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b'Can you check the following sentences please? Can you say This is your Christmas holiday homework. \xc2\x95Read and do the \xc2\x93test yourself\xc2\x94 activity on the Plantagentes pag. 38-39 \xc2\x95Read and translate the opening of Chaucer\xc2\x92s Canterbury Tales pp. 46-47 \xc2\x95Read and summarize...'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. I really hope you can have a look at them, too. 1 I use my mobile phone not only to make phone calls but also to film, record ? data and appointments, send and receive e-mails, download music from the internet and surf the net. 2...'

b'Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much. 1 Robotiv planes and search robots can be used in rescue situations such as after natural disasters. 2Tney can be built and launched in 15 minutes. They are equipped with cameras and microphones, too. 3 They ...'

b'Which sentences are correct? 1 Are you able to assist me on this matter? I would appreciate your assistance on this matter. OR 2 Are you able to assist me in this matter? I would appreciate your assistance in this matter. Thanks.'

b'you just discovered that your new hat is magical.write about your new special abilities'

b'december is the month for gift giving.write about a gift that you would like to give to a special person?'

b'how to convert from quotation to indirect speech'

b"1. Let us filled with grace. 2. Let us be filled with grace. Which one is correct? Do we have to add 'the' before 'grace?"

b'1. He is sick. 2. He has sickness. 3. He has sick. 4. He has a sickness. 5. He has a sick. Hello. I have a question. 1 is correct, but what about the others? Which ones are correct?'

b"I forgot to include the following four sentences. 1In my village there isn't a market. There is one in the next village called Piave and it is held on Monday mornings. 2My parents always complain about my untidiness 3I do the washing-up using a washing-up liquid. 4 Do ..."

b'Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. 1When you set the table, you place lay the table cloth, the napkins, the cutlery,the dishes soup and a dinner plate,the vinegar and oil bottles, the salt and pepper pots on the table. 2They called the waiter ...'

b'In collecting information, the chief problem often facing historians and reporters is that there are too few facts or too many: A. Details B. Opinions C. Photographs D. Charts and Graphs is it A?'

b'Can you check this sentence please? He had such a fair complexion that if he were cut he would bleed white. He had short sandy hair and freckles on his forehead.'

b'What do the following sentences mean translated to English? Kore no han wa watashi no desu To no soto ni obaki ga imasu'

b"In what sentence is a homonym used correctly? A. If you ask me, there's hobby like fishing. B. How many ours do we have to wait? C. Karen's new dog had flees. D. We had chocolate ice cream for desert."

b'Can you check these sentences for me, please? Thank you. 1 I had a terrible pain in my tooth. I went to the dentist and he told me my molar was decayed or I had a decayed tooth and it needed filling? 2 The filling has come out of my tooth. 3 You use a rolling pin to roll ...'

b'correct this sentence; Their are three kids in the room.'

b'Posted by rfvv on Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 2:39am. 1. We need to prepare food in order to take a party. 2. We need to prepare food in order to have a party. 3. We need to prepare food in order to throw a party. Are they all grammatical? Would you take a look at the ...'

b"Can you please check the followwing statements on health please? Thank you. 1 I've got a temperature. I think you should take ? a paracetamol suppository and stay in bed until the doctor comes. 2 I've got a terrible sore throat. I think you should take a cough lozenge ? ..."

b'Can you please check these questions, too? Thank you. 1 Answer four of the following six questions. For each question write ten lines only. 2Do not exceed the space provided. One of your four answer will be evaluated as an oral test.'

b'Hello. I will appreciate it if a native speaker of English will help me with several questions. 1is the article used in the phrase: go on a?protest; 2is it possible to say: the plan is aiming or is it aims; 3 is it possible to say: to reload relations between ...'

b"I forgot to write a few other sentences. I hope you can have a look at them, too. 1What are the main themes covered in the tales? Describe the pilgrims'journey and explain the significance of its route. 2 Present the character of the merchant, pointing out his appearance,..."

b"can't think of the word where: someone is actually guilty but their allowed to act like their innocent. like nothing happened"

b"Posted by rfvv on Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 7:22am. A: Lunch is on me. B: _______________. What are suitable expressions in the blanks? English - Writeacher, Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 7:35am I'm not sure what you need here. Other idioms regarding food..."

b'Can you check the following sentences for me, please? Thank you. 1 Introduce the English Renaissance focusing your attention on their view of nature, of man and their conception of the universal order. What was the literature of the period characterized by? 2What was ...'

b'what are the dialouges of mrs. reed in jane eyre'

b"What was the point of science fiction in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five How do those elements of science fiction add to the historical themes of the novel?"

b'I need help making a four page newspaper on the play, The Crucible, by Monday, December 20. Please help?'

b"Is there racism in Hemingway's Indian Camp? How is it portrayed? It's for an essay I'm writing. I'm unsure of how the different ethnicities are playing themselves out. Thanks"

b'Anyone know of any good website were I can practice things such as verb, noun, adverb, adjective, etc?'

b"I need ideas that I could use to compare Hoagland's City Rat and Hemingway's Indian Camp?"

b"I'm trying to write a short story and there's an intense and mysterious scene that I'm writing. How do I make the scene more intense?"

b'1. The fun play will be put on in Room 1-3. 2. The fun play will be put on in Classroom 1-3. The fun play will be put on in Class 1-3. Are they the same? Which expression do we have to use?'

b"1. He is upset. 2. He is angry. Is 'upset' the same as 'angry'?"

b"1. He will be/become a soccer player. 2. He will be / become rich. Can we use both 'be' and 'become' in the sentences? Do they have the same meaning?"

b'A: Lunch is on me. B: _______________. What are suitable expressions in the blanks?'

b'did you completed your dinner'

b'Before posting, please understand a few things. 1 If we see other tutors replied to your message, we might skip it to go to others at first. This may be a problem, which I will discuss in a minute. If you do not ask a question, you will not get an answer. 2 You type your ...'

b"Posted by rfvv on Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 3:40pm. Posted by rfvv on Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 3:21am. {At a restaursant} For hear or to go? Is this for here or to go? It's for here, please. It is to go, please. Are the expressions above all grammatical? What is ..."

b"1. It is a small world. What does 'it' refer to? Is 'it' an impersonal pronoun?"

b'what is the theme of the poem Dying by Emily Dickinson'

b"what is the part of speech of this sentence? 8. She is a terrible teacher. adverb interjection verb adjective I'm stuck between interjection and adjective?"

b"what is the part of speech of this sentence? 2. How long did it take Marianne to build the model? pronoun noun verb interjection I think it's interjection?"

b"1. Marianne exhibited her model spacecraft at the science fair. adjective adverb conjunction preposition I think it's adverb?"

b'Adjectives/Adverbs I need to underline the adjectives and bold the adverbs. Just need help if I did it correctly. Since this doesnst let me do underline and bold I will make the adjectives in and the adverbs in ** Thanks I have had both *good* and *bad* experiences with ...'

b"Pathetic is to funny as: a. distressing is to upsetting b. dexterously is to gracefully c. adequate is to sufficient d. passive is to domineering I can't figure this one out. I don't find that any of the choices have the same relationship as pathetic is to funny."

b'In the story Prometheus he steals fire and gives it to humans, What human qualities do Prometheus and Zeus have? What is the significance of these gods having human qualities? please just point out a few qualities for each and some quotes that show examples of them- bullet ...'

b"I need help ASAP on this im writting a 6 paragraph essay and its due tomorrow i cant even think of a thesis its Discuss the irony as its used in Animal Farm Be sure to give specific details from the novel. I need help ASSSSAAPP I didn't realize before that i didn't put this..."

b'Here are some more sentences I need you to check. 1 Translate the following verbs then write the past simple and the past participle of each verb. 2 Write four questions each including a verb mentioned above. 3 Witches were suspected of casting spells on cattle and of ...'

b"I just need to know if the sentences are possible especially the ones in parentheses. I'm sending you the first five. 1During the Middle Ages witchcraft was regarded as an offence against the State. Henry VIII imposed the death sentence for witchcraft. 2 Henry VIII had ..."


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