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b"Posted by rfvv on Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 3:21am. {At a restaursant} For hear or to go? Is this for here or to go? It's for here, please. It is to go, please. Are the expressions above all grammatical? What is the meaning of 'is to' in 'It is to go, please.'? Does it ..."

b'Can you please chech the following sentences for me? Thank you very much. 1During the Middle Ages witchcraft was regarded as an offence against the State. Henry VIII imposed the death sentence for witchcraft. Rephrase: Henry VIII had witches sentenced to death? 2 Mary I ...'

b"{At a restaursant} For hear or to go? Is this for here or to go? It's for here, please. It is to go, please. Are the expressions above all grammatical? What is the meaning of 'is to' in 'It is to go, please.'? Does it mean 'must'? That is, It the food must go, please. Am ..."

b"1. Our school play club will put on a play Nasrredin and the Fish. 2. Our school play club will perform a play Nasrredin and the Fish. 3. Our school play club will resent a play Nasrredin and the Fish. Are they the same? Does 'put on' mean 'perform? Why did 'put on' come to ..."

b'1. We need to prepare food inorder to take a party. 2. We need to prepare food inorder to have a party. 3. We need to prepare food inorder to throw a party. Are they all grammatical? Would you take a look at the verbs?'

b"Seven brothers' families grew to more than one thousand people in 100 years. Does families need an apostrophe? The mens group made t-shirts for the children. would mens be 's or s' ?"

b'another word for the word derived. pls help. thank you. :'

b'I need help really quick unscrambling this word AAAATTTLIIRRONNME Its two words and its the name of a mall. the first words starts with I and the second starts with M.'

b"around how many percent of people think they don't need college degree to find a job"

b'Please help classify each word in the following sentence: Put some cheese slices and bread on your plate. Thanks'

b'What are some main points of rising action in the Scarlet Ibis?'

b'I have to write an expository essay on Second Hand Lions. How would i do that?'

b"How do you classify this sentence? Shurley English Did Clint's son change the damaged tire on their car?"

b"I am having a difficult time classifying this sentence: Did Clint's son change the damaged tire on their car? Please help Thanks"

b"Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of. 1 Shopping list: how do you call ten one-litre bottles of sparkling water? a half-a-litre bottle of wine 2 I usually spread nut-cream on a slice of bread for ? breakfast. 3 He made ..."

b"1. The music ________ me sad. had, let, saw, helped, made Which words can be put in the blank? Is it only 'made'? We can not use the other past tense verbs in the blank in the sentence?"

b'1. Keep your fingers crossed. Why do you use this expression? When we wish somebody good luck, we keep our fingers crossed. Why do we do that? Do you have some reason for that?'

b"It rains cats and dogs. It rains very hard. It rains very heavily. Are they all the same? Why do we use 'cats and dogs'? Would you let me know the origin of the expression?"

b'1. You have to wait longer to meet him. 2. You have to stay longer to meet. 3. We can not meet yet. 4. We have to wait longer to meet. 5. It will take longer to meet. Are they all grammatical? Are they similar in meanings?'

b'where can i get some evidence to support many jobs do not require college.'

b'Hi, I am supposed to start my grade 12 ISU presentation but I am not sure what mini-creative part I should do. People are making posters,talking about their personal experience to the book. My book is The power of one by bryce Courtenay. I thought of getting the message ...'

b"I forgot to include the following statements I'm not sure of. Thank you very much for your help. 1 For lunch I usually have pasta with tomato sauce, then a breaded cutlet with chips or fresh vegetables. For my dessert I generally have some fresh season fruit such as oranges..."

b'Can you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you very much. 1 Jason and Mark came quietly into the caf\xc3\xa9. They went to a table and sat down. Then they called the waiter politely. The waiter was their school friend Mickey. Mickey says they called him rudely. ...'

b"Do you think us students should have to use yes or yes ma'am when answering teachers/ What do ya'pp prefer? And if so is there a comma between the words yes and ma'am/"

b'In what ways has Beowulf influenced British Literature for centuries.'

b"can feelings be personified or is it more a projection? i am writing an essay on Life of Pi and i would like to say that Richard Parker is a projection of Pi's fears. Does the use of the word projection make sense?"

b'Is logic and thinking the same thing. Like could i say His logic and thinking became completely different.'

b'1. The food is thought to be made from eggs. Is this sentence grammatical?'

b"Alright I'm writing an MLA Essay about Through The Looking-Glass, a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol. I'm basically writing about how it is indeed a sequel to the first book and comparing the two. I'm not sure how to start it and if i need to ..."

b'where can i find some reason to support this opinion high schools should not only prepare students for college, they also need to help them prepare future possibilities.'

b"In this sentence, I think i need a comma after asking, right? When the communication was poorly understood,the nurse clarified the female patient's meaning by asking \xc2\x93I am not sure that I understand what you mean by 'depressed than usual\xc2\x92?"

b'do we need a comma after me and capitalize Now She also said to me now I have trouble with understanding the importance of following my nutritional diet?'

b'Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences for you to check. 1 Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837 and reigned constitutionally until she died in 1901. She never overruled synonym? Parliament and was beloved synonym? by the middle class...'

b'Hello Has anyone read the novel Fools Crow by James Welch? I just need your personal opinions on the question: Does the novel also rewrite the dominant history? This is not my homework. I am not a student I am just discussing this book with some people and want to hear some ...'

b'For my english class i had to right a paper on civil war slang and how this topic releated to the book The Red Badge of Courage. I finished my paper but have no idea of a creative title. Im not good at thinking up good titles :/ have any ideas?'

b'In the memoirs, \xc2\x93Barrio Boy\xc2\x94 and \xc2\x93No Gumption\xc2\x94, how are these two memoirs similar? How are they different? In what ways are the authors\xc2\x92 choices and depictions related to the subject matter of their stories? pleeeaaaasssseee helpp.'

b'1. The element of argumentation that deals with the listeners desire to trust and believe in the speaker is called a. ethos b. pathos c. logos d. mythos One element of argumentation involves an appeal to the logical and rational side of human beings. This element is called a. ...'


b'Can you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you very much. 1 The Victorians fostered the ideas of racial superiority. They believed that race were divided by both physical and intellectual differences. 2As a consequence, some races were doomed to destined to...'

b'I want write in english please help me'

b'when writing an essay is this a good way to do it?: thesis statement body paragraphs conclusion intro'

b"I'm a french dude so don't judge me : -Children are slowly disappearing -Children began disappearing -Children began to disappear -Children disappeared Which one is the most correct form, for a short story."

b"I'm writing a paper and don't know if this sentence sounds alright. I face challenges head on and when I want to complete something I remain committed till I accomplish it."

b'I forgot to include the following questions. Thank you. 1 Anne Boleyn was executed and Henry VII married another four times. Elizabeth I restored the country to Protestantism. 2 She was often portrayed holding a rainbow, bearing the olive branch of peace, with her hand laid...'

b"Can you please check these questions? Thank you very much. 1 Answer the following questions on literature. 2 Answer two of the following questions on the theme fashion. 3The Reformation derived arouse? from Henry VIII's quarrel with the Pope. 4As a matter of fact, he ..."

b'I needed to know if you could tell me if I have identified the proper tense and verb of my sentences? I am not asking for the answer, just if it is correct or incorrect. The verb is in quotations and tense form in parenthesis. Thank you very much your response is greatly ...'

b"I have to write a paper about how Through The Looking Glass is a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. How are they different and how is it a sequel to it? I read the books but I don't know where to start"

b'Thank you very much for your corrections.Can you have a look at the following questions for me? Thank you. 1 What do you use to carry things that you need to wash with? a sponge bag What do you use to wash floors? a mop What do you use to pour water into a glass? A jug 2...'

b'essay on wills'

b'Can you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1What factors can have an influence play a role? on the way we dress? 2Are you fashion conscious? Have you ever been to a fashion show? 3Do you belong to any fashion conscious ? teenage group? What sort of clothes do you ...'


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