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b'Mr. Firman invited his friend, Mr. Nulty, to come over and have dinner with him and Mrs. Stoner. The maid fixed a big dinner for the three of them, and when they were ready for dessert, she brought a cake out for Mr. Nulty because it was his fifty-ninth birthday. The candles ...'

b'i need help with 2 finals due this sun? Hsm 210 and com220'

b'need help with tefl unit 6 the whole of it'

b'1. Where were you doing then? - I was taking a shower. 2. What were you doing then? - I was taking a shower. Which question is right?'

b"in the Tarzan the terrible chapter1 in this unit, tarzan is most concerned with a finding food to survice b getting to know the man-thing c rescuing his wife, jane i think a and b are correct he and the man-thing killed the lion and ate deer together i don' know which one is ..."

b'the setting for the excerpt about Tarzan the terrible in this unit is a none b during the jazz age c during ww1 i know the previous novel is set the early day of ww1 but i am not sure this one is set during ww1'

b'women were not able to make any progress in their rights during the 1920s false women got vote and they could do some jobs that just for men before most of the authors listed for the years between 1920 and 1930 wrote fiction false is it right?'

b'in the Tarzan excerpt in this unit, one obvious difference betwween Tarzan and the man-thing was: a their hunting abilities b both c the man-thing had a hairless tail my answer is b i am sure c is right but i think a is right'

b'i just want to check the answers the years between 1920 and 1930 could be described as a time that showed an increase in methods of communication i think it is false i think the new fashion and dance are not the way of communication most of the authors listed for 1920-1930 ...'

b'in the Tarzan excerpt in this unit, Tarzan was trying to get a land that was: a difficult to enter b both c populated with prehistoric animals my answer is b it is right?'

b'Tarzan is best labbled as which archetype? a bad boy b none c chief d super-hero e charmer i think c and d are the possible amswers because i think Tarzan has some characteristic as same as c and d'

b"the first published Tarzan story tells of: a Tarzan's first meeting with Jane b conflict with his cousin William Clayton c the death of Tarzan's parents in an African jungle my answer is c but i am not really sure it has referred to the first meet between them and his cousin"

b"whats the appropriate way of greeting others -Good Morning, how was your day today? -Hey, what's up?"

b'Why did Wordsworth use simple diction in The Solitary Reaper?'

b"I've posted a couple times before but I'm still at a lost, your team has been very helpful, if I could bother you once more. I have to write an essay based on four different wars - The Iliad, War and Peace, Richard III and Henry IV, someone earlier gave me a good idea for a ..."

b'Effectively interpreting symbols in a poem requires _____. A. a degree in English B. knowledge about the time period and author as well as evidence from the poem C. Internet research to see what other people have said about the poem D.rhythm and meter to make the symbols lyrical'

b'In a cavern, in a canyon Excavating for a mine Dwelt a miner forty-niner And his daughter, Clementine Oh, my darling, oh, my darling Oh, my darling Clementine You are lost and gone forever Dreadful sorry, Clementine ------------------ Does the front part of the lyric mean 1 ...'

b'What is the proper noun and common noun in this sentence. On his journey back to America, Victor sailed on the Princess.'

b'I need to write an essay that will include the following: The Iliad, Richard III, War and Peach and Henry IV. I need to compare and contrast these four stories in relation to war. Can someone help me 1. with a possible thesis and 2. how to go about constructing an outline on...'

b'identify the folowing tenses give reasons for identification. i have never met any body famous john is having a shower at the moment i go shopping at least twice a week i have been working herefor 10 years'

b'I need to write an essay about The Iliad and compare and contrast it to the current war on terror. Do you know any references I can research to help write my paper. Thanks, Michelle'

b'What do you think was Lance Armstrongs purpose in writing his book Its Not About The Bike?'

b'What are examples of Irresponsible Persuasion? Other than peer pressure'

b'Create a Topic Sentence where the blank space is. ________________________________________?__________________________. The goal of the Web Privacy Project is to make it simple for users to learn the privacy practices of a Web site and thereby decide whether to visit the ...'

b'Why is it more significant to write in the present tense when describing a person in comparison to writing in the past?'

b'How do you make this sentence parallel? The next two sections of the manual discuss how to analyze the data, the conclusions that can be drawn from your analysis, and how to decide what further steps are needed before establishing a journal list.'

b"1. He ate lots of red bean sherbet. 2. He ate lots of it. Can we use 2? It refers to red bean sherbet. What does 'lots' modify?"

b"how weathering releases phospahte from rock? i really don't know, any sites i could go on to to get the answer? no wikipedia, or hard ones. english aint my language so hard words i wont be able to understand."


b'May someone who has read/watched both romeo and juliet and west side story help me check the following questions please? 1.Which situation is a similarity between Juliet and Maria, the main female characters in Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story? A. A relative was killed by ...'

b"I need to find rhetorical devices in this speech. -- Pearson\xc2\x92s address on the inauguration of the national flag of Canada: On September 5, 1945 an Order-in-Council was passed declaring the Red Ensign to be Canada's National Flag pending a decision of the Parliament of Canada..."

b'I would like someone to check the following questions for me. Thanks in advance. 1. What issue was a problem for Tony in West Side Story? A. Maria did not return his love B. His job was not a good one C. His parents did not approve of the friends he hung out with D. He could ...'

b'1. We got close to penguins. 2. We got near penguins. Does 1 mean 2? close to = near?'

b'1. Colors make up our world. 2. Our world is made up of colors. 3. Our world is made up by colors. Is 2 the passive form of 2? What about 3? Is 3 the passive form of 1?'

b"Which of these expresses the meaning of fray as fight? A. John jumped into the fray, fists up and ready for action B. All the battleships joined in the fray with guns ablaze. C. She frayed the edge of the cord, hoping it wouldn't catch on fire D. Her dress was tattered and ..."

b"Could someone please check the following questions for me? 1. In a soliloquy there will only be one person on the stage. T/F? I think it's true as soliloquy is a speech a character gives when he or she is alone on stage. 2. Text written in blank verse has a definite pattern. T..."

b"1. The boat rocked so much that I got sick. 2. The boat rocked much enough for me to get sick. Does 1 mean 2? Are both the same? 3. The sound was from an iceberg which was breaking up. Why do we have to use 'up' after 'breaking'? Can't we use 'breaking' alone?"

b'1. Why did Bill get sick? 2. Because the boat rocked so much. 3. The boat rocked so much. Which one is better as the answer to the question? Are both OK?'

b"1. Someone who started sobbing while another was telling a joke would be an example of comic relief. T/F? I think it is true because the one who is telling a joke is like a humorous scene which helps relieve the mood of a heavy scene someone's sobbing, that means something ..."

b'Questions 109-111 refer to the map below of the distribution of several populations on the continents of Eurasia and North America. These populations were derived from a common ancestral species. The area enclosed by a given dotted line represents the distribution of the ...'

b"What is the theme of West Side Story? A. The prejudice is evil. B. All is fair in love and war C. Any friends you have are okay D. Get revenge for everything E. None of the above I think C and D are just wrong and B is not true at all. I would say it's A as it was the ..."

b"Have any of you read or watch the movie of West Side Story? If so, please help me with the question below, Thanks in advance. What characteristic best described Tony? A. intellectual B. idealist C. stupid D. angry E. None of the above I would say it's either B or C. Since Tony..."

b'When a character has an aside, he or she is speaking dirextly to another character. True or False? I know that aside is something a character says to either the audience or another character, which the rest of those on stage are not supposed to hear. So is it False? Just ...'

b'Most of jimenez high school experiences were positive except a speaking at the rotary club b all c performing in the junior scandals d participating in los santitios club e running fot student body president my answer is a i just want to check it'

b"in the last chapter of breaking through, Jimenez' mother was most concerned with a papa's health b both of these choices are correct c jimenez' clothes i am very confused. when papa called mama to help him get dressed but not connect to his health in fact, mama went to help ..."

b"Today's immigrants have both an easier and a more difficult life than Jimenez and his family. what is one way life is more difficult? a access to health care b crossing the border from Mexico c getting children enrolled in school Jimenez and his family crossed the border ..."

b"An author's viewpoint is shown as much by what is left out of a story as by what is included. Which of these details is not included in Breaking Through? a how he earned his scholarships b none of these choices are correct c how his family was able to support themselves when ..."

b"the tone of Breaking Through is a respectful b none of these choices are correct c bitter d amused e angry I think a,c,d,e are the right answer and i think the tone of this book is depend on which parts of it. Different parts have different tone. Therefore, i don't know which ..."

b'1. It is strange for her to receive fan letters. 2. It is strange of her to receive fan letters. Which one is correct, 1 or 2? Are both correct? 3. She is strange to receive fan letters. Is this sentence correct?'

b'1. Look at her facial expression. 2. Look at her appearance. 3. Look at her looks. 4. How does she look? - She looks satisfied? 5. How do you think she looks? - I think she looks unsatisfied. Can we use all the expressions? Do we have to use a singular expression or a plural ...'


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