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b'How do i make this a stronger thesis statement? There are many circumstances that effect the actions of fictional characters.'

b'how can i use appositives in a conservation with a friend'

b"What if there's a quote inside a quote would I use this ...'...' and also what if I wanted to add something in my own words in between the quote would I end the quote then write my thought and then start a new quote OR would I use [...] in between the quote?"

b'What is the subject a d verb of this sentence...The rest of the story was never told.'

b'Can someone please help me come up with a introduction to my paper. Its about circumatances and how they affect the characters'

b'predicate of...the insects damage property'

b'what is the antomns for pledge'

b'Name a database that would help you with current events. Please Help Thanks'

b'What is the subject covered in the encyclopedia with the call number 150 ENC? Please Help :P Thanks :'

b"Thank you for your last corrections. Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of. 1 John was a successful middle class wool dealer. In 1557 his fortunes began to decline and he ran into debts. 2 He was part owner in ? the most prestigious public playhouse in London, the ..."

b'Add two prepositional phrases to this sentence. Can you help me find something that makes sense for the second half of the sentence. Thank You. The singer impressed her audience. The singer beside the stage impressed ________ her audience.'

b'what is the complete verb phrase? and helping verb? Who has been doing research on early polar flights? Is it has research? I can not include any of the words that may separate the parts of the verb phrase'

b'What is the theme of the poem A Kite is a Victim. What are juxtapositions in this poem'

b'what are the similarities between A Rose for Emily and Blu Winds Dancing'

b'How could I compare the passage from from Dust Tracks on a Road and from The Autobiography? Please give an idea.'

b"I'm kinda getting stumped. What are some other characteristics people kind have like their family besides physical ones?"

b'How can I fix this sentence? If I knew that the caring journal would be due on September 27, I would try to finish it on the fourth week.'

b'Is this sentence better? Although Johnson does not know whether she is doing a right choice,I believe that she does make a good decision in contacting other doctors and nurses.'

b'Describe the effects of circumstance on character.include such thing as education, family,race,economic status, social status, clutural background and geographical location.From the story Young Goodman Brown And Ap'

b'It often seems that fictional characters are under stress and that they lead lives of great difficulty. To what degree do the difficulties that character experience bring out either good or bad qualities, or both? In Shirly Jacksons the Lottery, or Young Goodman Brown'

b"What does Miss Hannigan say shw will do to Anny and Sandy in the movie Annie? I looked it up and still can't find the answer."

b'I need help bad, what exactly am I suppose to write about with this question. I just need to know what this question is asking. Here is the question: \xc2\x93Locate two books or internet sources on the career of Edgar Allen Poe. On the basis of information you find in these sources...'

b"Can you help me find the most appropriate words, please? 1 My school consists of a three-storey building. There is a parking place ? at the front and a courtyard at the back. 2The teacher's room and the secretary's offices are on the ground floor whereas the laboratories ..."

b'Why is it important to discuss the author of a book and the background of the author to students?'

b'In a total of 200 words, write two paragraphs with about how interest rates affect our purchasing decision. Identify the topic sentence in each by underlining it. I need help with Identifying topic sentence'

b"The question is: Why could Winthrop's ideal not be achieved? The paragraph where I have to find the answer: Winthrop describes an ideal society, which, if the Puritans had been able to achieve it, would have been a reasonable facsimile of paradise on Earth. Being human, they ..."

b'I forgot to include the following sentences which belong to the same summary. Thank you. 1 While building up the personality of Kurtz for his listeners, Marlow exposes the discrepancy between the Europeans\xc2\x92 words and their actions. 2 At the beginning Kurtz is presented as ...'

b"Thank you for your last corrections Can you please check the following summary I prepared on the theme of colonialism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness? 1 Conrad presents colonialism not only as a political and an economical enterprise but also as a consequence of the ..."

b'In what ways do APA format and style make academic communication hard?'

b'Can you please check these sentences grammatically? Thank you very much 1 Kurtz was torn between his desire to bring the light of white civilization to Africa and his boundless will-to-power and inordinate pride. 2 In the end, however, Kurtz had the courage to look into ...'

b'What three questions does an adjective answer'

b'How do illustrations in books impact our understanding of the characters?'

b"I selected 5 sentences as promised. I really hope the others were correct Sentence number 6 refers to the Italian grading system which I don't know how to express in English. 1 During the break I go out in the courtyard.We aren't allowed to smoke or run in the corridor. 2 I..."

b"I forgot to include the following sentences when describing the school day. As I couldn't send you my previous post, I typed Jane to see if something changed. Can you please check them please? 1 We have lessons or we go to school from Mondays to Fridays. 2 We have a 15..."

b'6 We have afternoon classes on Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm. 7 I prefer scientific subjects such as physics and maths to humanities. 8 We are tested orally twice a term and we get three written marks each term is there a better way of expressing it??. 9 A calendar and an ...'

b'how can i make this sentence more concised She also demonstrates that the patients can make an impact on the nurses and influence them to care for the patients like their own family'

b'Although Ashley does not know whether she is doing a right choice in helping Mr. Roby, I believe that she does make a good decision in contacting other doctors and nurses'

b'how can i fix this sentence a woman who comes to Ashley for a routine blood pressure check in the clinic shares the news to Ashley that her 19-year-old daughter is pregnant'

b'who are the two bidding on the monkey music box in the phantom of the oprea?'

b'Is the book new shoes for sylvia authentic if so why?'

b'From Texas comes the Star Ruby grapefruit. woule the subject be Texas?'

b'After three to five years, fruit grows on the new trees. would the subject be grows on the new trees?'

b'In Florida, citrus trees grow an important crop. would the subject be Florida?'

b'Beyond those distant mountains lies an ancient American Indian village. would the subject be ancient American Indian Village?'

b'Sometimes Mom makes chow mein. Would the predicate be sometimes makes chow mein?'

b'Tomorrow Erica will make German potato salad. Would the predicate be Tomorrow will make German potato salad?'

b'In the United States, people enjoy a wide varietypf food. ? would the predicate be In the United State enjoy a wide variety of food?'

b'Last night Dad prepared spaghetti and a salad for supper. ? is prepared spaghetti and salad for supper the predicate?'

b"Can you please tell me if the following description of a classroom is correct? 1 My classroom is on the ground floor, just opposite the teacher's room. 2 It is very large and full of light sunny?? since it has got two big windows overlooking the courtyard. 3 Two ..."

b'Lately, tacos have become my favorite food. ?would have become my favorite food be the predicate?'


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