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b'After having studied all the sites suggested by Sra and Writeacher, I have found, that eponym, as well as toponym, has two definitions. EPONYM: 1 a name from which another name or word is derived. 2a word derived from a person. This would make both, Athena and Athens, ...'

b"What would a good essay title be if I'm writing an essay about a character in a book who is torn between two conflicting forces?"

b'Athena is an eponym and athenian a toponym, but is there also a -nym for Athens?'

b'Just to say first im not wanting anyone to write my paper for me. I have to write an english paper about non conformity and conformity. I already have a load of information but Im looking for a little more. directions:observe conformity as it exists in your society. Note how ...'

b'1. She has a watch made in Switzerland. 2. She has a watch which is made in Switzerland. 3. She has a watch which was made in Switzerland. 4. She has a watch which has been made in Switzerland. 5. She has a watch having made in Switzerland. What does 1 mean? Does it mean 2...'

b'On summer vacation, I went to Spo1 Park. I went there by car. In the swimming pool of Spo1 Park, I enjoyed swimming and learned how to swim on my back how to swim the backstroke, how to do the backstroke. It was not easy to swim on the back. I always feel so happy when I ...'

b'summary from sonnets'

b'1. He lives in a Spanish-speaking country. 2. He lives in a Spanish-spoken country. 3. He is a Spanish-speaking person. 4. he is a Spanish-spoken person. Are 1 and 3 right? The others are incorrect. Am I right? Why is that, then?'

b'I have done some extensive research on the various -nyms, but I am still a bit unsure about the difference between EPONYM and TOPONYM. Am I correct, that an eponym is a person whom a place is named after, and a toponym a place named after a person or another place? Would ...'

b'I am trying to say the first episode will not be free like people will have to pay to see the first episode. What is a proper way to get that across?'

b'Never since the war begins has there been such a week of dramatic and world Shaking events as in the past seven days. Since last sunday when japan attack Americas outposts Without warning the week has been grim. It draw\xc2\x92s to a close with the hole world at war, for their is ...'

b'I don\xc2\x92t understand the last part \xc2\x91But not one man that I \xc2\x85\xc2\x85.. as thanks his God with every note\xc2\x92 can you explain for me,and I want to know the main theme of the following poem, is that about a strong connection between nature and people .I have to talk about the ...'

b"Sometimes he painted in his studio based on the sketches he drew outside. is this sentence grammatical? What is the sense subject of 'based'? What other sentences can we make which have the same meaning?"

b"I just would like to know if the following sentences are possible. Thank you. She wasn't allowed to enter the bus.or get on/take the bus? The price of sugar increased of 20percent better by?"

b'Through out her poetry, she seems to be very passionate about her love .she talks about her lover \xc2\x93He seems to me Equal to Gods\xc2\x94 .She thinks ,Her love for that man is undesirable .She loves him very much that she worship him like a God. She is at the top of her love and ...'

b'I had to write five sentences in which I used 5 different tenses. Here is what I wrote: Education helps financial planning by giving basic skills needed for better jobs and higher wages. Present Education will help financial planning by giving basic skills needed for better ...'

b'I need help to error free assignment. Sappho born 630 B.C. in Lesbo. She was lyric poet. She wrote poetry that was admired by ancient world. Her poetry work was very personal in nature .She talk about herself, family , daughter and lovers. She also introduces ancient Greece to...'

b"can anyone come up with an idea for a short narrative for the poem In the tube by Richard Aldington. it has to fill a gap in the poem, in other words it has to say what it hasn't in the poem. the focus is on 'marginalization' i have to write an epistolary narrative on it ..."

b"How courageous the people were to go against the powerful king Exclamatory sentence Let them eat cake. Imperative Don't miss the choir's performance of that magnificent song. Imperative"

b'Is the lyricstory of the song Clementine real?'

b"What is the proper name used when using improper words. ie rootin' tootin'?"

b"Can you tell me what words are the infintive phrase and is it a noun, adj or adv? Is it To learn and it's a noun? To learn to count in three languages is my summer goal."

b"Comparing French, English, and Dutch Colonies, which ones attracted the most settlers, and which the fewest? In what colonies were women scarce? What impact did these differences in emigration have on various colonies' development?"

b'please send me some house expressions, dance and song expressions and their meanings'

b'is it as you sow so you shall reap or as you sow so shall you reap ?'

b'I appreciate your help. the second one is as follows. Question: What do you want to do if you earn/have a lot of money? 7. I want to learn a lot of things. First of all, I will learn how to swim from a swimming instructor. In the future, I can enjoy swimming in the sea for a ...'

b"Ms. Sue you've helped out in the past haha maybe you can help me again :D we learned about objective and subjective opinions authors may have today and although I got every other question, I can't seem to figure out the following three: tell the objective and subjective ..."

b"I'm sorry I don't think I'm following. I re-read the sentences and it's obv that the answers aren't meant to be clear, but I'm finding it hard to distinguish the difference. am I supposed to separate the sentences in half with a part being subjective and a part being ..."

b"we learned about objective and subjective opinions authors may have today and although I got every other question, I can't seem to figure out the following two: tell the objective and subjective opinion in each statement and list if the subjective opinion is explicit or ..."

b'what would the complete subject and simple subject be of the following sentence Some people like to take classes to learn new things'

b'What is the object of preposition in this sentenc? Sheepishly, she told her father the story.'

b'Is there a story in America Street, edited by Anne Mazer, similar to The Journey by Duane Big Eagle?'

b'Im writing an essay and i need to know how religion of the ancient times has influenced western civilization?? Any info?'

b'1.Supported the ideas of plainness, divine mission, and grace =a.The North--Puritanism b.The South---Gentlemen Planters c.Both 2.Came to America to find freedom to worship and the Promised Land =a.The North--Puritanism b.The South---Gentlemen Planters c.Both 3.Believed ...'

b'write ur views on television has turned out to isolate people instead of bringing them together'

b'is the vowel sound in the word cat a a front low short sound b front low long sound im guessing A because how CAT is spelt kaet ae is a short vowel'

b'the shiny red car and the bicycle. I have to tell whether the sentence part can be used as a subject or a predicate then use the part in a sentence.'

b'i am crying because i need a story please give me a story and it has to be 2 pages long but the site that mrs.sue or who ever gave me it did not work'

b'the site that you gave me did not work i need a story plaease i am crying right now and the story is due tommorow'

b'i need a story to write and i am in 6 th grade so can you tell me a story that was never tould or you made up but it has to be 2 pages long.'

b'What is the figurative language for this phrase? I want a lodge that is round like the sun and the path of the stars. I want a lodge that is like the good things that have no end.'

b'Please can anyone help me understand how metaphor is being used in the poem, Tableau.'

b"1. Sometimes I'm sad. 2. I am sometimes sad. 3. I am sad sometimes. 4. Sometimes I feel sad. 5. I sometimes feel sad. 6. I feel sad sometimes. Are they all grammatical?"

b'1. How about wearing something bright? 2. How about wearing bright color? 3. How about wearing brignt colors? 4. How about wearing a bright-color shirt? Are they all grammatical? What other expressions can we use?'

b'there should be commas around however in the following sentence Dewayne had planned to take the last flight out to chicargo It was cancelled, however, because of bad weather.\xc2\x94'

b'Hello I was wondering if my answers for my phonetics assignment were correct... Articulatory - deal with manner and place of articulation of sounds pronunciation problem - the student pronounces pale instead of fail MANNER AND PLACE OF ARTICULATION? pronunciation problem...'

b"This is what I wrote for my week 6 assignment but I am so confused on adjectives and adverbs as well as superlatives and comparatives. I have to underline adjectives and bold adverbs. Help I just don't seem to be getting the hang of it."

b'How do you pronounce Manet, the famous French artist?'

b'1. A big rock fell off a truck. 2. A big rock fell from a truck. Are both the same? 3. The rock fell onto the street. 4. The rock fell on the street. 5. The rock fell to the street. What is the difference among the three? Are they interchangable? Are they all correct? Which...'

b'1. They got the rock out of the street at last. 2. They got the rock from the street at last. 3. They took the rock out of the street at last. Are they all the same?'


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