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b'Completing a chart in which foods are divided into their food groups is an example of writing to classify. True or False? True, right? Thanks a lot :'

b'An essay that shows why a location has become polluted is an example of a. organization by degree b. chronological order c. main idea and supporting details d. comparison-and-contrast e. None of the above I think it is either c or e as I think cause-and-effect order can be ...'

b"Which of the following is the proper form to tell someone a writer's feeling a. diagram b. autobiographical essay c. poem is choice c correct? Thanks in advance."

b'Which of the following best combine the two sentences. He sat down silently. He was desperate. a. Silently and desperately, he sat down. b. Silently, desperately, he sat down c. Silently, he sat down, desperately. Is choice a correct? Thanks.'

b"I'm writing an essay and I'm wondering which sentence is better to be used in an essay. My teacher said that the sentence, Sitting on his bed, Lamar sadly thought about his grandfather's death. is better than the sentence, Lamar, saddened by his noble and honored ..."

b'Using your own imagination.write a story in about 200 words which carry a moral lesson?'

b'How , what, and when would you correct mistakes/errors made during the following stages ENGAGE STAGE, STUDY STAGE, ACTIVATE STAGE'

b'I am trying to find a poem ideally by uk poet that starts with a word beginning with the letter c. I have found many poems but none that start with a word like can, call, etc. Does anyone know a poem or can direct me to a website. many thanks in advance.'

b'what are the metaphors used in old ironsides poem'

b'what comes next after the topic sentence?'

b'1.Which of the following statements is true? =aAlthough they differed in form, all State constitutions embodied the same basic ideals. bMost of the early State constitutions gave great power to the executive branch. cSome State constitutions were authoritarian, while ...'

b'How does the English language that is spoken in the US accomplish that men are portrayed as independent and serious, and are defined and described by activities and accomplishments?'

b'Men are portrayed as independent and serious, and are defined and described by activities and accomplishments. How does the English language that is spoken in the US accomplish this?'

b'In a well-written, thoughtful response of at least one page, reflect on one of the stories The Jilting of Granny Weatherall or Chrysanthemums. YOur response might make a personal connection to one of the stories, might make connections between the two stories, or may just ...'

b'How does the English language that is spoken in the US accomplish how we portray men as serious? How do we describe them by their activities and accomplishments, particularly compared to language about women? What are the sorts of nicknames that we have for men, or the sort of...'

b'What are the characteristics of orientalism'

b'1. You should write down your age, height and weight on the paper. Looking at them, introduce yourself. 2. Yous should write down the information about your age, height and weight on the paper. With them, introduce yourself. 3. You should write down the numbers related to your...'

b'Question: When an animated cartoon was made of Animal Farm, it was given a happy ending. Animals everywhere hear that Napoleon has betrayed the cause of animalism. They join in a second revolution and succeed in overthrowing him. This leads to the establishment of the original...'

b'Question: Much of the writing in Animal Farm uses verbal irony or situational irony to make a point. List three examples of verbal or situational irony and then state what is really meant in the passage or what actually happens in the plot. Answer: Animal Farm is a novel full ...'

b"1. His age is 14. 2. His height is 158cm tall. 3. His weight is 48kg. Are the sentences all grammatical? 4. What is the negative sentence of the declarative sentence? When you make a negative sentence, you should put 'don't' before a base verb. Is this one grammatical? ..."

b"1. This is a superlative sentence. e.g. Mr. Pitt is the heaviest of the three. 2. This is a comparative sentence. e.g. Emily is taller than Bob. 3. This sentence is in the past tense, so you should use the past form of 'go'. e.g. He went to the movies yeaterday. What is the..."

b'Compare England in the 17th century with other absolutist regimes on the continent of Europe. How did the English situation differ from that of absolutist states? What was the major reason for England\xc2\x92s exceptional situation?'

b'1. Change the numbers into the Arabic numerals. 2. Change the numerals into the Arabic numerals. 3. Write the Arabic numbers in English. Are they all grammatical?'

b'Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 4:16am. How do you read the numbers? 13 14 42 Answer thirteen, fourteen, forty-two Are the expressions above right? Can we ask Write the numbers in English? Is this question better? English - Writeacher, Wednesday, June 23, ...'

b'Combine the following sentenes to a complete sentence. 1. Jean splled tomato juice on her essay. She had to print it out again. Is this right? Jean\xc2\x92s essay was counterproductive when she spilled the tomato juice.'

b'Please Help. I have read it over but have no clue'

b"Which of the following statements, all spoken by Frank, BEST describes Frank's character? This is from the play, Thunder on Sycamore street. Choose what you believe is the strongest response to this question. Write the letter of the answer you choose and briefly defend your ..."

b'1.Why was it important to the Founding Fathers to justify their actions by evoking traditional English rights? a.Because they were extreme reactionaries who disagreed with the ideals of the Enlightenment =b.Because, as members of the social elite, they did not want to ...'

b'I have to write an essay comparing how fear is used in Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm. It is going to be in class tomorrow on my final exam. So far I have my three paragraphs: Fear of outside sources/unknown, fear of self, and fear of others. I have marked pages in my books...'

b'Tomorrow for my english exam we are expected to write an in class comparative essay on LOTF vs. AF. We have to compare the similarities between the two. The similar aspect I have chosen to write about is fear, and how it is used for control. For my first two paragraphs I have ...'

b'How do you read the numbers? 13 14 42 Answer thirteen, fourteen, forty-two Are the expressions above right? Can we ask Write the numbers in English? Is this question better?'

b'two worded definitions for those confusing homophones. the rule: principal, principle =principle'

b'Someone had ate, eatenall the brownies. =eaten'

b'The alarm had rung, rang to soon for me. =rang The party began, begun at seven oclock. = began'

b'Please help me create character outline?'

b"I was helping someone do a run on maze assignment and I just want these questions checked. The instructions said Complete the maze by following the correct sentences. These ones are the one's that I think weren't run on sentences. I enjoy fishing, however, I rarely eat fish. ..."

b'Which one of these concepts is part of a fiction story? a. exposition b. introduction c. chunking Is the answer a? and BTW what does chunking mean? Thanks You.'

b'1. What is your animal sign? 2. What is your Oriental animal sign? 3. What is your star sign? 4. My animal sign is Cow. 5. My animal sign is the Cow. 6. My animal sign is the cow. Which expressions are correct?'

b"the couple ordered soup hors d' oeuvres at the wedding"

b'1. They raise popular pets,e.g. cats and dogs. How do you read e.g. in English?'

b'I have three pictures. In Picture One, there are one green ball and one red ball. You can describe what you have in the picture using the phrase one - the other. For example, I have two balls. One is green and the other is red. Can you make sentences like this containing ...'

b"1. Your voice is deeper than before. What is the opposite of 'deeper'? 2. You have a deep bass voice. 3. You have a soprano voice. 4. You have a tenor voice. Are they all grammatical? Do you have some more expressions?"

b"I posted my 1st answers to be checked and here are the one's that are fixed. Can someone please check my new answers. 1.Which of the following is not an essential element of the English political tradition? =a.Royal absolutism b.Representation c.Protection of certain ..."

b"1. Who is the oldest? - They are the same age. 2. Who is older, Betty or Tom? They are of the same age. Can we add 'of'? Are the questionsa and answerws right? 3. Who is heavier, Emily or Mary? 3-1. Both are the same weight. 3-2. They are the same weight. 3-3. They weigh ..."

b'1. The temperature here is of medium. 2. The temperature here is of average. 3. The temperature here is neither low now high. Would you correct errors?'

b'Those familiar with the story Animal Farm Please help me come up with a thesis for the prompt: Napoleon Continues to announce new rules that seem less than desirable. The animals seem confused and somewhat annoyed, yet none protest or dare to speak the truth. What do you think...'

b'write a review of his theme, along with how this poem relate to your own life experience. I will arise and go now, and go Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made: Nine bean-rows will I have there, a hive for the honey-bee, And live alone in the bee-...'

b"Out of 56 problems I'm unsure of 7 of them. Can someone please check? = is my answer. 1.Which of the following is not an essential element of the English political tradition? a.Royal absolutism b.Representation =c.Limits to the power of the king d.Protection of certain ..."

b"I'm having kids who just finished second grade code sentences in their SummerBridge books in the Shurley style. We're having trouble with the word my. How would this sentence be coded? Roberto's is my favorite restaurant. Thanks"

b'make sentences with words starting with alphabet a-z'


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