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b"1. What kind of favorite movies do you like? 2. What kind of favorite movie do you like? - I like horror movies. Are the questions and answer correct? Do we have to use the plural form, 'kinds'? 3. What is your favorite kind of movies/movie? - 4. It is horror movies. - 5. It..."

b'1. Who weighs more, Mr. Pitt or Emily?. -Mr. Pitt weighs more than Emily. 2. Who is heavier, Emily or Bob? - Bob is heavier than Emily. 3. Who is the tallest of the three? - Mr. Pitt is the tallest. 3. Who is the taller of the two? - Emily is the taller fo the two. - Emily is ...'


b'can someone answer my question without sarcasm? Or even answer it? I need help writing a sentence with a linking verb. it has to be about the role of education in sucessful financial planning'

b'I need two sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning using a linking verb in one and subject-verb agreement in another. Please highlight the verbs'

b"Let's look at the two comparative sentences. When we compare the degrees of two things and people, we use comparative forms. 1. Emily is younger than Bob. 2. Bob is shorter than Emily. Will you check all the sentences above? Correct errors, please. What is the part of speech ..."

b'What are some rhetorical methods of developing a topic?'

b'I need help with these, I have to edit the following sentences to eliminate problems with subject-verb agreement. 1. Measles is a contagious childhood disease. 2. Adorning a shelf in the lab are a Vietnamese figurine, a set of Korean clay gods, and an American plastic village...'

b'what is the meaning of macro skills?'

b'select the sentence in which the verb correctly agrees with the subject.'

b'If anyone has read the novel the power of one can you tell me the individuality peekay displayed in the novel?'

b'What journey did othello go through both physical and emotional in the play ?'

b'can anyone tell me the indivituality displayed by othello in the play by shakespeare?'

b'1. Bob is 4 cm shorter than Emily. 2. Mr. Pitt is 16 kg heavier than Emily. 3. Emily is 1 year younger than Bob. 4. Bob weighs 4kg more than Emily. Are the expressions correct grammatically?'

b"I am an English learner and I have a hard time in understanding the below sentences. It's a dead issue. These days you can hardly get people to read about a live issue. People are issued out. dead issue= people stop talking about it? And what does issue out mean? Can ..."

b"1. It is a quarter past seven. 2. It is a quarter after seven. 3. It is a quart to seven. 4. It is a quarter before seven. 1 is the same as 2, right? 3 is the same as 4? Why is 'to' used here in 3 instead of 'before'?"

b'1. Are you interested in gardening? 2. Not really. 3. Not much. Is 2 the same as 3 in meaning?'

b'what is the past particle of kneel?'

b'Can you unscramble this word natcehtnenm'

b'1. The new automatic teller machine did not function as expected. 2. The new auto teller machine did not function as expected. 3. The new automated teller machine did not function as expected. Which expression is grammatical? ATM'

b"What is the meaning of the following lines said in the book or play Macbeth? As whence the sun 'gins his reflection Shipwracking storms and direful thunders break,So from that spring whence comfort seemed to come Discomfort swells. It was said by sergant in Act 1, scene 2 line..."

b'1.Drink a lot of water at a time is not good for your health. You need to drink abut five bottles of 2 liter clean water by taking time. 2. He is wearing a soccer uniform. There is Number 9 on his left chest of his clothing. 3. Skipping breakfast is not good for your health. ...'

b'1. He is holding a soccer ball between his right arm and his body. 2. The man is wearing a backpack on his back, and the woman is wearing a small bag around her body from her left shoulderto her right waist. 3. He is eating a cereal with milk. In the picture, he is holding a ...'

b'1. He is leaning on a bike. 2. He has put his arms on a bike and his body is leaning against the bike. 3. He has a soccer ball, and he is also wearing a soccer uniform. 4.The woman is holding and showing a fruit bowl full of a lot of vegetables.'

b'Can you tell me what this means PLEASE provide at least two specific examples of changes you have implemented based on what you learned this week. Thank you'

b'Can someone tell me what they are asking? Write five sentences in which you address changes in your writing'

b'QuestionWhich do we use as an objective complement, an objective case or a subjective case? And would you let me know some examples? 1. I think the girl she. 2. I think the girl her. What about these examples?'

b"1. I have got a cell phone. 2. I have a cell phone. 3. I've got a cell phone. What is the use of 'have' and 'have got'? Which one is a colloquial expression?"

b'1. A: Is Don in? 2. B: This is he. 3. B1: This is him. This is a telephone conversation. Can we use both 2and 3? Which one is grammatical?'

b'what does being perfect mean?'

b'Are there any absolutes regarding rights and wrongs in the K-8 educational setting? Give examples to support your answer.'

b"Today we had a medical/physical checkup at school. A doctor and three nurses came to our school. I was 60 cm tall last year. Now I am 65 cm tall. I grew 5 cm from last year. My hearing was good. However, my teeth and eyes were bad. The doctor said I'm in bad health. I need to ..."

b'1. How heavy is he? - He is 70 kg. 2. How much does he weigh? - He is 70kg. Which one is right? Are both right? Which one is commonly used?'

b'1. I grew 10 cm from last year. 2. I have grown 10 cm from last year. 3. I grew by 10 cm from last year. Are they all correct?'

b'Ms. Sue I made my summary better. But I inserted too many words. I only need a 500 word summary. Could you please help me make it shorter. Thank you so much:- This is what the teacher wants: Plot Activity: Write a 250-500 word summary of your novel. Include where and when the...'

b"I am doing my plot summary on the Book Royally Jacked and I really want to know the significance of this title towards the book. I can't seem to explain it well. Royally stands for the royal family in this book whom Valerie and her dad are staying with. I just can't seem to ..."

b"I'm looking for three examples quotes would be a big help of the following three traits that Ralph displays: Courage Rationality Strong-will Any quotes and examples from the book are INCREDIBLY APPRECIATED. Essay due tomorrow and I cannot think of examples for Ralph in my ..."

b'1. I am 100percent about that. 2. I am 100percent sure about that. 3. I am positive about that. 4. I am 100percent positive about that. 5. I am 100percent certain about that. Are they the same and grammatical?'

b"1. He scored 98 percent in/on the English test. 2. He scored 98 points in/on the English exam. Which expression is correct? Do we have to use 'in' or 'on'?"

b"Is Don in? telephone - He is not in at the moment. What other expressions can we use instead of 'at the moment'?"

b'how does romanticism contrasts with the rationality of the scientific revolution that preceded it?'

b'Flip the coin. If you get heads, move one space/step/circle forward. If you get tails, move two spaces/steps/circles forward. -There are circles on the board. In each circle, there is an expression or a piccture.- Are they correct? By the way, which side is heads and which ...'

b'1. If you like swimming, this house will be perfect for you. Then, please call at 731-1234. 2. If you are interested in swimming, this house will be great for you. Then, please call me at 731-1234. 3. If you love swimming, this house will be fantastic for you. Then, please ...'

b'1. No boy is faster than me in my class. 2. No one is faster than me in my class. 3.No boys are faster than me in my class. 4. Nobody is faster than me in my class. 5. Noone is faster than me in my classl. Which ones are correct and commonly used?'

b'If you have do english tutoring, when you have a chance can you review my English 10 HELP posting please? Writeacher helped me but he said to post the answers I chose so someone could check them and help me further.'

b'I posted these questions earlier for help and Writeacher wanted me to post what I chose as answers so someone could check/help me. * is the answer I chose. 2.Your answer is incorrect. You are a careless person. Faulty Cause and Effect *Stereotype Red Herring Either/Or ...'

b'Someone please check * is the answer I chose. For each of the following pairs of topics select the one that is more focused. 1.Topic. a.Why beaches are fun *b.Why I love Miami Beach 2.Topic. a.The wonderful world of vegetables *b.The health benefits of carrots 3.Topic...'

b'what is the sypmbol of freedom? is it the white dove? just want to know for my poster im doing'

b"I don't understand this at all 1.Supermodel Tyra Banks uses Smooth Soft bath gel; you should, too Faulty Cause and Effect Stereotype Red Herring Either/Or Thinking Bandwagon Testimonial 2.Your answer is incorrect. You are a careless person. Faulty Cause and Effect ..."

b"Read the following statements and then determine whether they are facts, unsound opinions, sound opinions, or authoritative opinions. Select the correct answer for each statement. Are any of these correct/incorrect? If so please help. 1.Due to Einstein's findings in the study..."


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