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b'In a circus a tightrope is stretched from the top of a 10 ft. pole to the top of a 25 ft pole. The poles are 36 feet apart and vertical. How long is the tightrope? Show your work.'

b'One half of a number plus three is eighteen. Find the number'

b'i need help with a problem wanting me to explain the differences between silver and gold using the terms atom and elements'

b'Find the initial amount given an exponential function. Given the equation y = 240.77^t, what is the initial amount? To find the initial amount, I need to replace t with 0. When I do that, I get y = 240.77^0 which is y = 241, so y = 24 In doing other problems, that first ...'

b'Evaluate the expression when a = 6. a-24 A.-30*** B.-18 C.18 D.22'

b'1. Suppose y varies directly with x and, y=15 and x=5. Write a direct variation equation that relates x and y. What is the value of y when x=9? I need a little help on how to figure out how to write this out. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you'

b'I have ten,ones and tenths.My digits are next door numbers and they add up to 9. What number am I?'

b'1.The difference of a number and sixteen A.n add 16 B.n - 16 C.16n*** D.n/16'

b'you want to buy three books that are on sale at 20percent off. the original prices of the books are 2.50, 4.95, and 6.00. How much will you save?'

b'the position of a car in time t in hours is -10add45t,40add70t and a truck 40-40t,20add75t find the distance between the car and the truck at time t=0 in km i have 53.9km to 1dp find an expression for d^2 in terms of t I have 7250t^2 -8700tadd290 Complete the square which I ...'

b'3xy-ysquare=2 and 2x -3y=-4'

b'Expand 3addi^5, where i^2=-1 3addi^5=? Please and thanks.'

b'Problem statement a Suppose fx is defined on 0 ? x ? 1 by the following rule: fx is the first digit in the decimal expansion for x. For example, f1/2 = 5 and f0.719 = 7. Sketch the graph of y = fx on the unit interval with appropriate scales for x and for y. Use...'

b'what is square root of 54 x 3 x i.'

b'the cost of banana is Re.1 more than that of an orange. Mr asad purchased 12 bananas and 20 oranges . if he paid Rs.108 to the fruit saller, find the price of a banana and orange.'

b'Find all solutions of the equation cotthetaadd1=0 through the interval [0,2pie.'

b'Angela is twice as old as clara. Seven years ago, the sum of their ages was 16. How old is clara now?'

b'the 54th term and 4th term of an A.P are -61 and 64 respectively.Find the common difference and 23rd tem'

b'How much money will amount on ? 560 in 3 years at the rate 4percent per annum'

b'Find five rational numbers between - 3/5 and - 1/2'

b'The sum of two numbers is 3.What is the maximum value of the product of the first and the square of the second?'

b'Laura bought 24 pounds of sugar for 10. How many dollars did she pay per pound of sugar? If necessary, round your answers to the nearest hundredth. >> I got the answer 0.41 or 2.4. It says it is wrong.'

b'Sam Sounds received a 290 discount loan to purchase a stereo. The loan was offered at 16percent for 90 days. Find the interest in dollars and the proceeds for the following problem.'

b'A car travels 540 hours om 45L. of gasoline.How far can it travels on 60L. of gasoline?'

b'I am an odd number I am less than 100 The sum of my digits is 12 What am I'

b'Two consecutive angles of a parallelogram measures Xadd35 and 5X-21 respectively determine the measures of each angle in the parallelogram.'

b'Town P is on bearing 315 degree from town Q. While town R is south of town P and west of town Q. If town R is 60km away from Q, how fara is R from P?'

b"Let y=e^cos^-1x for modx<1. Show that 1-x^2d2y/dx2=xdy/dx add y. By further differentiation, show that ecos^-1x ? e^a1 - x add 0.5x^2 - bx^3 where a and b are real constants to be determined. I managed to show the first part but I don't get how to do the second ..."

b'A fish bowl is constructed out of a spherical bowl with diameter 20cm. The bowl was initially empty and water flows into the bowl at a rate of 10cm^3/s. Let V and h be the volume and depth of water in the bowl at time t seconds respectively. Find dh/dt when h is increasing at ...'

b"Kofi and Ama both receive 50,000 dollars annually in the companies they work for. In Kofi's company, the mean annual salary of 60,000 dollars with a standard deviation of 5,000 dollars. Ama's company on the other hand has a mean annual salary of 35,000 with a standard ..."

b'Zach is planning to invest up to 50,000 in corporate and municipal bonds. The lest he will invest in corporate bonds is 6000 and he does not want to invest more than 27,000 in corporate bonds. He also does not want to invest more than 34,650 in municipal bonds. The ...'

b'I am anumber greter than 10 but smaller than 40.I am a factor of 56 but not amultiple of 4'

b'The gradient of one of the line of ax2add2hxyaddby2=0 is twice that of the other,show that 8h2=9ab'

b'If you wanted to reduce the 8 by 6 rectangle by a ratio of 1/4, what would the dimensions of the new rectangle be?'

b'Find the integral ?x^2-6xadd1/x^2add1 dx'


b'Ok so in class this is what our teacher had us do.... 1.Pick a number to represent the number of times you would like to have chocolate in a week more than once, but less than 10 times. 2.Double this amount just to be bold. 3.Add 5. 4.Multiply the result by 50. 5.If you ...'

b'how many sets of 4 are there in sets of 24?'

b'There are 20 bottles in a box. Each bottle weighs 1 3/4 pounds. How many pounds do all the bottles weigh together?'

b'Am I doing this right? Mr. Wizard started at zero and jump to left 7 feet. Auntie long legs started at zero and John to right 5 feet which frog was ahead? Write an inequality statement using < or > to compare the values of their lending points. 7 <0 < 5 Aunts ...'

b'logbase4xadd5=3addlogbase4x-2 Tried so many times please help'

b'how much should be invested now at an interest rate of 6.5percent per year, compounded continuously, to have 3000 in 4 years? do not round any intermediate computations and round answer to nearest cent.'

b'If I spent 1/3 of my money on a pen and 4/7 on books how much do I have left?'

b'The sales tax in the town where Amanda lives is 7percent. Amanda paid 35 in sales tax on a new stereo what was the price of the stereo'

b'The lengths of the three sides of a right triangle are given by three consecutive even integers. Find the lengths of the tree sides.'

b'1 3 3 6 6 10 10 15 How do you get from the first number to the next?'

b'How many 6-inch long pieces of ribbon can be cut from a piece that is 3 yards long?'

b'Selina has a homework consisting of 4 questions.In each question,she needs to find the value of each power.When she turns in her homework,her teacher says she got 3 correct answers which of the following values did she calculate incorrectly? a.-30 = 1 b.-32 = 9 c. -3 2 =9 ...'

b'The of stamps owned by Shirley, Mary and Daisy is in the ratio of 5: 6 7. The total number of stamps is 540. Mary gives so of her stamps to Shirley and 40 stamps to Daisy. Find the new ratio of their stamps.'

b'1. Use point-slope form to write the equation of a line that has a slope of 2/3 and passed through -3,-1. Write your final equation in slope-intercept form. Is the answer y=2/3add-1 2. Write an equation of the line that passed through 2,-1 and is parallel to the graph of y= ...'


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