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b"Roger Chillingworth's main objective is to revenge upon Dimmensdale and not redeeming himself by helping Hester. Is this a good thesis statement?"

b'Ms. Jefferson will not be back in school until she is well. When I sat down on the couch, my sister moved over. Did you test the batteries before you installed them? I have to tell if the word in is a verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, or interjection 1.well-adverb...'

b'Bring me the largest head of lettuce, please. I have to pick out the prepositional phrase and then identify its object. of lettuce pp phrase lettuce it object'

b"Hi Can somebody tell me if this is correct? The question is, find lines that Shakespeare enjoy by commenting on the play itself. HAMLET to FIRST PLAYER 'Tis well. I\xc2\x92ll have thee speak out the rest soon. to POLONIUS Good my lord, will you see the players well bestowed? Do..."

b'would it make sense to write: he stimulated his friend'

b"Unctuous - full of unction; especially : revealing or marked by a smug, ingratiating, and false earnestness or spirituality I don't understand this. Unction means : use of oil or ointment Could someone explain this in simpler words."

b'I forgot to include these sentences. I really hope you can look at them, too. 1I\xc2\x92ve never played any digital games on my cell phone but I could. I can\xc2\x92t surf the net at school but we use a drawing programme called Autocad during our design and technology classes. 2My ...'

b'It accepted the bride into the family. Is accepted an action verb physical or mental? It is referring to a letter'

b'How did boy come into modern English'

b'Please correct this paragraph. please.. there is no flow in the second paragraph .plz help It is a very interesting and funny story. The writer of the story Francois Rabelais tells us about the adventure of the two giants, Gargantua and Pantagruel in sixteen century. They make...'

b'Plot is closely related to _____. authenticity?'

b'i have to wright an essay tomorro comparing The Great Gatsby and The Color of Water. Can anyone help me get some ideas/topics on what i should wright about?'

b'it is not unusual for writers to confuse advers and adjectives how did the material in my writinglab help reduce the possibility of confusion describe the strategies you have developed to avaoid confusing the use of adverbs and adjectives in the future'

b'Imagine you are on a local commission appointed to study the lack of proper recreation facilities for youth in your neighborhood. Decide what facilities should be recommended. Write an appropriate resolution to be presented to your county government. Remember to give the ...'

b"In Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded, which some consider to be the first English novel, Pamela's master attempts to seduce her. How does the story end?"

b'Can you please tell me if I made any mistakes in the following sentences? Thank you very much for your help. Thank you for your corrections. Can you please check the grammar in the following letter, please? 1 Do you think you can help me find a school in your area which could...'

b'The author successfully translates her experience in Darfur into terrifyingly realistic scenes. authenticity?'

b"1. Cows provide us with milk. 2. Cows provide milk to us. Ae both the same? 3. A cow can make about 12 kilograms of waste in a day. 4. A cow can make about 12 kilograms of waste within a day. What is the difference between 3 and 4? The use of 'in' and 'within'"

b"1. The car runs on gas. 2. The car runs on gas and electricity. Are both grammatical? Do we have to use 'on'? Can't we use other prepositions instead of 'on'?"

b"He keeps himself in good health. What is the part of speech of 'in good health'? An adjective phrase or an adverbial phrase? I think we can substitude 'healthy' for 'in good health'? Then, is 'in good health' an adjective phrase?"

b"1. If it snows tomorrow, I'll not go hiking. 2. Because it snows tomorrow, I'll not go hiking. 3. Because it will snow tomorrow, I'll not go hiking. Which one is correct of the two, 2 and 3?"

b'Most people think of bamboo as a tree or a bush. Is this transitive or intransitive? think = transitive'

b'Crucible Again. The sites did not help. I had done a search already. Thanks anyway for the suggestion. Would you be able to give me input on the below Intro, and also help me next with a topic sentence. The pure in heart need no lawyersCrucible, Arthur Milleras stated by ...'

b'They are arguing about rules and regulations again. I have to identify the adverb. again'

b'I have to add prepositional phrases to the following sentences. Please check to see if correct. 1.The carpenter repaired the roof. 2.The coach explained the play. 1.The carpenter repaired the roof in the house. 2.The coach down the street explained the play.'

b'Thank you for your corrections. Can you please check the grammar in the following letter, please? 1 Do you think you can help me find a school in your area which could be interested in an e-mail correspondence with our school? It is a high school with an emphasis on science ...'

b"I have to identify the word in as either adverb or preposition and if it's a preposition I have to list its object. 1.I'm sure he let the dog come in last night. 2.The bus drove past the people waiting at the bus stop. 1. adverb 2.preposition-people"

b"The first English novel was Gulliver's Travels... true..?"

b'Can you check if he following sentences are possible, please? Thank you very much in advance. 1.In the first part the ancient Mariner stops a wedding guest to tell him his dreadful tale. The killing of the albatross is significant in two ways. 2 Firstly, Coleridge doesn\xc2\x92t ...'

b'What is the simple and complete predicate for this sentence: Slice these vegetables for the salad.'

b'Are the words awake and discovered compound words?'

b'I have to list the verb or verbs. Could someone please check. 1. The plant Venus seems more like Earth in appearance than any other planet does. seems like'

b'Is there a difference between a root word and a base word, or are they the same thing?'

b'In the crucible the pure in heart need no lawyers, agree or disagree, give me some input please'

b'What is the importance of feedback in communication?Explain.'

b'Need ideas for a 7th grade research paper. I like gymnastics and dance. any ideas?'

b'thanks for helping me, just saying'

b"i need help writing a thesis statement for an essay. the topic is this: use an example from romeo and juliet, write and essay analyzing Romeo's decision-making abilities at this point in the play. also, include a tough decision you have had to make and explain how it could ..."

b"so, i posted an essay question like 10 minutes ago, it's under anonomys though cause i forgot to put my name, anyway, i started the intro to the essay: Blue or green? Long or short? Yes or no? At some point in your life, you will face a time where you need to make a decision. ..."

b"What is an essay-style question, and how would I write one about a book I read? I don't have to answer the question"

b'I have a few question on linking verbs: 1. I am fond of both kinds of comics. linking verb - fond? 2. Joseph Pulitzer was the first to publish color funnies. linking verb - was? 3. The sales of his newspaper were high. linking verb - sales 4. Sunday Funnies soon became part of...'

b"please help me with this. it's an essay question that i'm really stuck on based on romeo and juliet. please help thanks what are some decisions Romeo had to make that could possibly decide his fate, and how are his decidion-making skills in the first two acts of the play?"

b'Hello - I am having trouble with verbs and linking verbs...can you tell me if these are correct? I also have to pick out the predicate noun/adjective. 1. In northern Canada, the countryside seems peaceful. LV= seems, PA = peaceful 2. The mountain air smells fresh. LV= ...'

b'I have to identify if the verb is transitive or intransitive. 1.Eddie must be the fastest runner on the team. 2. We were the largest class in the history of the school. 1.must be=intransitive 2.were=intransitive'

b'do you think that the english bill of rights guaranteed freedom of religion? why or why not?'

b"I'm writing an essay on the short story, The Bouquet. It's a essay on the character of Mary Myrover. Tell me what you think... =D Mary Myrover is Charles W. Chesnutt's major character in the short story, The Bouquet. She is a prideful, southern white lady, suffering from the..."

b'Could someone please check for me? I have to list the adverb and then list the word the adverb modifies. 1. She is particularly interested in sports. 2. Have you ever climbed a mountain? 3. Which part of the assignment would you do next? 1.particularly-is interested 2.ever-...'

b'what does restrictive and nonrestrictive mean???????'

b'We have to analyze an analogy for our English class. I remember a very interesting demonstration I saw several years ago--the person took two glasses, one being large, the other small. He poured water into the large one about halfway, and then transferred this into the smaller...'

b'I have to identify the adverb and the word or words the adverb modifies. 1.Some kinds of opals are extremely beautiful. 2.The ocean appears especially beautiful at sunrise. 3.On Sunday, the dogs in my neighborhood barked early. 4.No room remained at the end of the row, so ...'


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