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b'In a survey of a TriDelta chapter with 42 members, 17 were taking mathematics, 30 were taking English, and 9 were taking both. How many were not taking either of these subjects?'

b"This question might sound mean, but I have to write a journal where I take on the role of an African American woman in the 1930's the woman is not educated. Does anyone know how they talked differently than people who spoke proper English? Like thes words: suh for: sir and..."

b"Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you please examine these sentences too? Thank you very much in advance. In particular the words in parentheses 1Gulliver's travels deals with tells? the adventures of Samuel Gulliver. 2He finds himself he is ..."

b'in romeo and juliet,descibe capulet and lady capulet in act4 scene4. what is the mood of the household?'

b"in romeo and juliet, descibe juliet's state of mind in act 4,scene one"

b"in shakespeare book, romeo and juliet. compare juliet's behaviour when she is with romeo and when she is with paris?"

b'For the deaf, a person used the finger language /the sign language. Is this one correct? Which expression is correct, finger language or sign language? Thank you.'

b'Can you check these sentences for me, please? 1 He is carried to his new house. 2He is impressed by them because they are more rational than he is.than him? 3On and not in his last voyage he recognizes his similiarity with the animals. For this reason, he decided to get...'

b'1. Sally 2. Sandy Are they male names or female names?'

b'1. My father goes to work by car. 2. My father goes to work by his car. 3. My father goes to work in his car. Which one is grammatical? English - Jen, Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 11:11pm I would say my father drives his car to work. 1 is probably the most acceptable of those...'

b"On Frankeinstein on the continuation of walton's letter, how does walton avoid the threat of a mutiny? and why is walton returning to England? What will Victor do?"

b'what does miss rosie symbolize in the poem miss rosie by lucille clifton?'

b'how to achieve world peace by ma. casselle legaspi'

b'what are the adjectives in this sentence. it was a wild, dangerous ride down the rapids in an old canoe.'

b'1. My father goes to work by car. 2. My father goes to work by his car. 3. My father goes to work in his car. Which one is grammatical?'

b'how many days did romeo and juliet disaster in the book romeo and julist take place'

b'correct or incorrect? Sally wants a new bicycle,but her mother and father will not buy her one. My little sister is a big baby;she cries all the time. Mr.Smith,my spanish teacher,is going on vacation. Parents want their children to go to college;however they do not always have...'

b"Correct or incorrect? My Garden is full of water,because of yesterday's rain."

b'Thank you very much for your help. Can you please check these sentences, too? 1 He recommended I should phone him that evening. 2 He promised to drive me to school. 3 He accepted to drive me to the airport. 4She denied that her sister had stolen the jacket. 5 Who drives ...'

b"Can you check if all the words are possible especially those regarding clothes? Thank you very much in advance. 1You mustn't speak loudly or in a loud voice in the library. 2You don't have to book reserve? a table at the restaurant. 3 Watch out look out, be careful ..."

b'Why is the future of solar energy bright? 1. Every year, solar cells are becoming cheaper and better. Solar energy is also clean and it will never run out. 2. Because every year, solar cells are becoming cheaper and better, solar energy is also clean, and it will never run out...'

b'when you talk about wearing robeas in clothing, do we need an s at the end of robe'

b"Is 'money' an abstract noun or a material noun?"

b'i am writing a compare/contrast essay on love vs. infatuation and need a thesis statement. any thoughts?'

b'what is the value of a word'

b'What is a reflection of a drawing? Is it what I think, like why I drew it OR what the people and the colors in the drawing represent?'

b"IN THE BOOK OF SHAKESPEARE NAMED ROMEO AND JULIET. in act3 scene 1, which character seem to want peace and which one seem to want to fight most? What does mercutio mean when he says,''I have it, and soundly, too.Your houses''scene1, line 104? what happens to him? What does ..."

b'I have to write a report as if I were a Jew in a concentration camp. I have to use Jewish names for myself as well as my family. Does any body know of any Jewish name that were popular back then as well as occupations that Jews had back then. The help is greatly appreciated. I...'

b"eg. In 2010, he will run out of food. How do you pronounce '2010' in the sentence?"

b'A 600 word essay about 3 things in your society that you could change and how'

b'Many american are liveing beyond their means by abuseing thier credit cards. You concider their credit limit as another sourse of income and charge up to the limit then they had to pay enormous finance charges evry month because they have run their credit cards to the limit. ...'

b'in 300 words write an essay on the nigeria my country'

b'They ran out of oil. They ran out of food. They ran out of rice. They ran out of money. They ran out of pens. He ran out of paper. He ran out of grocery. The food is running out. The oil is running out. The rice is running out. His money is running out. Are they all ...'

b"What is the difference between 'battery' and 'cell'?"

b'What would be the best contrast between the two different endings in Great expectations?'

b"What lyrics would you reference to indicate author Simon Garfinkel's bias in the song the sounds of silence"

b'I need to translate words in to Spanish from english'

b'is there anything wrong with this sentence: it manipulates her feelings from immaturity to seriousness'

b'they want to imitate her or imitate as her'

b'her failure is their failure also. can i rewrite that to her failure is theirs also'

b'for the word manner, when do i use it as plural'

b'she is a driving force of inspiration to the children and teenagers. Do i need an article in infront of inspirationa or the'

b'they identify with her or they identify themselves with her'

b'they put their trust on her or in her'

b'do we refer to disney as they or it'

b"As for the teenagers, Ashlie\xc2\x92s behavior is like a reminiscence of their childhoods or Ashlie's behaviors are like reminiscence of their childhoods. What i'm confused is that do i need to make behavior as plural"

b'they will not criticize her bad influence since [they themselves are like this also] or [they are like this also]. Do in need the word themselves in between and do i need to make influence as plural'

b'her behavior is like a reminiscence of their childhoods. or her behaviors are like reminiscence of their childhoods.do i need an s on reminiscence'

b'so i should write it this way: they value free-thinking behavior, expressing themselves freely and individualism where they should act according to themselves'

b'from an impulsive to a mannered girl. or from an impulsive girl to a mannered girl'


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