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b'1.The Great Wall is no longer needed for defense, but it has become a major tourist attraction. 2.Much of the wall was in ruins when the Ming dynasty took power in A.D. 1368. 3.Parts of the wall were built as long as 2,500 years, but the different sections were connected into ...'

b'1.It was built entirely by hand. 2.Several Chinese states began to build walls for protection. 3.The Ming government began rebuilding the crumbling ruins in the fifteenth century, and much of their work remains today. 4.The wall is as high as thirty-five feet, and the width ...'

b"1.Augustus' regin was the period that came to be called the Augustan Age, and his influence continued for nearly two hundred years. I have to identify the subordinate clause 1.that came to be called"

b"I really need your help to check these sentences and alternatives. Thank you very much 1 According to Rousseau's theories,society was regarded better: should be regarded as the source of any kind of evil and corruptions. 2One of the main themes is that of colonialism, ..."

b'The paragraph should demonstrate your ability to use sentence variety and proper punctuation. Your audience is your classmates. Begin with a 2-3 sentence description of the scene. Then add 6-8 lines of dialogue to complete your narrative. Use a variety of punctuation to add ...'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences.I really hope you can have a look at them, too. 1 Coleridge\xc2\x92s Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Shelley\xc2\x92s Frankenstein share similarities. Actually, both the shooting of the albatross and the creation of the monster can be ...'

b"Can you please check these sentences on Shelleys's Frankenstein? Thank you very much for your help. 1 The monster can be compared to Rousseau\xc2\x92s primitive man, since he comes to life free from social constrictions and unspoilt by civilization. 2However, the monster soon ..."

b'What is the best website to practice direct and indirect speech, adjectives and verbs for free? Thank you'

b'At my son\xc2\x92s very first softball game his team did not do very well. No one seemed to be able to hit the ball or run the bases when they were up to bat. When they were in the field they would either run from the ball or be nowhere near it when they attempted to catch it. The ...'

b"I need to find 2 medaphors in the book Among the Enemy by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I can't find them after I've read it twice."

b'I need help putting my thesis into parallel grammatical structure. Children should be limited on the amount of television they watch because not only is it filled with bad influences but it causes them behavior problems, and ultimately puts their health at risk. What is ...'

b'In a Word document, write a narrative paragraph that uses dialogue. The paragraph should demonstrate your ability to use sentence variety and proper punctuation. Your audience is your classmates. Begin with a 2-3 sentence description of the scene. Then add 6-8 lines of ...'

b"I still don't know how to rephrase dabbling correctly. Can you check if everything is OK? Thank you for helping 1He thought there should be sea-police upon the Haerwich-Holland ranges since that sea stretch was constantly overrun by pirates. 2 He was expert at dabbling ..."

b"I can't find any synonyms for the words I need to rephrase. Can you check them, please? 1 He thought there should be sea-police upon the Haerwich-Holland ranges since that sea stretch was constantly overrun by pirates 2 He was expert in dabbling in exchanges He was such a ..."

b"I need your help to paraphrase the description of the Merchant in Chaucer's Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. I'll include the description at the end. Thank you . 1The merchant had a forking beard and wore a motley I need a symonym: multicoloured dress, a Flemish beaver hat..."

b'what does the mentioning of heavenly bodies, i.e. the sky, the air, etc., reflect in the The Shawl by Cynthia Ozick?'

b'Thank you for your corrections. I still need your help with a few sentences. I apologise for not writing an introduction to my previous post. 1 Pay careful attention to the plural of words and to the spelling of the verb \xc2\x93say\xc2\x94. 2As you started describing the mirror in ...'

b"1 The wind is personified as a tired man, who like a guest, knocks at Emily Dickinson's door and asks her to enter. 2 Being invisible, there is no point in giving him a chair it is no use giving him a chair 3 Through his poem Davies wants to stress the fact that nowadays..."

b"this is a french fable that I translated but I don't really undersand it. It is called the lion and the hunter... A braggart, lover of hunting, Just lost a dog of good breed, He suspected the body of a lion, Saw a shepherd: Teach me, please, My thief, he said, the house. That..."

b'Can you please tell me if the following sentences are possible? Thank you very much. 1 A trochee consists of a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed one. A trochee consists in a stress-unstress pattern. 2 The mirror is described as being unprejudiced. 3t can also be ...'

b'i have to write a research paper on SAP Applications and i need some authentic websites ?'

b'Thank you very much. I still have a few questions. 1 Your sentences are confused and sometimes disconnected. Check the spelling in the dictionary before writing a word and make sure you are using tenses correctly. 2 White people failed their mission because they didn\xc2\x92t ...'

b'Is this correct? Here are the main categories: chemical elements games, astronomy games, cell games, Dino might, seasons, life cycles, animal classification and deep sea science.'

b'Does this sentence need a comma? On this web site one can choose from eleven central science areas.'

b'I need to find some fallacies in the Martin Luther King Jr. speech.. I Have A Dream I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Five score years ago, a great American, in whose ...'

b'Thank you very much for your help. Here are the last sentences of the day. 1The opposition between dark and white works in reverse. 2The poet teaches men how to understand themselves better. The subject matter? of poetry is often a normal common man with his problems. 3...'

b'Thank you very much for your corrections. Can you help me check these ones, too? 1The poet had to show other people the truth of real emotions. To manage this task to achieve this goal?, the poet had to use imagination, purifying ? human emotions and describing ? the ...'

b"In Invisible Man, the main character disproved of Tod Clifton and didn't like that he was selling sambo dolls. Why would he then make Clifton seem like a hero, and give a grand speech about him at his funeral? Was it because he wanted to impress others with his oratorical ..."

b'I still have a few more sentences to check.I hope you can look at them, too. Thank you 1 During the industrial revolution England is interested by a rise in population which caused a growing need for clothes. This led to an increase in production made possible ?? by new ...'

b'write two paragraphs how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions underlining the topic in each paragraph'

b'What kind of figurative language is in She pulled in her horizon like a great fish-net,. Is it both a hyperbole and a simile?'

b'in the book to kill a mockingbird what chapters 15-25 can i find quotes that support what boo radley, mayella ewell, and tom robinson had in common?'

b'I forgot to include the following statements. Thank you very much for your corrections. 1The introduction of new machinery permitted made it possible to sell cheaper products better. products at a cheaper, more competitive. 2Work was forbidden for children under 11. 3 ...'

b'Thank you very much for your corrections. I still have a few alternatives for you to check. 1 The demand for new clothes created the necessity better: caused the development of new machinery? to invent machinery for cloth-making. 2 New factories were built sprang up is ...'

b'what can be a thesis statement for an autobiography about your-self'

b'Can you please tell me if the phrases in brackets are possible? Thank you. 1Wordsworth imagines himself as like a cloud which overflows better: floats over valleys and hills. 2Before Wordsworth nature was seen as a philosophical entity. Now it starts to be seen as a ...'

b'Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences on the same subject. Thank you. 1Wordsworth imagines himself as like a cloud which overflows better: floats over valleys and hills. Before Wordsworth nature was seen as a philosophical entity. Now it...'

b'Can you please help me check these sentences? Thank you very much. 1.The poet sees is \xc2\x93views\xc2\x94 possible? nature as something alive with motion. 2.He sees nature like a real living being. It is a pantheistic view of nature, according to which, nature like the rest of the ...'

b'I am yet to take my photo'

b'provided the incorrect steps in resolve the issue'

b"Posted by rfvv on Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 3:23am. 1. You can't go there alone. 2. You are not able to go there alone. 3. You are not allowed to go there alone. What does 1 mean? Does 1 mean 2 or 3? English - Writeacher, Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 7:04am 1 and ..."

b'1. Can you do me a favor? 2. Can you help me? Are both the same? Or do they have any diference in meaning?'

b'can someone help me re-phrase this sentence for me Shyness can ruin your life. i can\xc3\xa8t figure out how to re-word this better. please and thank you'

b'hey i need help .....how can i start the essay with the introduction containing my thesis about the links between animal behavior and human behavior and i need also give examples from the book life of Pi thaks for everyone who help me out'

b'is it right when we say am confused or i am in confusion or confused ?'

b"Thank you very much for your corrections. Can you please help me check these sentences, please? 1 Don't write long-winded sentences.Your sentences must contain no more than two subordinate clauses. or two subordinates at the most? 2 You wondered off the subject. You were ..."

b"I need to find a set of poems for childhood, the subtopic being amusement. I can't really find any poems about children playing or something; Can I please get links to some? Thanks -MC"

b'What is the best short story online to read?'

b'Thank you very much for your corrections. Can you help me with these sentences, please? Thank you very much. 1Despite the corruption among the clergy, the church played a fundamental role in the Middle Ages. Actually/In particular/As a matter of fact/In fact which ones are ...'

b"1. May I come in? 2. Yes, you may. 3. No, you mayn't. Can we say 3? 4. The rumor may not be true. 5. The rumor mayn't be true. Can we use the contracted form, 'mayn't'?"


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