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b"1. You can't go there alone. 2. You are not able to go there alone. 3. You are not allowed to go there alone. What does 1 mean? Does 1 mean 2 or 3?"

b'what is the difference between SEQUENTIAL POEMS and NARRATIVE POEMS ..please could you give explanation and not a website link thanks :'

b'Why do miracles come true and happen for the right people?'

b"1. You know that restaurant round/around the corner? It's closed down. 2. You know that restaurant round/around the corner? It's closed now. Are both sentences grammatical? Are both the same? Do we have to use 'round' or'around'? Are both OK?"

b"1. I am going to try an English club. 2. I am going to join an English club. Does 'try' mean 'join'?"

b"I forgot to include the following statements. Tahnk you for you help. 1 News is brought that Antonio's ships had been lost had sunk? at sea. 2 The Jews were restricted in the jobs they could do. 3 The actors entered went on stage from through? two doors. 4 The ..."

b"Can you please check if the following statements are possible? Thank you very much. 1The mythologies describe the Druids as having magical powers such as divination and shape-changing themselves into the forms of animals not into animals' forms? 2Shylock doesn't take ..."

b'how does the structure of the poem affect the meaning of the poem..or contribute to the poem THank u soo much :'

b'i have a poetry analysis tomorrow is there any websites that will help me also does anyone know how to figure out what exactly the imagery is in a poem..how can we make out it is an imagery , any examples..thank you A MILLION tyms'

b'1. They are going to seek new members. 2. They are going to seek for new members. Are both OK?'

b"What are the adverbs in 'Will you please put your book inside your bag?'"

b'Elisa is a teenage girl who has trust issues with others. She does not like to tell individuals every fact of her life. What could Elisa do to help her trust people more and just be open with them?'

b'1. I will go there. 2. I shall go there. 3. I intend to go there. What does 1 mean? Does 1 mean 2 or 3?'

b"1. I will be 14 years old next year. 2. I shall be 14 years old next year. 3. I am going to be 14 years old next year. 4. I intend to be 14 years old next year. Are they the same? What is the difference between 'will' and 'be going to'?"

b"Sally is a teenage girl. She is never seemed to be heard of. If she ever has something to state, she is always cut short. This happens to her all the time and she can't help but speculate if it's done deliberatly. This makes sally feel less essential. What should she do?"

b'which of the following genres is defined by form rather than theme: tragedy, sonnet, comedy, satire, or drama.'

b'Why is it important to not be so self-centered and to not just love yourself'

b"What are winter dreams from the story Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald? I don't understand what they are or what it means."

b'i need help on othello i can\xc3\xa8t figure out how does Iago dishonor Cassion in Act 2 Scene 3. this is my guess: he gets him drunk and then get him into a fight thus disturbing Othello with Desdemona please help and thank you'

b'It was a worthwhile trip, she said, the city had many excellent museums. Should the be capitalized?'

b'My mother told me, I should establish credit at a young age. Is there a adjective in this sentence?'

b"Can you please check these alternatives I'm not sure of? Thank you very much. 1 The growing anticlericalism in 14th-century England was due to caused by the wealth of the clergy, the rise birth, development of a movement of reforms called Lollardy and the corruption of ..."

b"In It Can't Be Helped, why does Mama destroy her dishes? aShe does not like the pattern on the dishes, which are chipped anyway. bMost of the other dishes have been broken in the move. cShe doesn't want the dealer to take advantage of her family's misfortune. dShe is ..."

b'My mother told me, I should establish credit at a young age. Am i correct when i say the pronouns are me and I, and the adverbs are establish and young?'

b"I have to write an essay on the chloera of haiti. For my intro, I have to write explain the subject and why it's important. I haven't written why it's important yet, but I described my subject. Can you please check to see if it's okay. Also, my essay only has to be 250-500 ..."

b'Based on Sir Gawain\xc2\x92s speech, which of the following traits adhered to the code of chivalry? Acourage and humility Bfaith and independence Cswagger and fearlessness'

b"1. I am going to try an English club. What is the meaning of 'try' here? What other expressions can we use? Would you rephrase this sentence?"

b"Certain experiences can mark the beginings of maturity: getting your first job graduating from high school getting your driver's license i need help getting some supporting details for the 3 ideas above. i just need some suggestions. please help and thank you very much"

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much for all. 1 He manages to set himself free throwing some of his persuers into the air ?. Finally, he jumps into a cart full of dead corpses headed out of town. 2He jumps off and finds himself in the middle of ...'

b'Can you please check if the following sentences summarising part of the film Frankenstein are possible? 1 Though the town is affected by cholera Victor decides not to abandon his work. 2 His work comes even before his beloved Elizabeth, who tries to dissuade him from staying...'

b'can someone please proofready my essay and fix any grammar errors I make have Thanks. Frederick Douglass had rough transition from freedom to slavery. His journey changed from oppression to freedom. He did not know what God had planned for his life, but he soon realized that ...'

b'Why was it important to the Founding Fathers to justify their actions by evoking traditional English rights?'

b'did dwight d eisenhower achieved the american dream?'

b'I forgot to include the followig sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them, too. 1 The crew is trapped for many days. Victor is confined to a desolate place when he is trying to carry out his experiment. Actually, he restricts ? himself inside his laboratory. 2 ...'

b'Can you please check this paragraph on Frankenstein and the tradition of the Gothic novel. Thank you very much. 1Gothic novels reached their popularity at the end of 18th century. The adjective \xc2\x93Gothic\xc2\x94 was first used in architecture and then applied to literature by ...'

b'Please check my paragraph and tell me if I need to add more. I am supposed to write a paragraph which sustains iron tone. Thannks Being organized shows a lack of creativity. It spumes boring, takes time and doesn\xc2\x92t come naturally for others. Disorganized people tend to work...'

b'what is a metaphor and hyperbole for the book the Bar Code Rebllion'

b"I need a short story with the theme of insanity. I'm not able to use Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. It would also be nice if it were a good read. Thanks :"

b"We can't use that photograph because Maria blinked while it was taken. Tell if compound or complex sentence complex"

b'How to be a good poet'

b"Skeptics argued that the boss's UNORTHODOX management style would... im not sure how to I know that unorthodox means disregarding or defying traditions or standards"

b"Ske[tics argued that the noss's UNORTHODOX management style would..."

b'With the election so near, the mayor became RETICENT about..... what could i write to finish the sentence?'

b'If the king fails to QUASH the rebel forces, they will... what could i write to finish the sentence?'

b'Thought to be _______, the criminal was sentenced to life without parole. 1.blasphemous 2.heretic 3.incorrigible'

b'I have to write a paragraph which sustains an ironic tone. I have two thesis that I want to write about. 1Being organized shows a lack of creativity. 2 Reading is a waste of time. I want to write about the first one. Please tell me a way to write about it using Ironic ...'

b"I am going to write about Somali pirates and I need help with writing my essay. I want to start with Anecdote and I don't know how to start. I am not for Somali pirates but I just think that justice is not being servered. this is little background about Somali pirates and ..."

b"I'd just like to know which would be the most suitable pronoun to be used in the following sentence. 1 The choice of this narrator can have the following functions. First, that of bringing the reader close to the feelings of the narrator. 2 Second, it ? contributes to ..."

b'I forgot to include the following statements. I really hope you can have a look at them, too. Thank you very much in advance. 1The third-person narrator is a narrator who stands outside the story and uses the third person voice to refer to the characters. 2 A third-person ...'

b'Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences for you to check. 1The narrator is the voice who tells the story and from whose point of view the story is told. 2He may be internal to the story, that is, a character in the story, either the protagonist...'


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