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b"1. Write a report on your favorite artist. 2. Write a report about your favorite artist. Are both the same? What is the difference between 'on' and 'about'?"

b'Hey, Can someone take a look at my french below, and let me know what corrections / changes I need to make please? French - Specialites: Cafe, creme beignet, et pate de francais English - Specialities: Coffee, Donuts do I just add an s to beignet in french to make it plural...'

b'what are direct and inderect objects?'

b"Posted by rfvv on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 9:16am. 1. Yesterday was his 100th day. 2. one hundredth day 3. a hundredth day How can we read '100th day'? English - Writeacher, Saturday, September 25, 2010 at 9:41am Do you mean his 100th birthday? Meaning he's 100 years..."

b'Why is silent reading good for children during class?'

b'The face of this admired accomplished American papers on postage stamps coins and paper money of the United States. Can you please help me with correct comma placement?'

b'what part of speech is the word in'

b'Where can I find letters from Amerigo Vespucci on his 1 st voyage but not in old english.??? ASAP'

b'I have to revise sentences to eliminate illogical or overused coordination. Are the following sentences correct? Thanks The object of fencing is to be the first to touch the opponent five times, and a president, who is sometimes assisted by a number of judges, officiates at...'

b'1. Which of the following sentences contains an implied metaphor? a. The mall sailboat bobbed about like a cork on the huge ocean b. The wind looked down upon the tiny craft, laughed, and then attacked. c. The battle between wind and boat raged on for an hour d. Then the ...'

b"I have to revise sentences to eliminate illogical or overused coordination. Is the following sentence correct? Thanks Fencing equipment includes a mask, a padded jacket, and a glove, and one of three weapons-a foil,epee, or saber-and a fencer's technique and targets differ ..."

b'How do I make a title Page??? Thanks :'

b"As promised, I just included the first five sentences I wasn't sure of. 1 One day he got to the beach and saw it was covered with human bones. He realized that cannibals had eaten men on his island. He believed that cannibals ate other men because they thought it was natural..."

b'I forgot to include the following sentences which belong to the same summary. Thank you for you help. 1 One day he got to the beach and saw it was covered with human bones. He realized that cannibals had eaten men on his island. He believed that cannibals ate other men ...'

b"Here are some more sentences on Defoe's Robinson Crusoe I'd like you to check. Thank you very much in advance. 1 As he hadn\xc2\x92t eaten anything since the day before, he decided to take off his clothes and swim to the ship to look for food. He tried to get onto the ship but it ..."

b"What are some of the social issues in today's society? I'm supposed to make an Advocacy speech to effect positive changes on a social issue."

b"Here are some sentences on Robinson Crusoe I'd like you to check. Thank you. 1 After rowing for seven kilometres, a huge wave took the boat and threw them into the air like a ball. 2 Robinson fell into the sea, water filled his mouth his mouth was filled with water? and he..."

b"Can you help me checked if the following sentences are grammatically correct? Thank you very much. 1 On what condition can Shylock take a pound of flesh from Antonio? On condition that he doesn't drop? a single drop of Antonio's blood. 2 Why can have the Duke have him ..."

b'Essay-Women Reservation'

b'Is this sentence correct? After listening to Kirsten\xc2\x92s advice, Shirley was less worried than before'

b'For the outside interview journal, if I want to include dialogue from the patient, should I write it in the past tense as well?'

b'7. Besides learning to speak and read English, another goal of an ESL program is to A. prepare immigrant students for U.S. citizenship. B. help immigrant students \xc2\x93graduate\xc2\x94 from bilingual classes to English-only ones. C. reduce the use by immigrants of their native tongue...'

b'I am supposed to interview a person who was being a patient before in a hospital For a journal, I need to write what he or she has to say about his or her interactions with the nurses, ask the person if the nurses were caring; ask he or she how important is listening to them ...'

b'If I am writing an outside interview journal, should the verb be in past tense or present'

b'How can I fix this sentence? Nurse Julie does not meet my mom\xc2\x92s expectations because Julie does not spend her extra time to keep in touch with my mom and show her interest in talking with my mom'

b"I have to write an 8 page essay about Picture Books in Children's Literature. My thesis is: Children can learn reading and writing from picture books, because it helps the child develop cognitive skills. Can you give me your input on this thesis? And I need suggestions of ..."

b'How can I fix this sentence? All she does is let me experience my pain for very long.'

b'How can I fix this sentence? Shirley truly appreciated Kirsten\xc2\x92s response because it helped to reduce Shirley\xc2\x92s concerns about her body weight and health problems overall.'

b'Should I use is or was in the below sentence? Shirley was the second person whom I interviewed at 24 Hour Fitness.'

b'How can I fix this sentence and shorten it? However, her nurse Julie is not the type of nurses that my mom expected to have because the most important care that my mom desires is patient-nurse interactions, such as listening to a patient\xc2\x92s feeling.'

b'Is this right? If Julie willingly listens to my mom\xc2\x92s health concerns and provides emotional support, my mom would feel very satisfied with the nurse\xc2\x92s care, and her pain may be lessen.'

b"1. Yesterday was his 100th day. 2. one hundredth day 3. a hundredth day How can we read '100th day'?"

b'1. What kind of books are you looking for? 2. What kinds of books are you looking for? Which one is correct? 3. What kind of food do you like? 4. What kinds of food do you like? 5. What kinds of foods do you like? Which one is correct? 6. What kind of fruits do you have? 7...'

b'is Polonius a good advisor to the king in Hamlet? please help me, its for a essay, your help is greatly appreciated. THank you'

b'Examples of personal interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards. This is an emergency Help please'

b'Examples of personal interaction with a friend or family member about personal finance or credit cards'

b'Mood and tone can someone kindly and effectively explain the difference.I am lost completely.Help'

b"Hi I have to write an essay that is due on Monday. However, English not being my second language I am having a hard time starting this essay. I don't know where to begin, what information to included ect. Please help me with essay and give me an ideas. Your help is appreciated..."

b"In It Can't Be Helped, the author describes how racial prejudice affected her early life. Identify the key event in the selection, then explain how the author responded to the event at the time it happened and how she viewed the same even later in life.' I can do the last 2..."

b"Can you please an idea of how to create a collage that shows how huck and jim feel about the sanctuary of the raft and the violence and shame of the shore. I'm confused as to what pictures or quotes to put in the collage."

b'ms Sue I was not sure how to do a response to you but my prior question was the following and you had answered to take the total number of students and make this the denominator and the history majors the numerator which I did and makes this 300/1225 so then to get the ratio ...'

b'the bar and graph shows the number of students by major in the college of arts and sciences. What is the ratio of history majors to the total number of students in the college? Math-200 history-300 english-400 science-150 other- 175'

b'14. Hurry in before supplies disappear is an example of a. the bandwagon appeal b. false cause and effect c. name-calling d. statistical evidence D? Thanks -MC'

b"13. When employing emotional appeals, a writer should a. be sure that those appeals support his or her logical arguments b. ignore his or her logical arguments c. ignore facts and statistics and concentrate on the reader's feelings d. also use circular reasoning C? Thanks -MC"

b'Why is it a good idea for a teacher to make their students take turns reading the first couple chapters of a novel out loud as a class before the teacher assings the rest of the novel to be read on their own?'

b'did the wampanoag brung popcorn to the first Thanksgiving feast'

b'In a total of 200 words, write two paragraphs with about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. Identify the topic sentence in each by underlining it i was wnating to know what else i can put with this to complete my assignment any ideas? if you have cash, in ...'

b"So we just started reading Beowulf at school and we're around ch 8. Our question to answer was Whose account of Beowulf and Brecca's swimming match is more credible/believable and why? This is referring to Unferth's and Beowulf's stories. I said that Beowulf had the believable..."

b'Margaret Atwood is a Canadian novelist and poet. Would the adjectives in the sentence be novelist, poet and Canadian is a Proper Adj'

b'The local museum showcased American Indian pottery. I have to identify the adjectives and the proper adjectives. local-adjective American Indian-Proper adjective'


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