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b'A track is 3/4 mile long . The track is measured in units called furlongs. one furlong is equivalent to an 1/8 of a mile. Ho long is the track in furlongs? Thanks I think it is 3/4 times 1/8 equal 3/32'

b'Tony bought some stock for 504. If each share had cost 4 less he could have bought 3 more shares for the same 504. How many shares of stock did he buy'

b'Amman hikes 2 3/4 miles of nature trail in 1 hour and 15 minutes. How many miles of trail does Amman hike per hour?'

b'a number n is divided by 4 and the result is divieded by 3 . The final result is 2. What was the original number?'

b'If he arranges the chairs and six years of the same morning he has all the chairs left over if he arranges the chairs and four rows of the same link he has 19 years left over how many chairs does Liam have'

b'When a chemist dilutes pure acid with another substance, the resulting mixture is no longer pure acid. Consistent with the words, pure acid is 100percent acid. So, there are 20 grams of pure acid in 20 grams of a pure-acid solution. Laura, a chemist, has 20 grams of a solution that ...'

b'The results of a survey of students favorite candy is shown. If 100 students were surveyed. 30percent students would prefer which candy? Gummi bears 23percent Skittles 30percent Jolly Ranchers 32percent starburst 15percent'

b'a man bought a piece of land for rs 15000.he sold 1/3 of the land at loss 5percent and what gain percent should he sell the remaining to gain 8percent on the whole.'

b'A basket of flowers weighing 2kg is placed on a flat grassy slope. The coefficient of static friction between the basket and the slope is 0.4, and the basket is on the point of slipping down the slope. Draw a force diagram to indicate forces including friction that act on ...'

b'Using his driver on the 7th tee, Chris hits an excellent shot, right down the middle of the fairway. The ball follows the parabolic path shown in the figure, described by the quadratic function: hx=0.5x-0.002x^2. This relates the height, h, of the ball above the ground to ...'

b"A boat traveled 36 mi up a river in 3 hours, returning downstream, the boat took 2 hours. What is the boat's rate in still water and what is the rate of the river's current?"

b'tinku is fond of collecting spiders and insects. He knows spiders have 8 legs and insects have 6 legs. he counted 36 legs. How many of each does he have in hi collection?'

b"A man weight 72 kg his wife rate is 25percent less than his if there's somewhere 10percent more than his mother find the son weight"

b"A factory kept increasing it's output by the same percentage every year .find the percentage if it is known that the output is doubled in the last two years."

b'If a and b are roots of ax^2add2bxaddc=0 and padds and qadds are roots of Ax^2add2BxaddC=0 then prove b^2-ac/B^2-AC=a^2/A^2'

b'Given:segment FJ congruent to segment IJ Conclusion: Reason:'

b"The Walters' backyard pool is rectangular in shape and is similar to the rectangle formed by their fenced backyard. The pool measures 10 ft long and 8 ft wide. If the length of the backyard is 35 ft long, what is the width of the backyard?"

b'trapezoid abfe is similar to trapezoid efcd. a 3 b e 4.5 f d c What is the length of ___? DC'

b'Search: Side of a rectangle is in the ratio 1:1?2 if the length of the larger sides is 12cm then find its area'

b'two number cubes are rolled. what is the probability of getting a sum less than 5? 68/100 =0.68=68percent ?? can you explained how to solve showing steps.'

b'Two debts ---- the first of 800 due six months ago and the second of 1400 borrowed one year ago for a term of three years at 6.5percent compounded annually ---- are to be replaced by a single payment one year from now. Determine the size of the replacement payment if interest is 7...'

b'A rectangular chicken yard was built against an existing barn wall as shown in the picture. 30 m of fencing was used to enclose the yard. a Find the dimensions of the yard its area is 108 m How to solve this problem..?'

b'A bucket of 20 litres is 35percentfull.how many litres of water must be put into it so that it is 65percent full?'

b'a from a to of 12 flatres, 4 are selected at random. if the lot contains 4 defective flares flares that wilt fire, what is the probability that all 4 will not work? B what is the probability that at most 2 will not work?'

b'n/3add5>4 what is the answer. 3 a-4 less than or equal to 5 What is the answer 25>1-3 d 2 y-2<14 5 z greater than or equal to -75 x/-10>6 you have to read 150 pages and you already read 82 you have to read p many pages more. how many more do you have to read? Answer ...'

b'A man drives 40 3/8 miles to work each day he stops for coffee at a shop that is 1/2 of the way to his job how far does the man drive before he stops for coffee'

b'Shawna reduced the size of a rectangle to a height of 2 inch. What is the new width if it was originally 24 inch wide and 12 inch Tall?'

b'A furniture maker is building a bookshelf she needs to cut rectangular pieces of wood to a length of 5/12 foot and a width of 2/3 foot what is the area of a piece of wood that size'

b'A construction worker bought 21 7/8 Pounds of nails when those nails were all used she bought 2 1/2 times as many nails as she had bought the first time how many pounds of nails did she buy the second time'

b'An alloy is made up of 25percent copper, 30percent iron an rest being zinc. Find the mass of zinc in 720 gm of the alloy'

b'Kareena got 60percent marks in English, 75percent in hindi and 130 in maths. The max marks in each of subject are 150,200and 150. Fknd her aggregate marks.'

b'A man takes commission at the rate of 2percent on first 50,000, 7percent on next 50,000 and 0.5percent on remaining price. Find bis commission on the car that has been silf for 2,38,000.'

b'Kareena got 60percent marks in English, 75percent in hindi and 130 in maths. The max marks in each of subject are 150,200and 150. Find her aggregate marks.'

b'If 13 pens cost \xc2\xa327.30,how much will 30 pens cost?'

b'How many 3 members committe can be selected from a class of 20 students?'

b'You need to choose a container to a section of Pipe into . The pipe diameter is 6inches ,and the section is 100feet long how many liquide ,in cubic feet do you need What the answer pleas\xc3\xa9'

b'A hospital nursery has 3 boys and some girls. A child was selected at random what is the probability that the child is a boy?'

b'How many 3 members committee can be selected from a class of 20 students?'

b'Why is 25 a composite number help'

b'In a class of 60 students, Heather has a rank of 16. At what percentile is she?'

b'A man left 3/7 of his money to his wife, 1/2 of the remainder to his brother, and the rest he divided equally among his three children. If each of his children received 400, how much did his wife receive? I did this: Let the money be: x Wife received: 3/7x Brother received: x...'

b'Jose spent 2 3/10 hours playing basketball outside, and he played outside for a total of 5 hours. How many hours did he spend not playing basketball?'

b"Maya's school held an aluminum collection program in which they collected aluminum and brought it to be recycled. In the first week, Maya collected 4/20 lb of aluminum and her friend Abigail collected 7/8 lb. a. which girl collected more aluminum? b. how much aluminum did the ..."

b'A taxicab charges 2.50,plus1.78 per kilometer. How long is a trip that costs 21.19?'

b'figure RSTU is a rectangle. if m of angle SUT = 3x add 6 and m of angle RUS = 5x - 4, find m of angle SUT'

b'For questions 1-5 solve the equation. 1.-2v-7=23 A15 B8 ? C-8 D-15 2. X/3-10=-12 A-6 B-66 C6 D66? 3. d/3add10=7 A51 B20 ? C0 D-9 4. 22-2x=-3x A-4 B4 ? C6 D0 5. 2.9nadd1.7=3.5add2.3n A3 B-3 C.3 D1 For questions 6-7, Simpifly the ...'

b"The region in the first quadrant bounded by y=6x^2 , 2xaddy=8, and the y-axis is rotated about the line x=-1. The volume of the resulting solid is: Please help me set up the integral for this one, I'm not sure how to do it. I've tried ?[-4/3,1] pi 8-2x-1^2-6x^2-1^2 dx, ..."

b'angelina is putting 200 each month in an ordinary annuity that pays an annual interest rate of 9percent. if she makes payments for 2 years, how much will she have saved for her trip?'

b"Find the volume of the solid of revolution obtained by revolving the plane region R bounded by y= x^5, the y-axis, and the line y=3 about the x-axis I've gotten 15/73^2/5pi, but it's not right. Please help"

b"Here's a pattern: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. What's the nth term?"


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