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b'A rectangular piece of land has a perimeter of 250m. If the length is 65m. What is the width?'

b'I have 2 questions that I need help with if someone could please help me step by step to figure out how to do this equation it would be very helpful. Thank you 1. Suppose y varies directly with x and, y=15 and x=5. Write a direct variation equation that relates x and y. What ...'

b"A G.P has a common ratio of 2.Find the value of 'n' for which the sum of 2n terms is 33 times the sum of n terms?"

b'Selina has a homework consisting of 4 questions.In each question,she needs to find the value of each power.When she turns in her homework,her teachers say she got tree correct answers of which of the following values did she calculate incorrectly?'

b'Selina has a homework consisting of 4 questions.'

b"Tamela's school day is 6 3/4 hours.Yesterday,she had a doctors appointment and missed 1/6 of her school day.How many school hours did she miss during her doctor appointment?"

b'Easiest way to find probability'

b'Tanya and Mona are in the Big Beast Booth at the County Fair. Tanya buys a ticket that gives her three throws with a beanbag at the beasts. There are four beasts, each with a different number on them, 1, 2, 3, or 4. Each time she hits a beast Tanya earns the number of points ...'

b'What number has 2 digits and when a decimal point is placed between them, the resulting number is the average of digits in the 2 digit number??'

b' 1/4 ^x\xe2\x88\x922=16 is x =8'

b'3^2x?1= 1/27^x'

b"Tamela's school day is 6 3/4 hours.Yesterday,she had a doctors appointment and she missed 1/6 of her school day.How many school hours did she miss during her doctors appointment?"

b'Leah spent 5/6 of an hour doing homework on Monday on Tuesday she spent 3/4 of an hour and on Wednesday she did it in 5/8 of an hour How much time did she spend doing her honework on Minday Tuesday and wednesday I know how to concert 5/6 and 3/4 hour but not 5/8'

b'An entire bag containing 4.8kg of coffee was repacked into smaller packets. each containing 250g. a How many smaller packets were obtained? b How much grams of coffee remained after the maximum amount of packets were obtained?'

b'If a boy gets 1,000 for his pocket money if he says 250 dollar is what fraction does he spend'

b'A box containing 150 oranges was bought for 120.00 The oranges were sold in heaps of 6 for 10.00. a How many heaps of 6 were sold? b Calculate the profit made'

b'Put the following decimals and fractions in order from greastest to least: 0.15, 2/3, 3/5, 0.25, 1 1/8'

b'Carlita saw 5 times as many robins as cardinals while bird watching. She saw a total of 24 birds. How many robins did she see than cardinals?'

b'A petrol tanker is 2/5 full.When 35000 litres are added,the tanker will be 3/4 full.What is the capacity of the tanker in litres?'

b'Farmer Rex planted 48 rows each having 30 corn trees. a How many corn trees did he plant? b 1006 plants grew. What percentage of the plants did not grow?'

b'How do I writ a equation that involves multiplication,contains a variable and has a solution of 5. Can you please help me'

b'A store is having a 20percent-off sale. It gives an additional 10percent off if the item is still above 100 after the first discount. A jacket costs 149.99. Will you get the second discount and if so, how many dollars will you save in total? yes;42.00 yes;14.49*** no yes;30.00'

b'it is now 2.00 pm and 15 minutes, what fraction of a whole turn did the minute hand make? what size of the angle in degrees made by the minute hand?'

b'can i get the working for the question damon you lost me at 3.25*360=?'

b'Find the percent of markup. Round to the nearest tenth. 37.00 to 49.00 24.5percent 32.4percent**** 27.7percent 12.0percent'

b'Tony broke a larger array into 2 x 9 array and a 4 x 9 array. What did the larger array look like? Draw picture. Write a number sentence to show the relationship between the large array and the two smaller arrays.'

b'Find the asymptote of 3/2x^2add3'

b'A car dealership pays you 6percent commission on your first 5,000 on car sales and 8percent commission on the sale amount over 5,000. If you sold a 10,000 car, how much is your commission? 600** 700 800 500'

b'What grouping symbols make this number sentence true 50/10add 10/2=5'

b'IS MY ANSWER CORRECT? If you would like to make 1213 in 8 years, how much would you have to deposit in an account that pays simple interest of 5 percent? I=1213.058 I=388.16 Interest Earned is 388.16 1213add388.16=1601.16'

b"There are 24 students in mrs. garcia's class .she wants to divide the class evenly into groups of at least 4students .write ways in which she can divide the class"

b'You and some friends rent a limousine for a formal reception. The bill for the evening is 65.00. A tax of 7percent will be added to your total, and you want to tip the chauffeur for his excellent driving. You decide to leave him a tip that is 20percent of the bill before tax is added. ...'

b'a bicycle wheel made 3.25 revolutions through how many degrees did it turn'

b'Let 7,-3 be a point on the terminal side of theta. Find the exact values of sin of theta, csc of theta and cot of theta?'

b'The drama club is planning a field trip. Two-thirds of the drama club will attend, in addition to 8 teachers. There are 48 people going on the field trip. Write an equation you can use to find the number of students in the drama club.'


b'3x1/6=3divided by____ =1/2'

b'A barrel contained 60 gallons of water. Water leaked out of the barrel at a rate of 5 gallons every 3 days. How many days did it take for all 60 gallons of water to leak out of the barrel?'

b"Ricky is 4 times as old as his sister, who's 5. How old will Ricky be when he's twice as old as her?"

b'If I spent 15.85 for three notebooks and 2 boxes of markers the boxes of markers cost 3.95 each and the tax is 1.23 and I have a coupon for 0.75 how much did each notbook cost'

b'1.Pick a number to represent the number of times you would like to have chocolate in a week more than once, but less than 10 times. 2.Double this amount just to be bold. 3.Add 5. 4.Multiply the result by 50. 5.If you have already had your birthday this year, add 1766. If ...'

b'You have 60.00 in your wallet and want to buy some new CDs. If the CDs are 11.00 each, What number of CDs, x, can you buy? Write and solve an inequality. Then explain you answer. Please help me I have no Idea :/'

b'Tommy decided to also make a sampler can with a diameter of 2 inches and a height of 3 inches. Tommy calculated that the area of the base was es002-1.jpg, and multiplied that by the height of 3 inches for a total volume of es002-2.jpg. Explain the error Tommy made when ...'

b'150 children have to go on a school tour. They can use minibuses, which carry x pupils each, or cars which carry y pupils each. The mathematics teacher works out that they could just manage with 10 minibuses and 6 cars, or with 5 minibuses and 18 cars. Write down two equations...'

b'A book of golf balls contains yellow golf balls and white golf balls. You collect the representative sample shown 3 yellow, 2 white. If the bucket contains 50 golf balls about how many golf balls are white ?'

b'A class of 12 students has taken an exam, and the mean of their scores is 71. One student takes the exam late, and scores 92. After including the new score, what is the mean score for all 13 exams?'

b"Find the function rule. x: -2|-1|0 |1 | 2 y: 9|4 |-1|-6|-11 I don't have an answer yet. There's no options, I have to provide an answer. I've been studying this for at least half an hour and I have no idea what it could be. Any help? Thanks."

b'A recipe for cookies calls for 7 1/2 cups of flour. If the recipe is for 2 dozen? cookies, how much flour is needed for 13 dozen? cookies?'

b'A recipe for cookies calls for 7 and one half 7 1/2 cups of flour. If the recipe is for 22 dozen\xe2\x80\x8b cookies, how much flour is needed for 13 dozen\xe2\x80\x8b cookies?'

b'A recipe for cookies calls for 7 and one half 7 1 2 cups of flour. If the recipe is for 22 dozen? cookies, how much flour is needed for 1313 dozen? cookies?'


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