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b"What are some good intepretive discussion questions for the book This Boy's Life by Tobias Wolff"

b"1. He has three hours soccer practice every day. 2. He has three hours' soccer practice every day. 3. He has three-hour soccer practice every day. Which one is grammatical?"

b"Has anyone read The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls it's a great book, but I'm having trouble choosing a character who was being pulled by two different situations. Who can i choose. I tried the main character but she wasn't in a situation like that. I even used online notes ..."

b'how do i diagram the sentence What does total cansecration to God mean?'

b'The School Board is going to vote on whether or not to extend the school day by one hour so that all students can help with thrir homework. The students would be required to attend a study period. Write a letter to the School board whether or not you feel this is a good idea. ...'

b'Riena has six unmarked CDs in a box, where each is dedicated to exactly one of English, mathematics, French, American history, chemistry, and computer science. Answer the following questions: a. If she chooses a CD at random, what is the probability she chooses the English CD...'

b'What would be an example of a complete sentence using the phrase wishing for a way to make this happen?'

b'I read The Andromeda Strain and I have to make an outline of the scientific method using Examples from the book. This is what I have so far: ASK- What killed all the people in Piedmont? RESEARCH- When they released the germ into the cage with the mouse to see if the virus ...'

b'in the diary of anne frank. how does anne use imagery to describe both the environment of her hiding place and the people in it.'

b'How does Anne use imagery to describe both the environment of her hiding place and the people in it?'

b'Anne wrote there is nothing we can do but wait as calmly as we can til the misery comes to an end....How does this statment help to place readers in the historical context?'

b'Here is my thesis statement... arugment paper on should women be drafted? How is it? For years women have pused for equal rights. They have acheived these goals and recived the right to vote. Historically, along with the right to vote comes the duty to serve. Women should be ...'

b'How can I use the phrase having been introduced to the guest of honor in a complete sentence?'

b'decribe the setting of dr jekyll and mr hyde. how does it effect the characters? give two quotes from the book'

b"I'm not sure how to write an appendix for a project that I'm working on. Can anyone give me some guidance?"

b'6. The subject and verb should agree even when other words come between them. For example: \xc2\x93The students, as well as their teacher, are excited about the upcoming trip to Italy.\xc2\x94 Points : 1 True False'

b'when writing an essay about a nonfiction book what tense should i use'


b'choose two age groups from different periods in to th the physical development process'

b"Hi there, i am writing an analytical essay for William Shakespeare's Hamlet. My essay topic is this.... In Hamlet, Shakespeare reveals the effect of conflict on a person\xc2\x92s character. Write an essay demonstrating how Shakespeare uses a character's reaction to conflict, both..."

b'In the New Testament, what word is used to identify letters the disciples sent to each other?'

b'briefly summarize the four stages of the transformational learning cycle'

b'They left the oven on; consequently, the roast was burnt beyond recognition. which is it of these? conjunctive adverb coordinating conjunction correlative conjunction subordinating conjunction'

b"What is the tone of this article? I know what it is but I can't seem to think of the word. I want to say condescending but I don't think that is right. Thank you for the help Le Carr\xc3\xa9d Away Let's not compare them to cold War spies, because that diminishes the role two ..."

b"I need help choosing one character from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and one character from The Glass Casle whose minds are pulled in conflicting directions by two compelling desires, ambitions, obligations, or influences. I read both books and understand a lot but It's..."

b'Deep 1cognition deep thinking, is vital. 1 ano change bcognition, deep thinking, is vital. ccognition, deep thinking is vital. d cognition: deep thinking, is vital. On this one I answered a using a comma to separate each description. was that correct?'

b'1Once the lecture starts:let your mind dart 2ahead during pauses to anticipate what is next. 1 a No change bOnce the lecture starts, let your mind cOnce the lecture starts; let your mind I chose b 2 ano change bahead during pauses cahead, during pauses dahead...'

b'In this sentence, would nightly be an adjective or adverb? Nightly hunts may provide rich feasts. I am about 90 percent sure that it is an adjective.'

b"What words could you use to describe Ancient Egyptian's clothing and jewerly? What words describe their kingdom?"

b'Is BECAME a linling verb in this sentence? Everyone became impatient.'

b'no storms in the ______ future. aforseable bforeseeable I chose bforeseeable but when I looked it up online both came up in the spelling. which is correct? thanks'

b'The team ___ won the game is my favorite. athat bwho cwhom I chose athat Now after reading it a few times sounds like bwho could have been the right one.'

b"______ and _____ have been to class. a He, me b He, I c Him, I I chose aHe and me but a friend told me she thinks cHim and I sounds better. Now I'm doubting myself..."

b"An average student remembers about 50 percent of a ten-minute lecture when tested 2immediately; and 25 percent of same lecture when testd fifty-five hours later. 2 aNo change bimmediately -- and cimmediately and I chose answer c since I didn't think a comma was ..."

b'in lamb to the slaughter mary maloney represents a feminist who undergoes total metamorphosis. validate the sentence reflecting on her conduct in the story?'

b"You'll be alert, engrosed in the 14material.And concentrated 100 percent. a no change b material, and c material; and d material and After reading it over and over, I think b a comma after material would be the correct answer. I think this is a compound sentence, since ..."

b'Before class, you should look over your notes from the last9lecture and take a minute to speculate about what your instructor is going to talk about today. 9 a No change b lecture, and c lecture; and I think it need a comma after lecture is that correct? thanks'

b'Are these correct? Here, I am supposed to label the sentences interrogative,exclamatory,imperative, and declarative. Then, I have to put the correct punctuation mark beside it. 1.Look at the apes Look at the ape imperative 2. How clever they are How clever they are ...'

b"choose proper punctuation George, leave the room, shut the door, and be quiet bGeorge;leave the room, shut the door and be quiet cGeorge leave the room, shut the door and be quiet dbGeorge leave the room, shut the door, and be quiet My first guess is a but I'm tempted to ..."

b'Which group of words is the sentence below misplaced? Having been discovered, Fifi looked up at his owner with puppy-dog eyes. awith puppy-dog eyes bbeen discovered chis owner dFifi looked up'

b'Choose the correct comma placemnent for the sentence below> a. plump, old, white cat b. plump, old, white, cat c. plump, old white cat d. plump old white cat'

b'How can I use a strong action verb to make each of these senteces come alive> 11.A Seaside forward got the ball. 12. Her teammate went to the other end of the court. 13. The forward sent the ball the lengh of the court. 14. Romelia poput the ball into the basket. 15. The ...'

b'Can anybody explain to me howe to find the adverb in a sentence? For example 1.Maria rose early and watched the sun rise.'

b'Which of these make more sense/sound better? Please remove all information with regards to my account from your servers. Please remove all information related to my account from your servers. Thank you.'

b'What does Le Vive mean in Spanish when translated into English.'

b'I need help figuring out what strategy is used to begin a essay. Is it Development by example, process analysis, comparison and contrast, definition, classification or causal analysis? Last June, as I stood behind the bright orange guard door of the machine, listening to the ...'

b'I need help finding two interesting novels which have the same theme that could be compared in an essay. Can any one suggest me any number of novels which would be worth reading and writing an essay about. I like reading murder and romance novels.'

b'i need help finding couple of The Qualifications Necessary to Success in Life for my essay...i got 2...which are good attitude and good educationin the good education paragraph i added jobs and money...thnx'

b'Read each sentence. Select the BEST option that describes the sentence. Some options will define a structural flaw and may or may not suggest a way of fixing the problem. Some sentences have correct structure, and you may find that is the best option. Christina and ...'

b"compare and contrast the conflicts in john updike's son and julia alvarez's daughter of invention"


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