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b'I need to identify the gerund or gerund phrase and identify it as a subject, a predicate noun, a direct object, or an object of a preposition. Or identify the sentence as one with no gerund. I need help with the following sentences. 1. It was time for sleeping. 2. But tossing ...'

b'Your prompt action in providing the information by tomorrow would be appreciated. Is the above sentence correct?'

b'I would then choose... The airplane was wrecked by the wind.'

b'Can someone please show me an example of alliteration and small definition?'

b'4. Which of the following sentences contains \xc2\x93passive voice?\xc2\x94 Points : 1 The airplane was wrecked by the wind. The wind wrecked the airplane. The cat chased the mouse. The bird flew after the balloon. a, b, c'

b'Can you help me paraphrase the poem A Dirge by P.B. Shelley? Thank you very much 1A dirge is a song that is sung at a funeral. The poet piles one image of nature upon another to describe the grief he feels. It is normally assumed that in this poem Shelley is mourning both...'

b'what is the difference between direct and indirect references?'

b"What are some symbols in 'a journey to the center of the earth' by jules verne"

b"circle the context clue that shows the menaing of the word in italic type, then write a synonym for the meaning you infer on the lines provided. \xc2\xa1\xc3\xb6 jennifer wanted to travel abroad to a foreign land._____________________ \xc2\xa1\xc3\xb6 Stop brooding Moping and worrying like that won'..."

b'Which sentence is correct? 1 Please provide the shelf life information on the following biscuits: - or 2 Please provide the shelf life information of the following biscuits: -'

b'Is the following sentence correct? Please provide us with the requisite information on the product.'

b"I forgot to include the following 4 statements. I hope you can correct them, too. Thank you. 1 Friendship is very important to also for me. 2 In the future I'd like to become a chemist. I want to graduate and go to live abroad, maybe in Asia or America. 3 I've got two ..."

b'I have some doubts concerning a few sentences. I really hope you can check them. Thank you very much in advance. 1I did rhythmic gymnastics two years ago but I had to give it up to prepare for ? my school-leaving exam. 2My favourite book is Heart of Darkness by Joseph ...'

b'Can you help me write EITHER 250-wordadd paragraph or 10 lines in iambic pentameter outlining your version of a Faustian bargain?'

b'Can someone explain what is the difference between a connotation and denotation?'

b'Please expedite in providing all necessary documents. Is this sentence grammatically correct?'

b'What is a good thesis statement on the destruction of world due to food we eat for my critical analysis paper?'

b"Can you please check these sentences for me I'm not sure of. Thank you very much. 1 My sister and I are high school students.I want to play in a football team but my parents don't want me to. 2 I don't study French at my school. I'm of white skin or I've got a fair ..."

b'1. Here is fresh salad. 2. Here is a fresh salad. Which one is correct? Are both correct? 3. Here is cold strawberry juice. 4. Here is a cold strawberry juice. Which one is right?'

b'How can I make this idea into a good thesis? Workplace safety is still a huge concern as many youth are involved in work injuries or fatalities.'

b'Is it ok if I use a quote to begin my reasearch paper'

b'my last question was actually about a guy named Lord Durham who said that the French should speak an learn English values culture, etc. So, why do u think he not have been more guarded about what he said, as modern politicians often are.'

b"Would the online National Geographic site be a periodical or a website? I'm trying to cite a source on an article from the site,but I don't know if it's a website or a periodical,it seems like both."

b"I'm a 8th grade student and i need to write a Proffesional Business letter to My 7th grade english Teacher can you help?"

b"I'm writing my paper on types of style such as metaphors, similies, personification, symbol for the book number the stars. What is a creative title for my paper."

b'This sentence is a fragment, how can I fix it?? Thanks In order to stick to my topic, I discussed several ways that students can express their individuality other than their clothing, such as their hair, or their personality.'

b"hello im a guy from Denmark, i have wrote an article, i'd be happy if someone could look at it. if yes send ur mail and ima send it."

b'What term describes the vantage point from which the story is told?'

b"In the answer area below, write the conjunction in the following sentence. Sentence: Give it to the boy or his mother. This doesn't seem like it should be difficult, but I want to make sure I understand. Is 'or' the conjunction?"

b'Symbolize these arguments and display truth trees to evaluate the resulting argument forms for validity. If the argument form is invalid, describe in English the conditions under which the premises would be true but the conclusion false. 99.32 There will be scorpions in the ...'

b'I have to write a eulogy for Juliet. And every sentence have 10 sylables can you check my work please. Juliet was good,young,and full of love she was born a short 13 years ago. she was always polite,never talked back, she was in love too much with Romeo. And to be with him she...'

b'Thank you very much. Could you please check these sentences,too? 1.My hobbies are doing athletics, playing the drums and going to the scouts ?? 2.I like going to pizza restaurants with my friends.I live in a quiet big flat. In my family there are four people. 3.I\xc2\x92ve also ...'

b'Can a rough draft for a letter of application or cover letter be written front and back? Also how many lines do you skip for each topic. Thanks'

b'In chemistry we are writing a paper about an inventor.. We have to have some back ground info.. what they invited. how there time affected there inventions and if there inventions where a great success and so on so forth. What would be a good way to set this paper up. Its a ...'

b"I'm having a hard time writing a thesis statement on three points that surrounding characters' traits in Arthur Miller's, The Crucible. Can anyone help me with three points. I have read it in class and reviewed it, but I still don't comprehend. I would really appreciate it if ..."

b'Please check this paragraph.please. Wrongdoing and wickedness are as old as first man born in the world. These problems are so great that man cannot cope with it himself. Man can not escape way from wrongful act and the bad conscience without the help of Almighty God. When we ...'

b'Would someone edit my essay so far please. So far, I only have the introduction, the first paragraph and the conclusion. I am arguing for school uniform. You know, if we had a uniform policy, it would make things better in this school. Mitchell. Said by President Bill ...'

b'whats dialogue?'

b'My fianc\xc3\xa9 does not think he needs a credit card right now. We are already in enough debt. It has actually consumed our lives. Although most of the debt we have is his,I have my debts too, but they are much smaller. This is why he does not need a credit card ...'

b'What is the term for the character in conflict with the main character?'

b'My fianc\xc3\xa9 does not think he needs a credit card right now. We are already in enough debt. It has actually consumed our lives. Although most of the debt we have is his. I have my debts too, but they are much smaller. This is why he does not need a credit card right now. A ...'

b"I REALLY don't understand the reason/basis/use of logarithms. I have listened to my teacher, who never is clear on much of anything it would help if he spoke better English, and a more advanced student, who couldn't explain them to me. The problem I am working on is: log8..."

b"Is this a simile or a metaphor The rain felt like small kisses on Rosemary's face,"

b'Is the infinitive to use used as an adjective in this sentence: in your opinion, what is the easiest word-processing program to use?'

b"Tell if the verb is action or linking. 1. My grandmother seems young to me. seems-linking 2. They looked odd in the old-fashioned clothing of the 1950's. looked-linking 3.Mrs Shuman cooks great Dutch food. cooks-action 4.Joseph never knew his grandparents. knew-linking 5. He ..."

b'for the word hiatus can it be used in a sentence that says: He took a hiatus from his hobby. that sentence was from a website just want to make sure its right'

b'Could you tell me if these sentences are correct? I have to identify the linking verbs. 1. I have grown weary of television. 2. She has been late every day this week. 3. You should be hungry after all that work. 1=have grown 2=has been 3=should be'

b'How do the Native Americans respond to the Spaniards in the first encounter between the two groups?'

b"Ms. Sue, could you please take a look at my Living Healthy Post, you are the only other English teacher I know besides Writeacher, and she's not on right now."

b'I am writing an argument essay on school uniforms and I need some help writing the introduction. I am arguing in favor of school uniforms.. My thesis is ..School uniforms should be required in all public schools because not only do they cut down on the teasing and bullying but...'


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