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b'1. determine which order pair is a solution of y = -5x add 10 A. -15,5 **** B. 2,0 C. -1 , -5 D. 3, 25 2.on which of the following lines does the point 7,1 lie? A. y-5x = 4 B. y=x -10 C. y = -4x add3 *** D. y add -x add8 3.find the slope of the line through -9 , -10...'

b'You decided to join the partnership of august and april. August has a capital of 50,000 while april puts up a capital of 75,000. The three of you decided that your profit and loss ratio would be 1:2:3 for august,april and yourself, and you further agreed to make your ...'

b'The sequence a1, a2, a3,...,an-1, an is such that ar= 7r-3. Show that 1/[?ar - ?aradd1] = k[?7r-3 - ?7radd4]. The numbers/letters in brackets are subscript.'

b'In the triangle ABC, AC=2cm, AB=x cm and angle ABC=?/2 rad. 1. Given that angle BAC=? rad, and that ? is a sufficiently small angle, show that x? a add b?^2, where a and b are constants to be determined. 2. For this part, ? is not assumed to be a small angle. The point N ...'

b'At first the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls in a Mathematics Club was I : 2 when 5 more boys joined the club , the ratio became 3 : 4 How many members were there in the club at first?'

b'A girl found that her shadow was 4m long when the shadow of a flagpole was 12m long. If her height is 1.5m, what is the height of the flagpole?'


b'How long will it take an 8percent simple interest rate for 850 to amount to 1000?'

b'Sarah bought 2 boxes of pencils. There were 58 pencils in each box. In the first box, 23 of the pencils were red, 18 were blue, and the rest were yellow.'

b'Quin has 28 state quarters collected. he wants to have a complete set of the 50 state quarters. How many more quarters does he need to collect?'

b'Help me find p please. X-3.15^2=4py-219.7981936 Thanks'

b'12 friends share 8 sandwiches. How much does each child get. Answer is 2/3, but how is this shown in a number sentence?'

b'Can someone please help me find my maximum height. I have my distance which is 80ft and my angle of elevation is 70ft. PLEASE HELP ME'

b'it is a 3- digit odd number its hundreds digit is the greatest one digit odd number its ones digit is 2 less than the hundreds digit its tens digit is 1 more than the ones digit'

b'If i rent a boat for 3.5 hours and the cost for 3 hours is 41 dollars and i split the cost with my friend how much will each person pay for the cost'

b'ratio 1/3'

b'When a number is a multiple of 6,what are the possible values for the ones digit?'

b'Julio walks 3 1/2 miles in 1 1/4 hours'

b'Which nonterminating decimal can be converted into a rational number? 0.818118111... 0.020304050... 0.010110111... 0.321321321... *** George has a square sandbox in the backyard. The sandbox has an area of 160 square feet. To the nearest foot, what is the length of one side of...'

b'Cooper claims he has already completed the job and is offered 141 as a one time payment. you have to write this as c = mt add b if c is the cost, m is the slope, t is the timehours and b is y-intercept PLEASE HELP'

b'A car rental agency charges 44.12 per day plus mile for a certain type of car How much is the rental charge for a 3 days trip of 605 miles?'

b"A customer's bill for maintenance and repair at a service station showed 6 quarts of oil at 1.15 each an air filter at 3.75 an oil filter at 7.45 13 gallons of gasoline at 1.15 a gallon and 3 hours labor at 37.00 an hour What was the total bill?"

b'find the equation of the plane passes through the middle point of the join of the points 2,-3,1 and 4,5,-3 and is perpendicular to the line joning the points?'

b'There are 12 more girls than boys in the class. 35 percent of the class are boys. How many pupils are there in the class?'

b'Alex has been offered 50 to accept the job, plus, 13 per hour. Alex claims he will complete the job in 7 hours. How would you write this as a linear equation in the form of: c = mt add b if c is the cost and t is the time, m is the slope, and b is the y-intercept. Please help'

b'Joshua went on shopping spree. He bought a backpack,7 notebooks,4 games and a clock. The backpack cost 16.00, the notebooks cost 9.40 each the games cost 15 each and the clock cost 24.00. How much money did he spend?'

b'What is 105/2.1'

b'the product of two consecutive even numbers is 440. What is the sum of the numbers?'

b'Complete the statement. Round to the nearest hundredth if necessary. 3 pt =? c'

b'How many bricks of size 20cm\xc3\x9710cm\xc3\x975cm are required to Build the wall leaving 10percentof the space for the cement work?'

b"carlos can throw a ball 14 yards . His friend raul can throw 3/7 of that distance. Is rauls throw longer or shorter than 14 yards? Now find the exact length of Raul's throw."

b'1/2 of a class play soccer, 1/4 of the team are girls, what fraction represents how many girls on the team'

b'Elena has 15 more dimes than nickels. If she has 2.55, how many nickels does she have?'

b'Hi, I need help with the problem: Use a definite integral to find the area of the region under the curve y=6-4x^2 and above the x-axis. I keep getting stuck at 6x-4x^3/3. Thanks'

b'Joan babysits for 6 dollars per hour.'

b'Water weighs about 8 pounds per gallon'

b'Lightning electronics charges 9.98 plus 0.75 per pound to ship electronic purchases. Write and solve an equation to find the weight in pounds of a dvd player for which the shipping charge is 18.23. I thin k it is 9.98 add.75p = 18.23 the answer being 11....thank you again'

b'Linerar Equations Hourly rate of 8.00 an hour for a guaranteed 40 hours'

b'How do you find the missing number? 4/5 > 2/x'

b'Allison earns a 40,000 base salary plus a commission equal to 15percent of her total sales. What expression represents what she earns in total? I think it is : 40,000 add 0.15s thank you'

b'What is the value of the blank in this question? 6/5 divided by ______ = 6'

b'stephanie ran 1 lap in 6 minutes. At this rate how far would she run in 30 minutes?'

b'my grandfather has a huge coin collection of silver dollars and 50-cent pieces. He promised to give one fourth if his collection to the first of his grandchildren who can figure put the total value of his coins. The only cares he will give are these: There are 133 more silver ...'

b"Mileys music has a sale on music cds. All music Cds are discounTed 15percent. mariana's receipt indicates that she saved 3 on her cd purchase. What is the full price of her music cd before discount"

b'What does it mean for an equation to be balanced and why must you keep an equation in balance? Can someone explain in there own words please'

b'0.23 decimal as a fraction.'

b'A rectangular playground has an area of 2,996 square yards.if the width of the rectangle is 28,what is the length? Part1 What is the area of the rectangle in square feet? Part2'

b'B Noralie used 22 Gallons of Gas to go 682 miles. 1What are the two unit rates that she might compute? 2Compute each unit rate and tell what it means. 3 Which way is the most useful? Why?'

b'My younger sister needs help with this problem: You have an 8 inch stack of dimes, each dimes is a half inch, how many dimes are there? I know the answer is 17, but I need to help her show her work'

b'What multiplication fact can be found by using the arrays 2 times 9 and 5 times 9'


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