. The idea I want to focus on is about family and the importance of balance and how one member's difficulties can affect the overall family and..."

b'What would be a good thesis statement on steroids ?'

b'I forgot to include the following statements. I really hope you can correct them, too. 1 They both have a weak personality and depend upon their partners for stability and protection. 2 Though Clarissa attempts to gain freedom and independence, she is influenced by the ...'

b'1. What features make The Awakening a local color story?'

b'Unscramble these words: lytnme awhei diarn'

b"Writeacher I am having difficulties taking out the you, ours, we in the fourth paragraph. I am having difficulties rephrasing. It doesn't seem to make sense when I do. English is not my first language, maybe that's why. Here it is. I tried to change some parts of; only the ..."

b'Question 9 How is an amount indicated for a noncount noun? add an -es to the noun include a noncount noun first add an -s to the noun include a count noun first Question 10 Count nouns are usually what type of words? wrong specific limitless abstract Question 11 Noncount nouns...'

b'Please make any necessary corrections to the following sentence. The oldest house in our neighborhood was built thirty five years ago; it is located at fifteen tenth street. my answer The oldest house in our neighborhood was built 35 years ago; it is located at 15th 1oth street.'

b'Last year, his company earned three million before June, 30th. my answer Last year his company earned 3 millon dollars before June 30th.'

b"20.Which one of the following sentences has a number error? 25 people registered for the event. Sara lost her Social Security number, but she thinks it's 458-71-4782. Our vacation lasted 10 days and 9 nights. We received over 10,000 applications my answer Sara lost her Social ..."

b"15.Which of the following is the correct expression of numbers in a series? twelve dogs, eleven cats, and 1 mouse 3 apples, 23 lemon, and one fig one car, two trucks, and a bus ten adults, 2 teenagers, and a baby Question 16 Which of the following is correct? the 80's 1995 A.D..."

b'explain this quote by william shakespeare Talking is not doing, It is a kind of good deed to say well, but words are not deeds.'

b'Question 12 Which of the following is correct? i.e. I.E. ie IE Question 13 Which of the following is incorrect? 16,500 four dollars in his 30s the nineteenth century Question 14 Which of the following is the correct usage of a percentage? 13 percent 13percent percent 2.7 per-cent ...'

b'Question 7 Which of the following is correct? Streets in Pittsburgh streets in Pittsburgh sts. in Pittsburgh aves. in Pittsburgh Question 8 5 points Save Which of the following is the correct form to use in a sentence? 25 pct. 25 percent 25 perct. 25percent percent Question 9 Which ...'

b'Determine whether the situation calls for a discrete or continuous random variable. The number of freshmen in the required course, English 101 The braking time of a car I think the first one discrete and the second is continous is this correct?'

b'Question 1 In what instance should you use a semicolon? between dependent clauses between independent clauses between clauses and phrases in place of a comma Question 2 In what instance should you use a semicolon? between a dependent clause and a phrase between long items in a...'

b'Question 1 A count noun describes something that what? cannot be divided into distinct units can be divided into distinct units has no plural has no singular Question 2 A noncount noun describes something that what? can be divided into distinct units has no plural uses a ...'

b'Which of the following is correct when using an author\xc2\x92s name in your essay? use the author\xc2\x92s full name throughout the essay use the author\xc2\x92s last name when first mentioned and throughout the essay use the author\xc2\x92s full name when first mentioned in your paper use the ...'


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