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b'1. I bought a 10 shirt and a 5 socks. 2. I bought a 10 shirt and a pair of 5 socks. 3. I bought a 10 shirt and 5 socks. Which one is correct?'

b"i need to do a poster to advertise a 'new' mobile phone it needs to stand out to the people who see it"

b"My assignment states: Find at least two instances of conflicts between the legal and ethical issues confronting the education of ELL's. For example, some states have ceased funding for bilingual education and may not instruct the ELL's in their native languages. However the ..."

b'Was Alexander Graham Bell American or English? Question'

b"1. My father reads the newspaper every day. What does it mean? 2. My father reads the same newspaper everyday. 3. My father reads a newspaper every day. Does 1 mean 2 or 3? Is 'the newspaper' the generic term? "

b'Thank you very much for being so cooperative, Sra. I still have a few more sentences for you to check. 1 In the tales there were the class of the military, the clergy and the middle classes. Correction: in the tales Chaucer describes different social classes such as ..... 2 ...'

b'I really hope someone can tell me if my corrections are correct. As you can see, I took your advice and I corrected them myself 1 The pilgrims arrived from different parts of society. Correction: The pigrims belong to different social classes. 2 The tales were never ...'

b'ok what does writting in past tence mean , and its asking me in what respect was the adventure a new kind of sailing ship'

b'i need help with my questions on the book death on ice i read it but i have bad memory and my work is due tuesday can anybody help please'

b'Identify the adjective clause in the following sentence. The book that is on the floor belongs to Johnny.'

b'1. It is for two blocks from here. 2. It is for two stops from here. 3. It is for two miles from here. 4. It is for two kilometers from here. Are they all grammatical?'

b"1. It is five stops from here. What does 'it' refer to? Is 'for' missing before 'five stops'? 2. That makes two of us. What is the meaning of this expression? A: I don't like this movie at all. B: That makes two of us."

b"I don't understand what William Wordsworth's poem, The Prelude, is about. Can anyone tell me what the main themes and ideas are about?"

b'How many kinds of sentences are there?'

b'underline complete subject and complete pedicate to my sentences. The boys and girls studied different kinds of measures.'

b'What is the point of view of the followng quote from the story Journey you turn onto this road, which winds among the foothills and forests and goes through several small villages'

b"I'm making things out of clay for a big project on To Kill A Mockingbird, The sculptures represent things from the story, For instance ihas some gum from when they found it in the tree, I made scout in a ham suit, a book, and i'm working on a little gavel from when Tom went to..."

b'I need help interpreting the poem I Never Saw Another Butterfly by Pavel Friedman. I need to describe the tone of the poem from the verses. I also have to mention the meaning of the poem as it applies to Pavel. Thanks'

b'Thnak you for your invaluable help. Can you please check these sentences, too? 1 The pilgrims are directed towards Canterbury Cathedral, where the holy shrine of Thomas Becket is kept ?. 2 She was careful to appear beautiful and smart. she cared for appearance 3 Nature ...'

b"As I'm not a mother-tongue speaker I'm still doubtful on the word choice. As promised, I selected the sentences I'm not sure or. I really hope the . 1The aristocracy is not present is not represented, portrayed, described in the tales. 2.They begin their journey they set ..."

b'Can you check if all the sentences are grammatically correct? Consider also the expressions in paretheses, please. 1.He describes all the classes but not the peasants and the aristocracy. 2.They couldn\xc2\x92t have afforded to pay for the journey. 3.They set off on a journey to ...'

b"When Romeo learns of Juliet's death Act 5 Scene 1, he plans to be join her and goes to an apothecary to buy poison. The question I have is why did he choose to use poison on HIMSELF rather than a dagger, to join Juliet? Ie. What was Shakespeare's intent on making Romeo use..."

b'1. We sat around the bonfire wearing skirts. 2. Wearing red socks, I walked on the hallway. 3. I ran without shoes wearing yellow socks. 4. I slept during the class wearing a fur coat. 5. I slept during the class while/as I was wearing a fur coat. Are they all grammatical? ...'

b"1. Most boys grow a lot between the age of 9 and 14. 2. Most boys grow a lot between the ages of 9 and 14. Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'ages' or 'age' in the sentence?"

b"1. You will be taller than her in a couple of years. 2. You will be taller than her in two years. 3. You will be taller than her in a few years. 4. You will be taller than her in two or three years. Which one is the same as 1? 2 or the others? What is the meaning of 'a ..."

b"I want to buy some cookies. 1. - How much is it? 2. - How much are they? 3. - It's two dollars. 4. - They are two dollars. In this short dialogue, which expressions do we have to use?"

b'why is is better late than never, rather than better late then never?'

b'how many different ways can a play be staged?'

b"How ofen do you read the newspaper? I read it every day. Does the answer mean 'I read the same newspaper every day,' or 'I read a newspaper every day.' Was 'the newspaper' writen in generic use or not?"

b'In Romeo and Juliet, why did Romeo choose poison instead of a dagger on himself when he found out that Juilet was dead? I can figure out that money was what poisoned the Capulets and Montagues. So he would like to buy poison from the apothecary even if it was illegal. But I ...'

b'We sat _________ the campfire. Would you let me know suitable expressions for the blank?'

b'Give four characteristics of standard English.'

b'why does Harper Lee use humorous tone in to kill a mokingbird'

b'how do i express sighing by using punctuations instead of using the word sigh, or is there any other way to do it beside punctuation'

b"Thank you very much for your help. I still have problems with a few sentence. I hope you can have a look at them too. 1Can't I switch from the present to the past if I want to refer to a historical event? 2 Do not use contracter forms when writing your composition. 3 The ..."

b'Can you help me check these sentences, please? Thank you very much in advance. 1 The new factor in the Canterbury Tales is that there is individualization ? . THe character exists because he has reactions and is in movement. 2 His individualization ? is therefore dynamic...'

b'Can you please check if the following sentences are possible? Thanks in advance. 1Sterne breaks the rule of the conventional biography since Tristram\xc2\x92s birth occurs only in the third episode. 2Furthermore, he doesn\xc2\x92t follow a story-line since the novel consists mainly of...'

b'What is an antithesis? and I can i create one if my thesis is Using the characters in these literary pieces both authors assert that humans are naturally inclined to exhibit dark or evil side. My 3 arguments are that metamorphises, quest for the surreal and immoral ...'

b'In the short story defender of the faith by philip roth,Why does Marx refuse to support Grossbart when the Captain questions him about his eating habits?'

b"In the short story defender of the faith by philip roth,Identify the criteria by which Captain Barrett judges a man's character."

b"In the short story defender of the faith by philip roth,Grossbart insists on caling da sergeant 'sir'.Why doz Marx object?Is dis form of adress merely an oversight,or doz Grosbart hav sum ulterior motive?"

b'Thank you for your invaluable help. Can you please consider these sentences, too? 1 As for her behaviour, she cried when she saw a mouse caught in a trap. 2 He makes a potrait of English society but he does not portray the aristocracy and the peasants. 3 The peasants are ...'

b"Using literary elements,compare and contrast Abigail Adams letter to her daughter with Jean de Crevecoeur's essay from letter to an American farmer. Now i read both essays, and im very fond of both of them . but i have trouble on what to compare and contrast on them, and how ..."

b'This is the first sentence of my cover letter. Should I use for or at? Or is there a better way to phrase this sentence? I am writing to express my interest in working for [Company name] or I am writing to express my interest in working at [Company name]'

b"Wha are the nouns that describe a person called? They are like a noun that describe's a person's perosnality, such as perfectionist, troublemaker, bookworm etc."

b'1. Solar energy will never give out. 2. Solar energy will never run out. Are both the same? 3. We bought many foods. 4. We bought much food. Which one is right? Are both OK? Is food a material noun, a common noun or a collective noun? In dictionaries, we sometimes see the ...'

b'Is there a verb for question someone doubtfully or suspiciously?'

b'explanation and description no child left behind'

b'Can you please consider these sentences from a grammatical and lexical point of view? Thank you in advance. 1 Since the last years of the 19th century Europe started to live a very deep crisis. Since the last years.... had been experienced? 2 Freud introduces the idea of ...'


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