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b'Posted by annie on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 4:29pm. Are the following sentences semantically / gramatically correct? 1Alert the supervisor to any defective material found. 2Some equipment have been taken away for inspection. After inspection, ensure that all the ...'

b'Are the following sentences semantically / gramatically correct? 1Alert the supervisor to any defective material found. 2Some equipment have been taken away for inspection. After inspection, ensure that all the equipment are accounted for.'

b'I have to write a fiction anecdote that relates some kind of wisdom; an experience that teaches someone a lesson. Can I please get some ideas for this? Thanks -MC'

b"You're locked in with us. What is meaning of locked in in this sentence. IS this mean you are with us?"

b'Can you please check if everything is OK? Thank you. 1At the time of the signing the US consisted of 13 colonies under the rule of England\xc2\x92s King George III. There was growing unrest concerning the taxes which had to be paid to England. 2 This was commonly referred to as...'

b"Find three examples from her poetry of Bradstreet's adherence to Puritan beliefs."

b"Find three examples from his poetry of Taylor's adherence to Puritan beliefs."

b'Would this be a strong thesis? Self-identity comes through a self-external realization that causes the individual to break from their reality and gain a deeper understanding of their inner identity.'

b"I need a really kick a** closing statement for my debate on censoring gangster rap I'm for it Its for history I know it says english but I thought it would be more english related so far I have this: Overall, censorship is justified in some cases, as it seeks to maintain ..."

b"Based on the reading Wolf-Alice by Angela Carter I need to put together a thesis statement, regarding the development of self identity. Wolf-Alice is a feral child who lived with a pack of wolves. Group of nuns take her in to try to show her human ways since she couldn't be ..."

b'Is this correct? some of nurses were busy of taking care of their patients and also not happy'

b'How do I fix this sentence? My patient replied back to me, \xc2\x93I am good now and Thank You very much.\xc2\x94'

b'what is the difference between watching a movie and a play?'

b'design is to labyrinth as create is to 1.case 2.news 3.picture 4.music 5.puzzle'

b"Can you please explain this to me in a simpler way. Thank you Metaphors are used to help us understand the unknown, because we use what we know in comparison with something we don't know to get a better understanding of the unknown."

b"For my assignment I have to find an advertisement, analyze it, and write my interpretation of it. I've done this, but I'm coming out short on words for the assignment. And I feel like there's nothing else that I can mention. I'm supposed to write 500 words and I have 379. Can ..."

b"Why is it important for author's to use imagery in literature?"

b'I forgot to include the following statements.Thank you very much. Can you please check if the following sentences are possible? Thank you. 1 The best things he found were two pairs of shoes and a box full of money. 2Robinson was made a slave of the captain OR: became the ...'

b'explain the process by which Hrothgar wins power and fame.'

b"Can you please prove read my new essay using the checklist.The last one you guys helped me with was wrong because I didn't follow the checklist well and please tell me what I am missing. Thank you. Quote Be good and you will be lonesome\xc2\x94 Anecdote: It was one oppressively ..."

b'For our assignment we have to choose an advertisement either in a magazine or on TV and describe how it appeals its audience. Are there any ads that would work well here?'

b'Write a character description. Choose a person you know well, and identify one of his/ her character traits. Then, chose two or three incidents in which that person revealed that trait. - The first sentence nees to be your topic sentence and use a specific noun, verb or adverb...'

b"Which hero's story, King Arthur's or Sundiata's, has the more relevant message for young people today? Compose an essay that answers this question, giving at least two examples from the selections and applying them to issues young people face today. I still need help with this..."

b'Could you please check the following sentences, please? 1 He kept himself busy by keeping ? record of how long he had been on the island.He made a mark for each day he had been on the island. 2 He decided to build himself a house in a cave. He found a cave halfway up the ...'

b'I forgot to include these other sentences. Are the alternatives possible? Thank you very much. 1 Machinery was mainly driven powered? by water. 2 The new inventions in cloth-making took place because the was a rise in population and consequently an increase in the demand ...'

b"Can you please help me check the following prepositions? Thank you. 1 I was angry with her about her behaviour. 2 I was angry/furious/annoyed/cross with her for being late. 3 I'm sure about/of that. 4 Short of I can't find a good example 5 I was pleased/delighted with ..."

b"1. The volunteers there deliver food to old people. What is the part of speech of 'there'? Does 'there' modify 'volunteers? Then it is an adjective? Or is 'there' an adverb?"

b'1. Dr. White helped many people. In this sentence, is Dr. White a doctor?'

b"1. I usually go fising on weekend. 2. I usually go fising on weekends. Are both right? 'On weekends' mean 'every weekend', I know. What is the difference between 1 and 2?"

b'1. They are eating cotton candy. 2. They are eating cotton candies. 3. They are eating a cotton candy. 4. The boy is eating two cotton candies. Which one is correct?'

b'What would be good sentence for emerald?'

b'I needed to create sentence containing the phrase green with envy. I have got two sentences here, but I need help picking out the one that makes more sense. Emily\xc2\x92s new look made her friends green with envy. Emily\xc2\x92s friends became green with envy when they saw her new ...'

b"Which hero's story, King Arthur's or Sundiata's, has the more relevant message for young people today? Compose an essay that answers this question, giving at least two examples from the selections and applying them to issues young people face today. Need help with the first ..."

b'What are some frequently misused adjectives?'

b'1. He wants to do two kinds of volunteer work this month. 2. He wants to do two volunteer works. Are they correct?'

b"1. What did Bora want to do? - She wanted to do volunteer work. 2. Where do her friends usually volunteer? - They usually volunteer at libraries or town halls. 3. Did Bora want to volunteer at a library or a town hall? - No, she didn't. 4. Who told Bora about the candy ..."

b"Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are a few more sentences on the same subject I'd like you to check. 1The Industrial Revolution brought several changes to Britain. First of all, it caused an enormous increase in production and consequently in the total wealth of..."

b'Need help with my story. Please check if my Anecdote is story or merely a report,second paragraph anazlyze the anecdote, explaining how illustrates the thesis. How can I make my essay 1000 words long? Thank you. sorry its kind a long questions. My quote is Be good and you ...'

b'I really need you to check these sentences on the Industrial Revolution. Thank you very much. 1The second half of George III\xc2\x92s reign saw England engaged in the long struggle against Napoleon to save her own independence and the freedom of the various states of Europe. 2 ...'

b"we are supposed to write this passage from a midsummer night's dream in our own words: Set your heart at rest The Fairyland buys not the child of me His mother was a vot'ress of my order And in the spiced Indian air by night Full often hath she gossip'd by my side And sat ..."

b"Fix these questions if they are incorrect. If they aren't, just leave them alone. 1. To change the tire, John rose the wheel with a jackhammer."

b'I need to write an introduction of an essay about food'

b'What was the lesson taught in Abraham and Isaac? Thanks -MC'

b"it's discrimination to mandate that police officers must conform to a certain height and weight. which fallacies is this?"

b'whats another way of saying set your heart at rest ?'

b"12. All of the following words describe Sir Lancelot Du Lake except a. loyal b. indirect c. strong d. clever B? 13. What is the most likely reason that Sir Lancelot doesn't initially fight the three Round Table knights at the end of the story? a. Sir Lancelot dislikes the ..."

b"Hey How's it going? Can anyone help me out here? My teacher asked us students to come up with a mnemonic device for PEMDAS you know, the order of Operations, other than Please Exuse My Dear Aunt Sally. I came up with great ideas, but she changed her mind Now I have to make..."

b'Can you please check if everything is correct? 1 The last decades of the 18th century were characterized by enormous changes, witnessed enormous changes? which turned Britain from a mainly farming country toan industrial one. 2In particular, there was a rise in population ...'

b'Hi, can u pls check the english i used in my assigment is correct? if not pls correct and tell me where is my weekness. T/C INITIAL - K T/C SEX - Male T/C AGE - 3.8 yrs SETTING - Painting area Jigsaw table area. PEOPLE - 1 Targeted child T/C - 3 companion children - I/C I/...'

b"What criteria do you suggest I make for my evaluation paper? My topic is that the school's celebratory bonfire for the basketball championship is a waste of time."


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