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b'is it it is true that she is more clever or cleverer'

b"She asked me if me and Greg could handle a yard like hers A. Change could to can. B. Change hers to her's C. Change me and Greg to Greg and I. D. Make no change."

b'Can anyone tell me which Play the Phrase, Drama Kings and Queens, Unite came from ar at least point me in the right direction?'

b'The Dark Knight was the most popular film of 2008. [Stating it was the most popular film of 2008 is a big statement that needs supporting documentation. Also be sure to indent the first line of each paragraph] Unlike most popular summer movies it was also considered to be a ...'

b'5. Choose one of the topics listed below and write a five-sentence paragraph using chronological order to arrange the details of the paragraph. a. Signing on to my homepage is simple. b. Writing a paper takes patience and time. c. Let me explain how to make my favorite ...'

b'rhymes and plural and possessive nouns for the jumps of lambs'

b'1.The Reverend Jesse Jackson spoke at the convention. 2.I wear heavy wool socks under my hiking boots. 3.Joel and Tina are participating in the Special Olympics. Identify prepositional phrase, tell if adj or adverb phrase then word that phrase modifies 1.at the convention-...'

b'is this a run-on sentence? Niabi play both the oboe and the piano and plays them well.'

b'Write five grammatically correct sentences about the role of time management in an academic environment, in which you correctly use a different verb tense'

b'We gathered all the tools and equipment we would need to. A. Change gathered to gather B. Delete the word to C. Add have after would'

b"Translate all this french into english. I did all of it at the bottom. Please do it as well so I can check my answers. Check my answers as well. Thanks. On passe un bon film au Gaumont. On y va? Pas possible. J'etudie pour l'interro, demain. D'accord. Alors, a demain. My ..."

b"1.The hikers are ready for a break. 2.Yesterday we rode our bikes through the park. 3.That store has something for everyone. 4.Students from both South America and North America attended the meeting. 5.According to the map, Tony's farm is just ahead. Identify prepositional,..."

b'use laugh in a sentence.'

b'how do you write an addres'

b'Suzuki no doubt hopes his arguments will spur us to action .Does his closing help to achieve that goal'

b'Write the nouns and pronouns used as adjectives and the noun each one modifies. 1 the wings of a duck are small for its body weight.'

b"I basically have to put this poem in my own words. Some sentences I don't really understand, so it would be a great help to me if you could tell me what they mean. I have to rephrase each sentence. After the semicolon, a new sentence begins. Here is the poem; Success To laugh ..."

b"Is sympatheticy a word. I want to use a word like this. My sentence is... Blah Blah's character is determined by his willingness to work, his sympatheticy towards his son. Sounds like a word, but I don't know if it is. Thanks :"

b'Can you tell me if the following sentences are possible? Thank you very much. 1 I get a lift with my dad on his motorbike. My dad gives me a lift on his motorbike. 2 I ride my motorbike to school. It takes me ten minutes to ride my motorbike to school. It takes me ten ...'

b"1. I am a farmer, ain't I? 2. I am a farmer, aren't I? Which one is correct? What is the correct tag question? 3. Open the door, will you? 4. Open the door, won't you? 5. Don't open the door, will you? 6. Don't open the door, won't you? Which ones are grammatical from 3 to..."

b'Posted by rfvv on Monday, November 8, 2010 at 7:14am. 1. He is an early bird. 2. He is a morning person. 3. He is a late bird. 4. He is an evening person. Does 1 mean 2? The opposite of 2 is 4, right? What about 3? What is the opposite of 1? English - GuruBlue, Monday...'

b'I need help with expanding the following essay. Hoagland describes that he feels like a city rat, living in New York City. There is a lot more violence than there used to be, yet after seeing or hearing about it one just goes on with their life. People have worked out a system...'

b'Death of a Salesman - Are there any sumbols that may have cultural, political or religious references in the play? Any direction you could provide would be greatly appreciated. thanks'

b'A plot is made up of _____. more than one event? or one event?'

b'Somberness is a mood.?'

b"Can you help me check these sentences, please? Thank you very much for your invaluable help. 1 When did the fire break out ? in London? 2 The old cathedral was badly damaged by a fire which broke out in a baker's shop in London. 2 What material was used to build most of ..."

b"Please correct my english Hello everybody I'm not an english speaker, but currently study english at school. Our homework is to write an english dissertation. But before it, we should give the teacher the detailed plan. It's noted, so I will be very thankfull if someone can ..."

b"1. They don't like hot curry. Does hot curry mean the curry which is hot? Do you have other types of curry dish?"

b'1. He is an early bird. 2. He is a morning person. 3. He is a late bird. 4. He is an evening person. Does 1 mean 2? The opposite of 2 is 4, right? What about 3? What is the opposite of 1?'

b"1. Chris can do the job, isn't he? 2. Chris can do the job, isn't she? Which tag question is right? Are both OK? Is Chris used as a male name or female name?"

b"That's the price of life. When do we use this expression? What does 'price' mean in this sentence?"

b"But I'm not a gardener. I'm a carpenter, Grandpa said. It's easy, Grandpa. These green things are weeds. Do not touch the white flowers, Franscisco said. What does 'it' refer to in the passage?"

b"I want you to weed the garden. I'll be back at three, the man said and drove away. It's gardening, Grandpa, Francisco said. In this passage, what does 'it' refer to?"

b"1. A boy should be in school. 2. A boy should be at school. Are both the same? Which preposition do we hae to use? 3. Get in the truck 4. Get on the truck 5. Go in the truck 6. Go on the tuck Can we use 'on' instead of 'in'? What about 'go' instead of 'get'?"

b'1. I lied him that you were a fine gardener. 2. I lied that you were a fine gardener. Are both grammatical?'

b'1. What do your parents want you to become? 2. What do your parents want you to be? 3. What do your parents want you to do? 4. What do your parents want you to do in the future? - They want me to become a public prosecutor. What is the suitable question for the answer?'

b'Please give me loads of examples of socio-cultural norms'

b'Help Understanding A journey to the center of the earth by: Jules Verne. 1.What problems do each of the 3 characters face within themselves, and how do they end up resolving each of there problems? 2.What are 4 of the most important occurences in the book that really make a ...'

b'BOOK O PIONEERS On pages 68-69, Alexandra and Carl Lindstrum have a conversation where they compare the different paths their lives have taken. At the bottom of page 68, the paragraph begins with Carl saying--\xc2\x93Freedom so often means that one isn\xc2\x92t needed anywhere. Here ...'


b'I am writing a paper and i need 3 reasons why experimenting on animals is okay. I already have 2: it is benefical to humans and animals, and there are strong laws that protect the animals used in experiments but i cant think of a third.'

b'\xc2\x95 Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a 150- to 300-word review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. \xc2\x95 Bold each adverb. \xc2\x95 Underline each adjective. \xc2\x95 Compare the event to one or more similar events. When comparing, ...'

b'Alice Axia\xc2\x92s article discussed overlooked tax deductions. It talked about some of the most commonly missed deductions. Whereas her use of statistics seemed to bolster her arguments, it would have been nice to see her elaborate more about the specific deductions missed. She ...'

b'1. The movie Minsu wants to see is Shrek. 2. The movie Minsu wants to watch is Shrek. Which verb do we have to use? Are both OK? which one is commonly used?'

b'What is the difference between APA Citation and MLA Citation when you write a bibliography and in paranthetical citations?'

b'I have to rite a paper on y animal research is benifical. Is this a good thesis statement? Animal research helps save lives all over the world. It is used to see if a new medicine is safe and the animals used in the experiments are also treated in the most humane way as ...'

b"1. He got in the car. What is the part of speech of 'in'? 2. Get in What is the part of speech of 'in' here?"

b"Can you please tell me if everything is possible? Thank you. 1 Mickey hasn't finished the washing up, yet. He is late for the audition and Storm offers to do the washing up for him. She reminds him that on his first day in London he told her that he wanted to be famous. She ..."

b'1. Look at the Canadian national flag. 2. Look at the national flag of Canada. 3. This is the Chinese national flag. 4. This is the national flag of China. 5. This is American national flag. 6. This is the national flag of America. Are they all grammatical? Do we have other ...'

b'compare these two quotes they fight tybalt falls he gave me a tremendous dip and roll so that the church jumped over its weathercock'


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