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b'In the book Stange Objects written by Gary Crew what is the description of Chsrlie Sunrise? What does he look like? Who is he? What does he say? Why is he at school?'

b'what will continue to make Othello worthy of critical study? through a critical evaluation and reflection of othello, analysing the construction, content and language of the text??? theres has to be readings suchs as poost modernist, modernist, femist or post colonial ...'

b'why does arthur first pull the sword from the stone'

b'Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence'

b'Choose two advertisements\xc2\x97either from television or a magazine\xc2\x97that draw your attention because they use semantic argument. For each ad: * Name the product * Describe the ad * List the words used as semantic persuaders * Explain what types of semantic argument are employed'

b'1What theory does the narrator propose in the first paragraph of \xc2\x93The Mark of the Beast\xc2\x94? A In Asia, Asian gods rather than the Christian God control most events. B The British Empire is doomed because it disregards the values and traditions of native peoples. C ...'

b"Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. 1Herewith I'd like to know if it is possible to upgrade my reservation for a family room to ? Your New Premier Club Room. 2 The total price for the two nights will then be of ..... Euros and includes ? 4 Full Irish ..."

b"I have to compare 2 of my short stories AND write an essay and the teaacher has given me the topics to work on. 1the use of symbols to Convery central meaning 2The use of settings to Convey central meanings i dnt understand what they're asking. and also what is to CONVEY ..."

b'Which passage is correctly punctuated? aIn the middle if the night. My cat leaped onto mt stomach. bIn the middle if the night, my cat leaped onto mt stomach. cIn the middle if the night; my cat leaped onto mt stomach. d My cat leaped onto mt stomach. In the middle if the ...'

b'Choose the sentence below that has no errors in pronoun case. a Sharon and him dtive to Las Vegas at least once a year. bFor Nancy and he, the movie was a boring waste of time. cOur neighbor made a casserole for Chad and me. dNick said that he would meet mt mother and I at...'

b'Which of the following word groups is punctuated correctly? aIt rained every day of our vacation nevertheless, we had a wonderful time. bIt rained every day of our vacation, nevertheless, we had a wonderful time. cIt rained every day of our vacation, nevertheless; we had a ...'

b'Can you please check if the following sentences are grammatically correct? Thank you very, very much in advance. 1 He is a spiteful child. He always gives me pinches or says me mean things. 2 During my stay in London I\xc2\x92d like to do an hour conversation a day with an ...'

b'How can I become my own editor and review my writing with a critical eye?'

b'Lucia works for a lawyer who depends on her for everything. Answering phones, planning business trips, proofreading documents, and scheduling appointments. Is this sentence grammatically correct'

b"How are stories used as a method of coping/a means of survival in Yann Martel's Life of Pi and Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried? Specific examples please."

b'when did Romanticism became popular?? - before the Enlightenment - during the Enlightenment - at the end of the Enlightenment - a century after the end of the Enlightenment'

b'what type of context clue is being used when a author helps explain a difficult word by describing the setting or scene? Contrast example comparrison expirence'

b"I have to write a 1000 essay in which I must connect two books together. Yann Martel's Life of Pi and Tim O'Briens The Things They Carried The thing is, I have no idea where to even start. Any ideas for premises, thesis statement etc.?"

b"What is the tone of this article? The trackers mustered at Tex Canyon Road, 20 miles north of the Mexican border, on the afternoon of March 27. There were border-patrol agents, six search-and-rescue units from the Cochise County sheriff's department and dogs trained to track ..."

b'What does it mean when the teacher says There is no need to rekey the questions? Thanks in advance.'

b"How can i use the word cloy? i wrote this sentence but i'm not sure if i used the word correctly... At first I thought you were appealing but now that i realize that your just a cloy. I need help :D thanks in advance."

b'Transaltion from Latin to English: Aeneas, dum ex urbe effugit, senem portat. Senex est Anchises, pater Aeneae. Portare Anchisen necesse est quod senex ambulare non potest. Aeneas Anchisen portat; portat Anchisen Penates, deos familiares. Dei Aenean et Anchisen et omnes amicos...'

b"I NEED HELP WRITING A PROCESS PARAGRAPH ON HOW TO MAKE A CAKE AND I HAVE THE STEP BUT I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO WRITE THE PARAGRAPH. HERE ARE THE STEPS:Making a Cake: A Process Example Here\xc2\x92s a sample list for How to Bake a Cake: assemble ingredients mix the batter bake the ..."

b"what does it mean when it says 'write a precis of the poem.' what is a precis?"

b'I need ideas to write an introduction about Positive Discipline for Childern in the Descriptive Pattern of development? Thanks'

b'I would be very greateful if any one correct this sentence/improvement. Before holding any task, we should develop good character and only after following the path of god, then only we acquire good character.'

b'CheckPoint: Legal and Ethical Issues Confronting the Education of English Language Learners ? Consider that in recent years several states have abandoned bilingual education, but advocacy groups have argued that something must be done to help English Language Learners ...'

b'Help with fragment, The panther lay motionless behind the rock. Waiting silently for its prey.'

b"Hi, could you please tell me if these 2 sentences are correc. Each of the twins has a doll in their room. 2. The couple have gone on vacation. Also, when you have neither....nor, you use has don't you? Example Neither Helen nor Sarah has finished their homework."

b'hwo do nation a part organize infomation to build his arugment?'

b"1. The snow here is strange. 2. The snow there was like flour. 3. The snow in Antarica was like flour. Are they all grammatical? Then what is the part of spech of 'here' or there'?"

b"It took about three and a half days to get here. What does 'to get hear' modify? Is it a noun phrase or an adverrbial phrase?"

b'I was very tired, but it was great to be in Antarctica. Everyting was covered with snow. 1It was so beautiful. --------------------------- What does 1 refer to in the last sentence? Antarctica, everything, or everything in Antarctica?'

b'\xc2\x93The Loons\xc2\x94 Margaret Laurence i cant find the website for this short story.plz help thnx'

b'1. He felt happy. 2. He felt happiness. 3. He felt sad. 4. He felt sadness. Are they all grammatical?'

b'If I was going to compare Achilles from The Iliad and Pierre from War and Peace to two real people, who do you think would represent them the best? Thanks, Michelle'

b'Are there any other wars that have been fought over the love of a woman besides Helen of Troy, preferably fact. Thanks,'

b'List the characters in the story. Write one to two sentences on the defining characteristics of each one, providing at least one citation to illustrate your comments. Why do you think the story is called A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings rather than An Angel? in How does ...'

b'1.The well-kept man was naive to have not noticed the grubby-looking child had stolen his wallet. 2.The well-kept man was so naive that he did not notice the grubby-looking child had stolen his wallet. Which of these sentences is written better? Is there a better way this ...'

b'Can you please tell me when following the APA citation format what do you put if there is not an author shown? I thought from another class we wrote Unknown, but my current teacher wrote not to do that.Can I not use that reference then?'

b"Which of the following choices is not necessary information for a works cited list? A. the publisher's name B. The number of pages in the book C. date of publication Is B correct? Juct checking, Thanks"

b'Which of the following is the bst example of a citation reference for a work by one author? a. Marks 1999 B. Marks, Bill.1999 c. Marks-1999 d. Marks et.al. 1999 e. none of the above I know that C and D are wrong I think A is wrong as it has no punctuation. for B, I think ...'

b"When doing a research, a current source is a useful one. T or F? I think it's T as a current one would give more accurate information. Thanks."

b'One possible method to begin an essay is A. to paraphrase B. to meditate C. to ask a question B, right? Thanks.'

b'I sat proudly on Joe, my pinto, as we marched around the ring in the pony competition at the fairgrounds. I had worked nights for two years to get the money to buy him, worked hard to train him, and here we were. Th conclusion above is an example of: A. editing with a ...'

b'Which of the following choices is a strategy that can help speed up reading? A. external distractions B. Using a penor pencial as a pacer C. Use subvocalization I think both B and C are correct. But I could only choose one answer. What do you guys think the answer should be? ...'

b'In the novel when Leo offers him to try out painting himself, what would be the significance of that? Once, when I was there, the two of us sharing a [smoke], he thrust his mop at me. Have a go. he said. Really? Why not?'

b'When submitting a final draft of a handwritten paper, which of the following choices is important to remember? A. The margins should be exactly even on left and right sides B. Write neatly and use black or blue ink C. Use a plain font, like Times New Roman D. Put the heading ...'

b"To assure the Writing Process is complete, the author must A. revise B. project C. compile I would say it's A, right? Thanks for checking."

b'Which of the following is an example of a focused topic for a research paper? A. Which skateboard manufacturer makes the best boards? B. Why everyone likes skateboard. C. All about skateboards. I know that Choice C is just wrong I would say A as it seems to be the most focused...'


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