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b"i need to write a funny speech about banning something but i don't know what topic to choose please help me"

b"The prompt states Note the irony in Nadine Gordimer's Once Upon a Time. Argue to what affect and how successfully irony is used and what it accomplishes. I know that the irony lies in the fact that Gordimer starts the fairy tale by stating that she hates fairy tales and that..."

b'what are presents for?'

b'Read the poem Remember ? by Alice Walker and answer the questions. -> Why is the title effective? -> What metaphor is used in the poem and what other two poetic techniques does Alice Walker use?'

b'what poem does That there our veins might through Thy Person bleed/To quench those flames, that else would on us feed come from?'

b'please can you help me with six sentences with the collocations below: 1-out of breath 2-out of this world 3-dry clothes 4-sleep heavily 5-turn cold 6-a dry sense of humour'

b"Can you check if these sentences are grammatically correct? Thank you 1 It's the ages since I last saw him. I haven't seen him for ages. 2 When did you see him last? 3 How long ago is it since you last saw him? 4 She regretted that she hadn't passed the test. She regrettin..."

b'Does this sentence make sense? They will be my new patients whom I never had a chance to care for since I volunteered at hospital.'

b'How can I fix this sentence? In anticipation of my beginning clinical, I will expect myself to work in geriatric unit, where I can take care of old adults'

b'For this sentence, Regardless of which patients whom I will get for my first clinical day, should I use will because I am talking about the future?'

b'Is this phrase correct? Regardless of which patients whom I will get for my first clinical day'

b'Is this right? Taking care of this old patient will be more exhausted than providing care for other patients. I will have to provide intensive cares, such as giving a bed bath, turning the patient, and paying more attention to the patient\xc2\x92s safety.'

b'Is this sentence correct? Taking care of this patient will be more exhausted than other patients because I have to provide intensive cares, such as giving a bed bath and turning the patient, and more attention to the patient\xc2\x92s safety'

b"Help needed It's due tomorrow please. Thanks. I have to do imitation. 1 A veteran bronc rider, Tom Block has ridden nine horses to death in the rodeo areno,and at every performance the spectators expect him to kill another one. This is the imitation: Soccer player, Jackson ..."

b'What is feild or Scope? I am writing a book report on Lord of the Fies by William Golding.'

b"would it make sense to say: i am writing a report on rousseau's belief in the social contract ....in which people come to accept the rules of society and agree to follow and pertain to them. ?? thanks, and feedback on making this sentence better? i'm not quite sure i'm ..."

b"Hi. I'm checking my son's homework and need some help myself. I know you can't give us the answers, but can you give us some choices that we can research? Former Indonesian president Suharto was sometimes referred to as a puppet master. What literary device is used in the ..."

b'Can you please check the following sentences for me? Thank you in advance. 1They made a hole in the bottom of the boat on the beach. When the other sailors arrived at the beach by boat, they decided to leave three men in the boat whereas the other seven went in search of the ...'

b'Need help with Synecdoche is a figure of speech in which a part is used for a whole, or the reverse. Please help with the following especially with School and Hand. This is what I have so far. Thanks 1 Jackson has a strong arm: Meaning is, Throws well? 2 Joe has a good ...'

b'Who is the speaker in Journey by Mary Oliver.Is it your conscious directing you, telling you what you must do?'

b"I have to write a cause and effect essay, and I'm writing about the cause for the popularity of fast food restaurants and the effect its had on people. I have plenty of causes listed, but for the effect I only have 2- Obesity, and jobs for people without diplomas. Can I get ..."

b'can anyone answer these questions? How do people choose what to buy? what are presents for and what do they express?'

b"help me to reply this letter from a friend in Britain,this letter is in my english book is not real but i have to write a reply. I'd love to come and stay with you.It will have to be in August because ,as you know, our summer holiday are not as long as yours. Tell me when the..."

b'I wrote five sentences but they all have to have different verb tense. Can u let me know if right are let me know what I need work on. 1.This class made me look at my financial future. Look is verb and its in present tense, 2. Financial planning is a class all students need to...'

b'How do you fix this pronoun agreement. The first theme that the author demonstrates is to not let people with a disability feel abnormal, but for them to use the abilities that they have to help them build their self-confidence.'

b"I need to find the error in these sentences. 1. They is both happy. It has a subject and a verb. I'm lost. 2. This morning I watch TV before I drove here. .. need to know are they subject-verb agreement, run- on, verb form and tense or fragment. Please explain so I can ..."

b'which sentence sounds correct. I think its b but im not sure if there is the infront of state aThe president states a Union address in a speech every year. bThe State of the Union address is a speech that the president gives every year.'

b'what is a metaphor for Pablo sniffed the air?'

b'wat are some ideas u write in a journal? list a few'

b'Can you help me with a sentences with the word manifest and ebb ?'

b'where is the web page to translate spanish to english'

b"Need help with this-- 'Think about how you might update Antigone in a modern setting, either in the US, or in some other part of the world. What kind of figure would Creon be? Who would Antigone be? What would Creon's conflict with Antigone be about? Write a brief summary of ..."

b'what is a journal and what is in it?'

b'I am working on the flow chart for my English Assignment and I require some help. Task: Have to create a flow chart which shows the connections between the characters, events, and major ideas of Part One in reaction to Katniss the main character. I am not doing a flow chart on...'

b'The acrobats performed an amazing BALANCING act. Is balancing an adjective in this sentence?'

b'I doing a sample lesson plan for my english class. I want to show a movie that realtes to the book that were reading and the movie is 106 minutes. I teach each class for 50 minutes a day. How many days would it take to finish the movie and how long is 106 minutes?'

b'In the following sentence, identify the part of speech of the italicized word. Large fish swim swiftly in the sea. A. Pronoun B. Adjective C. Noun D. Adverb'

b"Can I please get some information about how cell phones have changed us socially? I have to write a research paper on this and I don't even know where to begin. Thanks -MC"

b'Write a description of a trip or complicated journey which you or someone in your family recently made.'

b'What are the two topic sentences of this paragraph? \xc2\x93As I was sewing the top of the pillow, my grandmother mumbled along, her frail voice faltering as she gasped for breath in between disjointed sentences and phrases. She explained the reason for all her tiresome efforts...'

b"I have a question-I need to compare Spanish nouns in the singular versus plural to English. I know to make it plural in Spanish- I add s to a noun ending in a vowel and es if it is a consonant but I don't know how to actually put the comparison between the two languages into ..."

b'1. You look with your eyes. 2. You smell with your nose. 3. You taste with your tongue. 4. You hear sound with your ears. 5. You feel with your ________. Are the sentences all grammatical? What words would be suitable for the blank?'

b"When I got close to the penguins, I had to cover my nose. Surprisingly, they smelled terrible. What is part of speech of 'close' in the sentence? Is it an adjective or an adverb?"

b"Here are some sentences on Conrad I'd like you to check grammatically. Thank you. 1 The \xc2\x93frame\xc2\x94 is provided by an anonymous narrator, who on board the Nellie on the Thames introduces Marlow and formally closes the narrative. 2The effect is one of a chain; Marlow tells ..."

b'1. What is the temperature in Bangkok? - It is very high./It is low. 2. What is the temperature like in Bangkok? - It is high./ It is low. Which one is right?'

b'Which world organisation is behind the 2010 World cup?'

b'1. French needs learning difficulty. Is this sentence grammatical? 2. I have too many things to do. 3. I have so many things that I cannot do them. Are both the same?'

b'1. I got close to the penguins. 2. I got closely to the penguins. Are both OK? Can we use 2?'

b'Is this correct? nurses do have feelings as they empathize with the patients\xc2\x92 conditions'

b'Is this sentence correct? To truly help a patient, I should allow them decide their own choice by letting them hear different life stories.'


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