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b'what is the synonyms of scissors?'

b"Please ignore my previous post, I accidentally posted my rough draft Okay for English 12 U, I'm doing a literary essay for Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. The topic of my essay is Martel author's depiction of setting in Canada and India. Role of setting I'd like some advice ..."

b'i need to put this words in plural Daisy-daisies Day-daies Trench-trenchies Disc-discies Box-boxies Glass-glassies Sky-skies Whish-whishies Branch-branchis Horse-horseies Power-poweries Lunch-lunchis'

b"Can you please check the following senteces for me? Thank you very much 1 Give a brief description of the monster as referred to ? by Dr Frankenstein to in Chapter 5 of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Explain then what the monster stands for and what feelings this detailed ..."

b'how can i interpret this qyote; fear always springs from ignorance. i have to write an essay for this. please help interpret this. i have to do a paragraph.'

b'how can i interprete this quote: fear always springs from ignorance by: ralph waldo emerson'

b'1.If so, then you probably know some stories by Marguerite Henry. 2.Her books about horses have thrilled readers for more than forty years. 3.Henry wrote many popular books, such as Misty of Chincoteague and King of the wind. 4.Her book King of the Wind won the Newbery Medal ...'

b'Hello. I will really appreciate some help from a native speaker of English. Which word is correct in the following sentence: Both countries claim the four islands WHICH or THAT are known as... Maybe, both? And one more question. Is it possible to say: The islands are a the ?...'

b'In the following sentence, the comma is used correctly with an introductory clause: \xc2\x93Training for the upcoming ten-mile marathon, Lizette includes more protein and complex carbohydrates in her diet.\xc2\x94 Points : 1 True False'

b'Select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. Points : 1 The oil from Eucalyptus trees which are native, to Australia is known for its medicinal properties. The oil from Eucalyptus trees, which are native to Australia, is known for its medicinal properties. The oil from ...'

b'need a thesis for the play trifles my title is We Got Your Back'

b'Hello I am listing gown my works cited for my MA paper and one of my sources is a Model Teaching Unit I found on the Internet. I cannot post you the link :/ So it is not a book and I do not know how to write it in my works cited Help?'

b'at the end of chapter IV, Frankenstein pauses to moralize. What does he say about passion and how a person should deal with it?'

b'The noise from the ducks in the pond was soothing. I have to Underline each independent clause and subordinate clause twice then tell if the sentence is simple, compound, complex, compound-complex 1.The noise from the ducks was soothing=indep clause in the pond=subor clause ...'

b'i need help writing an introductory paragraph on growing up'

b"1.The varsity team will play as soon as the junior varsity is finished. 2.Thirty laps is the most that I have ever swum. 3.My sister was going to take me to dinner, but her car wouldn't start. Identify each independent clause in each sentence and each subordinate clause. Then ..."

b'1.He lived with his parents, brothers, and sisters. 2.Those in this small Mexican American community were worried and frightened. 3.That was the time when Cesar Chavez first lived among the migrant workers. 4.Chavez became a spokesperson for poor farmworkers. 5.In 1962, he ...'

b'1.Road crews are making repairs on Willow Street, where Jeremy lives. 2.According to some people, when the sky is red in the evening, the weather will be nice the next day. Tell if the clause in is adj or adv clause. 1.adj 2.adj'

b"1.Throughout his life, Chavez focused on nonviolent action. 2.He organized several boycotts of grapes and lettuce. 3.In California there was work for farmworkers if they could go from one farm to another. 4.In 1937, Cesar Chavez's family did not have enough money for the taxes..."

b'metaphors for sports'

b'1.With a cool, silent determination that seemed to be instinctive, the kitten stalked and pounced on the ball of the yarn. 2.The fans were cheering as though they had just won the national championship. 3.As the sun set, a feeling of peace came over the campers. 4....'

b"Yes, I made an important medical discovery. But I couldn't have done it without my team, said Dr.Jones. What's a word that discribes the sentence above?"

b'I need help i have to have a literary term for ch. 1,2,3,5,12,13,14,16,and 26 im having trouble figuring out how to do that so can somone help me please'

b"I'm reading Thoreau's Where I lived and What I lived For-Solitude and Conclusion. I don't understand how to answer this question. What does he compare man and his life to? Thank you"

b'what are some websites that can answer my questions and also if you this please help me. The question is What can you suggest to community as a way to act locally while they think or worry about global descisions? Thank YoU'

b"Need help with writing an essay. My essay will be about giving advices to high school students on how to be a successful. I have to create arguements for it and I don't know how. At first I want to give a difinition of the word Successful.Then write about being unsuccessful..."

b'how does dialogue help you move forward'

b'what is a one sentence summation of plot'

b'is anyone know what an anology for meander be?'

b'We have a worksheet that says classify eash sentence.. What does that mean?'

b"i have to make analogys for my vocab words and i need help apex:peak;________:__________ Assimilate:_____;_______:_________ interim:interval;_____:_______ and also for Meander,metropolis,momentous,obstrepous,?pensive perilou'shoddy,surly,and tirade"

b'your school has been invited to send a team of students to take part in the association of World Youth Groups.write a letter to your year group,inviting students to become part of the team .in the letter you need to tell them 1for which activity u r sending a team 2what kind...'

b"I have a project english composition 205, about the tom wait's musician"

b'letters that make schwa sound in compass'

b'how do a write a paragraph on how i plan to obtain my goal as a Doctor?'

b'Why do you think Douglass says of the killing of slave Demby \xc2\x91in an instant poor Demby was no more. His mangled body sank out of sight, and blood and brains marked the water where he stood.\xc2\x94? To me it seem as if hes sayint how he died instantly but idk i need more HELP ...'

b'How do you pronounce Beatrix? Is it a male name or a female name?'

b'1. I cannot be an actor. 2. I am not an actor at all. 3. I cannot become an actor. What does 1 mean? Is 1 similar to 2 or 3?'

b"1. This is my cousin David. 2. Please meet my cousin David. 3. Let me introduce my cousin David. Do they have the same meaing? Are they the expressions we can use when we introduce somebody to others? Why do we have to use 'meet' in this situation? Can't we use other ..."

b"This is the number of years that someone has lived, or that something has existed. What is the part of speech of 'that'? Is 'that' a relative pronoun or a relative adverb? Can we use 'when' instead of 'that' in the sentence?"

b'1.The hikers walked until they were exhausted. 2.Has John met the family who moved in next door? 3.Gerry needs the book that is on the shelf. Identify the word group in and tell if independent clause or not an independent clause. 1.Independent 2.Independent 3.Not ...'

b'Fred has gonet to lpondon with ^ last week.'

b'When a student has chosen to continue their education, they have also started towards being financially secure in life. has chosen is part tense participle Is have also started present perfect tense?'

b'Fred has gonet to lpondon with ^ last week. plz help me'

b'credit card paragraph using five adverbs and five adjectives'

b'a praragraph using a adverb and adjective'

b'This might sound stupid but I really need help. I think I know how to do it yet I am not sure if I am right or wrong so please direct me. My teacher asked me to Word format my paper, so I opened the microsoft word, then clicked on View and checked off the Ruler. So is my ...'

b'a. Paragraph one \xc2\x96 Describe the subject that you are writing about, and say why this subject is important. b. Paragraph two \xc2\x96 State the current situation associated with this subjects. What is happening now in the field that triggered you to write an article about this ...'

b'Please correct this sentence, the street was blocked off said Holly how did you see it Thanks'

b'What is the adjectives in the sentence, Lake Baika is in southeast Siberia'


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