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b'shakespeare usually used short stage directions which one is the odd one out and why'

b'the summer people by Shirley Jackson How does the use of dialect separate the allisons from the townspeople?'

b'what are some american made video games that are violent besides Grand Theft Auto?'

b"Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of. 1 Mickey hasn't finished the washing-up, yet. He is late for the audition and Storm offers to do the washing up for him. She reminds him that on his first day in London he told her that he..."

b'In The summer people by Shirley Jackson. What is the stories point of view? For which Characters does the narrator give us insights into the mind? Give an example of this.'

b"what are some things I can include in an essay about Hoagland's City Rat Please don't reply with links. I can do that myself."

b'In The summer people by Shirley Jackson. What is the stories point of view? For which Characters does the narrator give us insights into the mind? Give an example of this. Explain the symbolism of the gathering storm and how it helps us interpret the ending of the story?'

b'what are some poetic devices used in the following poem? Mending Wall by Robert Frost Something there is that doesn\xc2\x92t love a wall, That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it And spills the upper boulders in the sun, And makes gaps even two can pass abreast. The work of ...'

b'How would you rewrite the following claim to remedy problems of ambiguity? Do not assume that common sense by itself solves the problem. Two million times a day Americans love to eat, Rice-a-Roni -- the San Francisco treat. ANSWERS: 1. Two million times a day Americans love ...'

b'How would you rewrite the following claim to remedy problems of ambiguity? Do not assume that common sense by itself solves the problem. I am a huge Mustang fan. --- Ford Mustang advertisement ANSWERS: 1. I am a big man, and I like Mustangs. 2. I like huge Mustangs. 3. I ...'

b'why is the book flipped by wendelin van draanen considered a romance novel?'

b'i need help on writing subtopics for school uniforms. im for them and need to write arguementation paper about it'

b'Are repudiate and denounce similar?'

b"I need to write a response to Hoagland's City Rat? I don't know where to begin, or what a possible response can be"

b'I really need to know if the following questions are correct. 1 Which role did the Church play in medieval times? 2 How was Elizabethan theatre structured? Focus your attention on the description of the stages. 3Briefly analyse the character of Shylock. In particular, refer...'

b'150 children in our program need expensive dental treatment'

b'What are some differences between Beowulf and Wanderer?'

b'Is there any basic format for a graphic organizer?'

b"I really don't understand how to scan a poem for iambic pentameter. Help"

b"Write an essay comparing Baldwin's account of the Titanic with Rosenthal's account of his visit to Auschwitz. In your paragraph, explain how the tone and purpose of each essay is different. Support your argument with at least one example from each essay. Hello I really can't ..."

b'Hello, I am needing help formulating a question for my English class. We are needing to write an ethical/causal argument. I want to relate it to either animal testing or animal hunting. Is this a decent one? Is it ethical to continue animal experimentation? Is it ethical to...'

b'give examples of literary and non-literary prose by citing examples from any source.350 words'

b"Reason your sympathies lean as they do I'm trying to complete a chart. Can somebody explain what this means."

b'Rewrite sentence, including any punctuation. I counted one hundred seventy-six CDs on the shelves next to the fireplace.'

b'does this sentence make sense? They\xc2\x92re excited about the spring fling Hannah replies, as she her cheeks stain scarlet.'

b'does anyone have a point, quote and comment for the book Flipped for proving that this book is in the romance genre?'

b"Please translate all this French into English. Please don't write the answer all together squished together. Leave space, like I did.Thanks. On passe un bon film au Gaumont On y va? Pas possible j'etudie pour l'nterro demain d'accord alors a demain"

b'help me find subjects and verbs in college sentences'

b"What does opportunity mean in today's current social and academic contexts"

b'explain why communicationis described as a process'

b"Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 at 8:52am. 1. Do you do any volunteer work? How about your friends? 2. Yes, I do. They do volunteer work, too. 3. No, I don't. They don't do volunteer work, either. Are the answers grammatical? 4. Do you do any volunteer work? 5..."

b'Songpyeon is a traditional Korean food. Koreans usually eat it on Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving Day. Songpyeon is made with rice, chestnut paste, and sesame seeds or beans. It is tasty.Therefore, we Koreans like this food very much. Would you check the passage? Please ...'

b'Does this sentence sound awkward she almost committed suicide had her brother not stopping her.'

b'sentenece Frangments The great horned owl, an endangered species.'

b"I need to contrast and compare Beowulf's speech lines 365-428 with Gaiwain's speech lines 343-361"

b'In what ways can the ability to write an organized and informative essay help you in your work outside of school?'

b"I can't seem to remember this word. It's when someone ______ their anger at other people. all i can think of is the word exhort which is not the word I'm looking for, but i think it probably sounds similar. Could someone write some words down it's sort of like the word ..."

b'1. I have been to Japan before. 2. I went to Japan before. 3. I had been to Japan before. Are they all grammatical? Is 1 the same as 2? Thank you.'

b"1. I have just finished the work. 2. I just finished the work. 3. I finished the work just now. What about the use of 'just'? Are the sentences all grammatical and the same?"

b'Why did Shakespeare intent hamlet to have an oedipal complex? I am thinking because to make the character interesting? :S'

b'I went to the buffet six times, and I still saved room for dessert. A. SUBORDINATION B. COORDINATION C. RELIIOUS D. Secular'

b'Please correct my essy. 1 please tell me what to change/add. 2please check my thesis/summary. 4Is my intorduction good, cammos, sentenc structures. Thanks for the time u took to look at my essay. One of the most controversial issue in America is illegal immigrates. Due to ...'

b'Need help with an assignment please.I am going to explain this to the class and I want to feel confident.Your help is appreciated. Its Allusion. I picked Someone who perservers and never gives up. I have to identify what it means, and researh their story, the one the writer ...'

b'Are there any websites about medieval attitudes about Jews? In google i mostly get websites about a book.'

b'what is the character porter in Act II Scene 3 trying to say with his puns?'

b'supporting details may refer to secondary points which may help to clarify choices are :points or all information of a paragraph, another name of main idea or the topic sentence? plz help me'

b'which of the following words cannot use the suffix -ive? reveal- decis- conclus- impress-'

b'what is the antonym of boor?'

b'if there are choices like minor, major or major, minor topic, writer and information, topic then what are the best two choices for this blank in a paragraph the.....details grow out the major details and also give the information about....details.'

b'in a paragraph......details grow out of the major details and also give information about..... details. what are the best suitable words for these two blanks?'


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