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b'Are all these examples of Imagery. Yes or No.. Thank You for your help. I think that they all are. But not to sure. She smiled a little through her face was drawn with pain and she bit her lip the smile fading. We got there quite quickly even though it was still so dark and it...'

b"Please give me ideas that will help to write 4 pages about this quote and its meaning Thank you. I picked two quotes but I like the first one, but I can't seem to translate it. The assignment is called Elaborating a Maxim. 1Be good and you will be lonesome. 2 Patriotism ..."

b"John Leo's article,when life imitates videoargure whether or not he makes a persuasive case that video games are responsible for the violence in today's society"

b"I'm working on a paper and was wondering if someone could point me to to some relevant passages/chapters/pages in James Fennimore Cooper's The Prairie. How does Cooper depict Native American responses to white presence, settlement, and encroachment squatting on the ..."


b"from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God- what references in the sermon reveal Edward's implicit philosophical beliefs about divine mercy?"

b'from Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God- according to the sermon, what keeps sinners out of the fiery pit of hell?'

b'What is the difference between definate and indefinate articles'

b'1. He is wearing a plane green jacket. 2. He is wearing a green plane jacket. Which one is right?'

b'There are 8 word cards on the blackboard. On one side there are English words, and on the other side, there are Korean words. You see English words on the cards now.... I will turn the cards over then you can see Korean words. I have turned over the cards. Do you know the ...'

b"Did you do your homework? Yes, I did. It is very easy. 1It cannot be. It is difficult even for me. What does 1 it refer to? Do it's in the passage all mean homework?"

b"Q: What is the difference between 'advertisement and commercial?"

b'1. The girl is aged 13. 2. The girl is 13. 3. The girl is 13 years old. 4. The girl is at the age of 13. 5. the girl is at age 13. Are they all grammatical and the same? Is 1 correct?'

b'Please some one check it for me .please please.... Chaucer is a wonderful poet and story teller. His poems are very interesting and deep. Canterbury Tales is a set of stories told by pilgrims. Unconditional love and devotion to religious is a major issue of his poetry. However...'

b'identify the verb,subject in the sentence.a cloud of fruit flies hovered over the banana'

b'Thank you very much for your help. I forgot to include the following sentences. 1 Shakespeare doesn\xc2\x92t give importance to stage directions between acts. In the English theatre there was no curtain fall between the acts 2 As a rule, a Shakespearean play was over when all the...'

b"Here are some sentences on Shakespeare I'd like you to check. Thank you. 1It is difficult to date Shakespeare's plays because only half of them were printed during his lifetime. Three kinds of evidence are used ? to date his plays. 2 The most valuable is the external one, ..."

b'1. You should dress him up. 2. You should make the baby wear socks. 3. You should have the baby put on the shirt. 4. You should have the baby dressed. Are they all grammatical? Do we have some more expressions similar to Sentence one?'

b"Posted by rfvv on Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 12:07am. 1. You are a girl aged between 13 and 19 years old. Which one is missing between 'girl' and 'aged'? is 1 from 2? 2. You are a girl who is aged between 13 and 19 years old. English - MattsRiceBowl, Thursday, October 7..."

b'1. They wear pink and white stripe uniforms. 2. They wear pink and white striped uniforms. Which one is OK? Are both OK? 3. He is wearing a stripe shirt. 4. He is wearing a striped shirt. What about these sentences? Which one is correct?'

b'any suggestions on the white paper Things I carry Am I on the right track. Any add ons The Things I Carry I carry the ability to be independent. The bus arrives at Yosemite and I am feeling apprehensive because I have yet to be away from my parents. I see the tall beautiful...'

b"1. You are a girl aged between 13 and 19 years old. Which one is missing between 'girl' and 'aged'? is 1 from 2? 2. You are a girl who is aged between 13 and 19 years old."

b'List words that give you trouble when writing. If you don\xc2\x92t have any, list words that challenge your spelling ability.'

b'What should i write about for the topic: responsibility for watching over your little brother....also explain the various ways you kept him safe...etc. and how you felt responsible for that person. Please give me lots of ideas about what to write for that topic i have to ...'

b'I have to write an essasy about The Man to Send Rain Cloids and The Rules of the Game. In my essay I have to identify 3 examples of cultural differences creating conflict. For each of the 3 examples, I have to point out how it helped to create an understanding and a deeper...'

b'What is the adverb and then what is the adjective the adverb modifies in this sentence. In spite of her defeat, she was not sad at all? Is is not sad?'

b'Can you please tell me if the following sentences are correct? 1 What happened to Robinson on his second voyage to Africa? 2 How did he manage to set himself free? Thank you.'

b'What is the complete and simple subjects for the sentence Some people like to take classes to learn new things.'

b'for english class i have to come up with my own proverb. So. i have this idea in my head but im not sure how to say it. The meaning of the proverb is like you have to work to get things done so right now i have A feild never plowed itself But.. that just sounds ancient or ...'

b"I checked my sentences once more. I included the last sentences for you to correct. Thank you. 1 The natives loved him because he had the guns and they hadn't seen anything like them before. 2He was looked up to by the natives because of his guns. 3The first company trading..."

b"Can anyone here tell me any of the stories you used to tell your kids of your past lifes? I need to write one for English, and my mom doesn't want to tell me one. I just need examples.. or maybe you guys can give me a story I can use? ^.^ Just a story you would tell your ..."

b'I tried to correct the wrong sentences myself. Please, tell me if everything is ok. 1 Then, Marlow went into the broken-down hut and found an old book about seamanship with notes written in code. 2 He came to Africa with the intention of civilizating the natives. He had a ...'

b"Writeacher, I tried to make my composition more sophisticated by adding varied different words instead of repetetive ones. Can you please have a look at this. I really need this by 2:00 pm. I'll appreciate all the help you can give me, thanks. English-Composition The delayed ..."

b'I forgot to include these other sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them, too. 1 The jungle had awakened his desires and he didn\xc2\x92t have enough strength to resist them. 2They met a Russian who traded ivory. He looked like a harlequin in his highly coloured ...'

b'Can you please check if everything is OK in the following sentences? Thank you. 1 About fifty miles from Kurtz\xc2\x92s station they saw a hut. When they got nearer to it, they found a massage on the firewood urging them to approach cautiously. Marlow also found an old book about ...'

b"Write a note on the characterstic features of 'Hamlet' by william shakespeare."

b'English-Composition The delayed thesis is the starting sentence. The conclusion is at the end. In the course of time an entity begins to comprehend the significance of its dear ones in its existence. Katherine, the protagonist of \xc2\x93All is calm\xc2\x94, by Ann Walsh, is a dynamic ...'

b'I am to find the subject complement and linking verb in this sentence. At first we felt overwhelmed by the job ahead of us. Could you please help me understand , the examples in my book are not helping. Thank you'

b'Slow Food vs. Fast Food Why is it better to buy local products for slow food? This is one of my bullets for an English essay.. I just need some guidance on how to set this up and main points.'

b'Writeacher I have a post on my English assignment, and I have it addressed to you, may you please take a look at it, cause I really need help, thanks.'

b'Need help with this-- 19. Several passions are dramatized in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. Choose one of them such as justice, vengeance, ambition, love, or honor, and write a paragraph about how that passion is illustrated in the action of the play. Thanks -MC'

b'What are two themes that may be present in a folktale?'

b'Help with Analogies and suggest me other ways to write them please. Thanks 1Smart people keep quiet about what they know, but stupid people advertise their ignorance.Changed into:Good drivers are hindered to show their driving skills, while reckless drivers show off their ...'

b'Thanks for the correction I appreciated it.I am re-posting the narrative essay/summary please see if I have run on sentence, comma etc. It is due tomorrow.Thanks. When I was in Africa, my mind and heart were involved in things such as what it took just to survive. My desire to...'

b'In the following sentence, do I have the complete subject correct? Chunks of floating ice smaller than 50 feet long and with less than 17 feet showing above the water end of subject are called growler or bergy bits.'

b"Here are some more alternatives I'd like you to check. Thank you very much 1 He was first mentioned to Marlow by the accountant. Can you also say: He was mentioned by the accountant for the first time? 2His clothes were highly coloured. He was dressed in highly coloured ..."

b"Which sentence is more common: 'I like seeing people happy' or 'I like to see people happy'?"

b'1. Which is an example of verbal irony as spoken by Antigone? a. You have yourself to consider, after all. b. You must decide whether you will help me or not. c. ...and if I must die/ I say that this crime is holy... d. ...if it means death/ It will not be the worst of ...'

b"Can you check if my corrections are OK? Thank you. 1 He told her that her husband's last words had been her name. 2 He arrived at the central station walking. Better: he walked to the central station? 3 The Expedition consisted of groups of ivory traders who went to ..."

b'Please correct the following sentence for a daily oral language question: we will see a play called cinderella on tuesday I do not agree with how it was graded.'


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