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b"This is the number of years that someone has lived , or that something has existed. What is the part of speech of 'that'? Is 'that' a relative adverb or a relative pronoun? What is the antecedent of 'that'? English - Writeacher, Sunday, December 5, 2010 at 4:45pm In that ..."

b'okay i read the book Royally Jacked for english and i had to return the book and i need to finsh my book report ASAP i need to know 20 vocab words used in the book , venn diagram , plot diagram , summary 3-10 and i cant FAIL . so can you please help me and its also due in ...'

b'Hello again. Thanks for help. Could you please help me with one more sentence: British troops will withdraw from leavethe country by 2011 OR will have withdrawn will have left? Maybe, both? Thank you very much.'

b'1. Andy has lived for 40 years. 2. The animal has existed for 7 years. Are the sentences grammatical?'

b'1. Is Sandy a male name or a female name? 2. Is Jeremy a male name or a female name?'

b"This is the number of years that someone has lived , or that something has existed. What is the part of speech of 'that'? Is 'that' a relative adverb or a relative pronoun? What is the antecedent of 'that'?"

b"I have an essay to write but I need some help on this question. Comment on both Sheriff Bell's and Moss's wives. How are they alike? What is your opinion of them? What do you learn about each woman's relationship with their husband because they are placed in juxtaposition to ..."

b"I forgot to include the following statements. Thank you. 1 You are fast like a lighning. Better: You are as fast as lightning. 2Is it possible to write: I didn't correct this paragraph because it was your first draft. You re-wrote it neatly ? on your foolscap paper. See ..."

b'what does Elle travaille dans un hotel mean in english?'

b'Hello. I need some help from a native speaker of English. 1Is it possible to say to make a peace treaty or is it to conclude a treaty? 2is it possible to say to make a visit to Mexico? 3is it possible to say bipartite relations between the states or is it ...'

b'can you answer this one into correct dangling modifier.Having wrapped up the package carefully it should be tied.'

b'Hello Does anyone know how to insert pages in Word 2007? I want my fourth page to be numbered with 1. I have been searching for the way to do this for at least 2 years. I have never done it I have checked all Web pages. Need someone who really knows how to do that.'

b'I need 30 sentences in the past'

b'Whatis the most important description of Mr. Gore?'

b'Why do you think Douglass says of the killing of slave Demby \xc2\x91in an instant poor Demby was no more. His mangled body sank out of sight, and blood and brains marked the water where he stood.\xc2\x94?'

b'In Life of Pi, which is the true story? To me, I think the answer can go either way... Can someone help me? :S'

b'i need three strong reason to convince people to go bowling'

b'Can you please check if the following definitions are possible? Thank you 1The iamb is an unstress-stress pattern like the word upon. 2 The anapaest is the unstress-unstress-stress pattern. 3The oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two contradictory words terms are ...'

b'this is the assignment can you tell me if i covered what was needed of the assignment? Write two paragraphs, with a total minimum word count of 350 words, explaining what your point of view will be and what you plan to accomplish in your paper. My point of view of this paper ...'

b"Hi I really would appreciate your help.I am freshman in college and I want to be Women's health nurse pracitioner. However, English is not my native language and even though this is exactly what I am interested in I am doubting my performance in labs. I am not good at doing ..."

b'I have essay exam on martin luther king definition of justice in letter from birmingham jail and need help with this. The letter uses big vocabs and its very complicated to understand its claim, evedience etc.Please help understand this letter so I can pass the essay exam. ...'

b'question How would you think a writer would hope to see themselves as a writer in the future? What should they still need to learn to strenghten it to make it better?'

b'What does uncanny and marvelous mean?'

b'The interviewer wants to know why you got a D in all your English classes until this year, when you got a B. Your best response is: Points: 5 \xc2\x93I had problems writing and never thought it was important. Then, I realized that it is important, so I got myself a tutor and ...'

b'trying to diagram sentence for Bible class - trying to determine what the modifying phrases are, etc. For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of those who by their wickedness suppress the truth. I know the subject is the wrath of God...'

b"So, for my english class, I'll have to write a Short story Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling action Resolution I'd like the story to be around the theme of christmas or horror during x-mas. So I need you guys to help inventing a story with a surprising ending. You ..."

b'Another question regarding works cited in MLA style. I would like to put 2 photos in my work How do I do that? I cannot find anywhere how to put photos in MLA style. Thank you'

b'1. Look through the book. 2. Read through the book. Are both the same? What is the opposite of the expressions? 3. Look the book closely. 4. Read the book closely. Are these the opposite of the two sentences?'

b"Posted by rfvv on Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 3:41am. 1. What was her character? 2. What does she look like? 3. What's her personality? 4. What is she like? 5. What is she similar to? -She was quiet and shy. Can all the sentences from 5 to 1 be the suitable questions for ..."

b"i need help please. idont understand this question. as he enter desdemona's bedchamber in order to kill her, othello mutters: it is the cause, it is the cause, my soul. what is he talking about? in what way might he be rationalizing Desdemona's murder? i've been at for about ..."

b"1. You have to study hard. 2. You don't have to study hard. 3. You have not to study hard. Is 2 the same as 3?"

b'I forgot to include the following statements. Thank you very much. 1Mary I the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon repealed anti-catholic legislation and reintroduced the catholic religion. 2Elizabeth I\xc2\x92s Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn\xc2\x92s daughter great ...'

b'Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences I need to check.Thank you. 1The Renaissance derived from the medieval background a general conception of order. The universal order was conceived in the forms of a chain of being and a cosmic dance. 2The ...'

b"Which items are described by the geographic theme of place? a.Australia's climate is varied; it ranges from arid to tropical. b.Australia's population is mostly English-speaking. c.Australia is an island nation surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. d.Australia's terrain..."

b"Can you help me check these sentences,please? Thank you. 1Briefly outline the main features of Wordsworth's poetry as stated in his Preface to the Second Edition of Lyrical Ballads. 2Answer three out of the following four questions. For each question write ten lines only. ..."

b'write two paragraph explaining the changes that you would make to revise the paper.'

b'tell me what ares related to citing sources do you find confusing or difficult to understand or apply'

b"i need to know if i corrected these two paragraphs properly. i need to know if the sentences flow properly and if there's any errors thank you. 1. A lot of people don\xc2\x92t have wills. Everyone needs a will, but not all people have one. Wills are important because they explain ..."

b'1. She thinks reading books. 2. She thinks of reading books. 3. She thinks about reading books. 4. She thinks that she is reading books. 5. She thinks to be reading books. Are they all grammatical?'

b"Look through your paper to find any small mistakes before you submit it. What is the meanimg of 'paper' in this sentence?"

b"1. What was her character? 2. What does she look like? 3. What's her personality? 4. What is she like? 5. What is she similar to? -She was quiet and shy. Can all the sentences from 5 to 1 be the suitable questions for the answer?"

b'Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 6:05am. 1. I cannot be an actor. 2. I am not an actor at all. 3. I cannot become an actor. What does 1 mean? Is 1 similar to 2 or 3? English - Writeacher, Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 7:06am 1 and 3 are the same. Those ...'

b'1. Her first book came out in 1902. 2. Her first book was published in 1902. Are both the same?'

b'1. I kept myself warm. 2. I kept myself running on the playground. 3. I kept myself hidden in the closet. Are the sentences all grammatical?'

b'She\xc2\x92s liked him since six months. When you start work? I\xc2\x92ve been knowing her for three months iWhat the mistake is. ii Why you think it has been made. iii How you would explain and correct the mistake with a student.'

b'What are your tips, tricks and help for conducting research?'

b'Should there be abolishment of the 12th grade? To some this may sound like a good idea in theory. But there could be too many complications that come along as well. Some feel as if the 12th grade should be abolished in favor of job training. As well as trying to encouraging ...'

b"1.Agba fed milk and honey to the newborn colt. 2.Sometimes the playful colt bit Agba's fingers. Identify the direct objects 1.milk, honey 2.fingers'"

b"Can you check this sentence, please? 1 The subtitle to the novel is emblematic of Frankenstein's being an overreacher. He has to keep his face covered because of his horrible scars."

b'what is the synonyms of series?'


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