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b'The bell was not brought back to Philadelphia until 1778. would the complete predicate be brought back to Philadelphia in 1778 and the verb be back?'

b"1. What are your opening hours? 2. When are your opening hours? 3. What is your opening hours? 4. When doe the museum open? 5. We are closed on Mondays? Would you check the sentences? Are all OK? What is the part of speech of 'closed'?"

b"In Handmaid's Tale, What can you tell about the period just from the first sentence? We slept in what had once been the gymnasium? What I put was that it was from long time ago because a gymnasium is used for playing sports, not to sleep and in this sentence it's telling us ..."

b'what is agood sentence for a word cofused'

b"Unferth accuses Beowulf of wantonly tempting the waves and risking his life for a silly boast. Given what Beowulf and the narrator say about Unferth, how is Unferth's comment a reflection back on himself? How does it apply when we think about Grendel? Consider Hrothgar's ..."

b'i cant make sentence of excuse'

b'Every year the Astrodome attracts thousands of tourirts. Would the complete predicate be attracts thousands of tourists and verb be attracts'

b'where would I look to find out what my last name.What is the country of origin of my last name'

b'What is the relationship between man and nature?'

b'The stadium covers nine-and-a-half acres of land. Would the complete predicate be covers nine-and-a-half acres and the verb be covers?'

b'Can you please help me infer about Mah and her past from what she says and does and from what the narrator says about her. This is relating to the excerpt from Bone.'

b'American patriots hid the bell from the British army. What would be the complete predicate and verb?'

b'In 1972, the bell was cracked by its own clapper. What would be the complete predicate and verb?'

b'The Pennsylvia Assembly ordered the Liberty Bell. What would be the complete predicate and verb?'

b"I am writing an essay on the worn path. This time I wrote this by myself. Apart from a sentence. Could you tell me what I need to improve on? Love, the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. But this wasn't the ..."

b'I forgot to include these other sentences. 1They saw trading stations on the river bank consisting of just a broken-down building and a few white men occupying it. 2 Though the natives were like them, they felt frightened because they couldn\xc2\x92t understand anything about ...'

b"can you help me to answer these questions? What lifestyles lifestyle is a manner of living that reflects the person's values and attitudes can people lead? What are the main differences among lifestyles? What do you have in mind when you speak about luxurious, traditional ..."

b'Can you please check if the following sentences are grammatically correct? Thank you. 1 He invited him to his room for a drink and he accepted the invitation. 2 He spoke highly of Kurtz because he thought Marlow knew everything about the company. 3 As a matter of fact, both...'

b"I need to write a paper on place. I've come up with a few ideas, but am unable to flesh them out. Some ideas are: imagination as a magical place, Israel, Governor's Island, and Around the watercooler. I need to be able to get 3 body paragraphs out of it."

b'does anyone know the definition to the word a.extrinsic b.arousal'

b'Can you please check if the following sentences are possible? Thank you. 1He sailed for Africa in a French steamer. At last they came to the mouth of the Congo river. The first company trading post Marlow saw was a depressing place. 2 African people were tied together with ...'

b"I'm writing my english on theme for a certain novel. What would be a good topic sentence to start my introduction off with?"

b"A: Oh, this is to Germany. How will you send it?add B: By registered mail. What is the meaning of 'this is to Germany'? What is the role of 'to' in this sentence?"

b'How did Arthur Miller use the witch trials to represent the McCarthy witch hunt?'

b'what do you think is some good ideas for a journal as an artisan, a knight, a farmer, a mother with small children, a feudal lord, or a merchant.'

b"1. Please take a picture of the dog that is running. 2. Please take a picture of the dog running. Is 2 correct? In Sentence 2 'that is' is missing."

b"1. The woman working in the farm is a foreigner. 2. The woman working on the farm is a foreigner. Which preposition do we have to us before 'the farm'? Are both OK?"


b'What is mixed word order?'

b"I forgot to include these other sentences I'm not sure of. 1 I joined the Scouts in 1990. I went on a summer camp with the Scouts in July. 2 We camped in the mountains. We put up our tents as soon as we got there. 3 In the evenings we made bonfires and sang music on our ..."

b'How do I teach my first grader the parts of a sentence. She gets the subject confused with predicate. She had a test and she was given a 33F. I want her to succeed in school. She scored 100 in her reading and math. Please help me'

b'Thank you very, very much for your corrections. Here are the last sentences for you to check. 1 What does Portia take from Antonio? 2 What does Graziano try to convince Nerissa of? He tries to convince Nerissa that he gave the ring to a clerk. 3 What did Portia ask Bassanio...'

b"Need help with this-- Should English be declared the official language of the US? List three effects that you believe such a law would have. Then write one paragraph explaining your position. I think it should be declared the official language, but I'm not sure what effects it..."

b'Thank you very much for helping me. Can you check these sentences, too? Thank you. 1 According to Venetian law a debtor was given a thirty day grace period after the deadline in order to pay his debt. 2 If the debtor failed or had failed to pay the money back by this time...'

b'12. In Two Kinds, what motivated Jing-mei to keep silent about her performance at the piano recital, never discussing the recital with her mother? a. She fears her mother feels betrayed by her failure b. She thinks her mother will become angry if she mentions the recital c. ...'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. 1 Express the following sentences using a proverb or through a proverb Example: Having too many people doing something usually causes problems. 2Who does Shyloch pay to help him find his daughter Jessica? 3 What helps Bassanio ...'

b'Can you please check if the following questions are grammatically correct? Thank you very much. 1What does Bassanio need money for? OR Why does.... He needs money so that he can go to Belmont and court Portia. 2 What solution does Antonio suggest to him? He sugggests ...'

b'please check my homework. 1. Yo__estoy___ en mi casa in my house. 2. Jose, Mar\xc3\xada, y yo _____estoy____ alegres. 3. Mario, t\xc3\xba, y yo ____estoy______ en el cine at the movies. 4. El perro ___estamos_____ en el parque at the park. 5. Usted ____esta_____ cerca de la casa. 6...'

b"Here are some more sentences on school rules I'd like you to revise. Thank you very much for all. 1 You are not allowed to change your sitting order unlesstold by your tutor. You have to sit in the same place when you are in the linguistic laboratory.how can express it? 2..."

b'Do I need a comma after 1893 in the sentence Basketball was then introduced in 1893 in France.? Thanks.'

b"He played a special music to/for me. He sang a song to/for me. He brought a rice cake to/for me. Do we have to use 'to' or 'for' here? Are both prepositions correct?"

b'1. Did you see the pictures in my homepage? 2. Did you see the pictures on my homepage? 3. Did you see the pictures over my homepage? 4. Did you see the pictures through my homepage? Which prepositions can we use? Are they all grammatical?'

b"I don't understand this question : what were the circumstances of hamlet sr.'s death? are they asking what triggered his death? or what was the situation that triggered hamlet's death?"

b'humans have managed to adapt it can survive in artic wastes, jungles, and deserts.'

b'lack of emotional care or a lack of emotional care'

b'Ashlee, author of Flask, is a compassionate and caring nurse. Do i need the infront of author and article before or after Flask'

b'What does it mean by 1. What is the tone of the satirist? 2. What is the form of the selection?'

b'Could someone please take a look at my previous post, thanks a lot.'

b'The two pickpockets: There was once a young man who was the best pickpocket around. So he decided to try his luck in the big city.London, Dublin etc. On his first day there the picking were lush, he cut a purse here, picked a pocket there--But when he went to pay for his ...'

b'Is this a grammatically correct sentence? She is from Mexico, being born in Mexico City. I think it sounds weird'


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