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b'make sentence of fence-post'

b'i need to know if my sentences and grammar are clear, and if i have the correct topic sentence for each paragraph correct. 1. If something will cost more than what it is worth because, you do not have the money to buy it is you can purchase it by financing it. Purchasing ...'

b"1. There are a lot of empty milk packs which we can recycle. 2. There are a lot of empty milk cartons which we can recycle. Are both the same? Is 'milk carton' milk pack?"

b'I need to know if the following sentences are possible. Thank you very much 1 Lake Titaca is situated lies between Bolivia and Peru and is the highest large lake in the world. Can I replace highest large with largest? What is the difference? 2Chile is situated on the ...'

b'I need help thinking up a title for my paper My paper is about contrast between passionate, youthful love and mature, steady love it is about the book O Pioneers by Willa Cather.. Cather implies that passionate love is dangerous and unstable and is unlikely to lead to ...'

b'in the miracle worker what does it mean when helen touches her own cheeks'

b'Define Socialism. George Orwell doesnt think Socialism can work. WHY? How does he prove that it doesnt work by the way Animal farm ends?'

b'how do you misuse pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions. Im trying to help my little brother but im lost.'

b'does being shy can effect my education? please help and thank you'

b'We just got done reading Animal Farm, by George Orwell. I cant come up with enough facts for the following questions. How does Napoloen and the other pigs control the animals through fear and intimidation? so far i have by 1by killing other animals right before their eyes 2...'

b"How is Hamlet a tragic hero? I have these points 1. tragic flaws 2. he suffered throughout the play 3. ??? I need one more..I can't think of anything... someone help please."

b'How can a noun be misused?'

b"1.The castanets, which were quite old, had been Melanie's grandmother's. 2.You were always singing when you were little. 3.Three Indian elephants patiently towed the logs that had just been cut. 4.Stay with us as long as you want. 5.The Forbidden City, where China's emperors ..."

b'okay i have 2 out of 3 supporting ideas for my essay but i need 3 so i need 1 more here is mine does being shy effects my education please help and thank you'

b"why is sugar more soluble in water than in canola oil???? in english please ive asked this question and it didn't make sense"

b'does being shy effects my career path, communication, and... what to know does it effect my life i think it effect my life just want to make sure and aslo i need one more on how being shy can effect my life cause i need three and i got only two sorry for asking so many ...'

b'is shy is another word for lack of self-confidence are they the same or different cause i think im getting mix up here please help and thank you'

b'i have to write an essay and this is the topic i chose: Explain why you like or dislike something that has an effect on your life. i chose dislike: having no confident can i write about that or does it has to be a thing, an object? please help and thank you'

b'I forgot to include a few other sentences on the comparatives of adverbs. 1 He lives the farthest from the school. He has the least money among us. He is the friendliest among my classmates. He has made the fewest mistakes. 2 He wears the most expensive and fashionable ...'

b"Can you please check if my sentences are possible? Thank you 1When she was born,the doctors noticed that she had a problem with her feet. 2She was operated on her feet ?/She underwent an operation and the doctors amputated her feet and part of her legs. 3 She didn't ..."

b"1. He is my boss. What is the meaning of 'boss'? My senior in a department or the president of a company?"

b"1.Camels stamped and bellowed in annoyance when packs were put on them. 2.Aloe plants, which originated in Africa, are now widely available in the US. 3.As far as scientists can tell, there is no connection between these two events. 4.If you adjust the blinds, you won't have ..."

b"1. What is your name? Is 'what' a subject or a subjective complement?"

b'But it was for I would have lived to have loved God better and longer time, that I might by the grace of that living have the more knowing and loving of God in the bless of heaven. Can you tell me what this quote from Julian of Norwich, The book of Showings mean please? I ...'

b'Odipus Rex/Odipus the king Identify an important question about the text that the film had to address. Evaluate the question. Setting,costume, eliminating a speech or character, music..'

b'what news of julilet does Romeos servant Balthasar bring?'

b'In the story Call of the Wild.Why did Black Burton punch John Thorton?'

b'who does buck replace as a leader?'

b'I need to know if MY SENTENCES focus on one key point, The topic sentence relates to the paragraph as a whole, The content is comprehensive, accurate, and effective, Major points are stated clearly; are supported by specific details, examples, or analysis; and are organized ...'

b'Poetry that is not artistic in form or meaning is didactic.'

b'Free verse is poetry that has no rhythm true?'


b'Erica P. com/155interest rates \xc2\x95 In a total of 200 words, write two paragraphs with about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. \xc2\x95 Identify the topic sentence in each by underlining it. I need to know if I underlined all of the topic sententeces, They each ...'

b'stop the accident The Children are doing something wrong in each of these places. predict and describe what should they done instead? Jane and fred are running round the corner. and crash to each other. what should they do?'

b"1. Ask a question at a time. What are other expressions which are similar to 'at a time'? 2. John is in his room at the moment. What other expressions are similar to 'at the moment'?"

b'A friend in need is a friend indeed is the life lesson that my father taught me. I learned from him that we should try hard to help others. He always wanted me to be a good friend who can help friends in need. Is this passage grammatical? Would you correct some unsuitable ...'

b'Question Chickens include chicks, hens, and roosters. Then, what includs, cows, bulls, and calves?'

b'i need an urgen help with my eulogy can someone please help me, please. i cant do some parts properly,and am not sure of some parts. so really need help. This is a hard moment. It\xc2\x92s the moment we must say farewell to the to the brave young man, Callum McGregor. He left too ...'

b"we're the one and only primo exemplary, boisterous in a fun groove and rapturous in our own fascinating way. check parallelism???? tnx"

b'In Act 4, Claudius notes that \xc2\x93sorrows come\xc2\x85in battalions.\xc2\x94 By the end of the play these sorrows include the deaths of all the major characters except Horatio. To what degree can Claudius be held responsible for all the sorrows of the play? Which sorrows may be ...'

b'1. They shape clay like an apple. 2. Clay is shaped like an apple. Is 2 the passive form of 1?'

b'Please help My Mom and I are disagreeing Jazz began in New Orleans. Verb is began and it is intransitive. 2 Jazz musicians played by ear. Verb is played and it is transitive.My Mom thinks it is intransitive. 3They played blues and spirituals. Verb is played and it is ...'

b'Posted by rfvv on Monday, November 15, 2010 at 8:41pm. 1. What are they like? -They are brave. 2. What is their presonality like? - They are brave. Are the questions and answers right and the same? 3. It is shaped like a fish. 4. They are shaped like fish. Are both ...'

b'The mortals are the pygmalion and Aphrodite in the myth of pygmalion is that right? help me please.'

b"1. What are they like? -They are brave. 2. What is their presonality like? - They are brave. Are the questions and answers right and the same? 3. It is shaped like a fish. 4. They are shaped like fish. Are both grammatical? What is the part of speech of 'shaped' in the ..."

b'What do you think about this situation? What is the assessment of this scernario Talk with a 22 year old male student and school athlete, plays water polo, about adapting while recovering from a broken pelvis. He feel he will lose his edge during recovery and that he may not ...'

b'In the story of pygmalion and galatea what mortals are involved? Can you explain what they mean . ?'

b'Hi I am doing an article on why I think humans should not eat meat from the perspective of a parent with a child. I need three solid arguments for this; please help.'

b"I'm writing my essay on the book Edward's eyes and my essay is about the three types of themes in the book. The first theme is about the closeness of a familys relationship to each other. How would I write my topic sentence for my first paragraph. I'm confused"

b'Posted by rfvv on Monday, November 15, 2010 at 6:19am. The man said,I want you to weed this garden. This garden seems to belong to the man. Q: What did the man want Francisco and his grandpa to do? 1. He wanted them to weed a garden. 2. He wanted them to weed the garden. 3...'


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