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b'What are the nouns in this sentence? In 1999, John went to Disney World for vacation.'

b'How did the war began in Iraq?'

b'Discuss the relations netween the English settlers and the Indians of the southern Atlantic coast.'

b'What does the fence in Araby symbolize?'

b'change of narration in we are not afraid to die...if we can all be together'

b'A project design has been approved by management. The engineering team is about to start production of the new line. I want to be sure this process goes by smoothly. I need to come up with a communication plan to address successful development and delivery of the new product'

b'I am having a hard time coming up with several sentences about an interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards that includes five different pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives. Can anyone help me?'

b'Would someone tell me how to Choose a general subject for an historical investigation 1500 word research paper. Where would I look for this at I have no clue. Thanks'

b'How do the characters, plot, and theme of The Great Gatsby support or refute the statement that the Jazz-Age society was a bankrupt world, devoid of morality, and plagued by a crisis of character?'

b'Can you please check if the following sentences are all right? Thank yo very much in advance. 1 We\xc2\x92d like to reserve three seats for two adults and a child on the train from Berlin to Bremen leaving at 13.30 on 11th August. 2 We can\xc2\x92t complete the reservation on line ...'

b'Why should you never use two negative adverbs in the same sentence? becouse my teacher told me that my sentence was wrong for using both of them.'

b'Write two to three paragraphs briefly summarizing the theory and discussing which of the \xc2\x93Seven Intelligences\xc2\x94 apply most closely to you.'

b'When an animated cartoon was made of Animal Farm, it was given a happy ending. Animals everywhere hear that Napoleon has betrayed the cause of animalism. They join in a second revolution and succeed in overthrowing him. This leads to the establishment of the original ideal ...'

b'we are going to interview a lectural...so what question we should ask him??example the first question is can u tell us about urself...'

b'an english teacher wan us interview somebody that is also a english teacher..so what question should i ask??please give almost 10 question...thx'

b'The only bad thing is that she smells bad. In the above sentence, I think bad is an adverb because it describes the linking verb, smells. The dictionary lists bad as a verb. Is it an adverb or verb and why? Thanks.'

b"In the poem Catching up with Flannery O'Connor by Mary Hood, What does the reference to Queen Anne's lace in line 3 emphasize aboout the two characters? A. a similar appreciation for nature B. A difference in age C. A need to disagree D. A shared recognition of beauty E. A ..."

b'The indefinite pronouns all, any, more, most, and some are always singular in meaning. Points : 1 True False'

b"Zora s lemon tree produces too much fruit. She gives them away therefore, to her friends and english Points :1 Zora' s lemon tree produces too much fruit. She gives them away, therefore, to her friends and ... Points :1 Zora' s lemon tree produces too much fruit. She ..."

b'Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. Points :1 Zora s lemon tree produces too much fruit. She gives them away therefore, to her friends and ...'

b'-symbolism of the fence in Araby by James joyce? -and the bibical allusions? that are creative and imaginative? thanks if you could help'

b'please give the meaning of Pitched for and give one example sentence. I did not find the meaning in the dictionary.'

b'The sentences in each word group below are coherent because they are linked by repetition of the same word, by synonyms, and by pronouns. Type the words that tie the sentences together in each group. Though he worked long hours, Uncle Drew had a purpose to his life. He was not...'

b'Your boss wants to send a brief email message welcoming employees recently transferred to your department from your Hong Kong branch. They all speak English, but your boss asks you to review his message for clarity. What would you suggest your boss change in the following ...'

b'need some oratorical piece please'

b'my teacher ask me What recommendation does the calculator make for you? what that mean'


b"In the poem Catching up with Flannery O'Connor by Mary Hood, in line 1 the use of the word squalled helps to? A. Illuminate a solution B. Describe crying C. Characterize a relationship D. Predict an event E. Foreshadow the weather"

b"In the poem Catching up with Flannery O'Connor by Mary Hood, the purpose of line 1 is most likely to? A. introduce a setting B. Criticize the girl's habits C. Defend the grandmother's views D. Identify topics of disagreement E. Describe the girl's activites"

b"In the poem Catching up with Flanner O'Connor, in line 1 the use of the word squalled helps to? A. Illuminate a solution B. Describe crying C. Characterize a relationship D. Predict an event E. Forshawdow the weather"

b"In the poem Words by Vern Rutsala, line 1 introduces the narrator's sense of? A. Celebration B. Frustration C. Abundance D. Gratification E. Disorganization"

b"In the poem The Tortoise in Eternity by Elinor Wylie, in The first stanza, the narrator's bed is compared to a womb and a? A. Cradle B. Grave C. Shell D. House E. Blanket"

b"I want to do some research with a professor on campus, but I'm having a lot of trouble composing this e-mail. She sent me a long e-mail with stipulations for joining her lab and at the end it basically says If you agree to all this, let me know and we'll set up a time and ..."

b'5.Unless my girlfriend postpones her visit from Calgary, I will not have time to study for my exam. 1. Simple Sentence 2. Compound Sentence 3. Complex Sentence 4. Compound-Complex Sentence'

b'Democracy is a noble goal; it is important, however, to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. 1. Simple Sentence 2. Compound Sentence 3. Complex Sentence 4. Compound-Complex Sentence'

b'Hey there, I need a description of the way honey feels in your mouth, i also need words that are sensually appealing, like the way you see honey and the way you taste it and what it feels like and stuff. Thank-you for the help'

b'In the poem The Tortoise in Eternity by Elinor Wylie in line 1 the phrase patterned horn refers to? A. Grass B. Metal C. Engraving D. Shell E. Plastic'

b'In Phantom of the Opera What did the first note say?'

b'what are the four types of conflict'

b"Can you please check these sentences for me? Many thanks. 1 At the moment I don't know at what time I will be arriving in Berlin on Friday 13 August. 2I believe I will be able to have conversation classes with you from Monday to Friday. I may do two hours of German instead ..."

b'What is the correct comma placement for this sentence? The plump old white cat basked in the warm sunlight. aplump, old, white cat bplump, old white cat'

b'Connotation for reexamine,myths,debunking,evolving,and unheralded'

b'who voice does christine hear whenever she lights a candle for her father? In Phantom of the Opera'

b'What is a connotation?'

b'Connotation for radically and orientated'

b'PLEASE PLEASE HELP If someone said to you that....doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty.....what would this mean to you???'

b'In the book Andromeda Strain, where is Vandenberg Air Force Base located?'

b'this is y reasrech paper about a poem in which mother have abortion and she is not happy.i m worried about grammar mistakes ,can someone please check it for me? Ghost Babies Haunted their Mothers \xc2\x93The mother\xc2\x94 is a poem about a woman who is guilty to have several abortions ...'

b'correct the following tenese please soemone help me as soon as possible plz plz Concentration does not mean 1 think only one idea. Concentration means holding a central issue in mind while you 2except or reject ideas that are related to that issue. In the words of F. Scott...'

b'are food science and technology too broaad for a research?im going to talk about their differences'


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