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b"In The Cross of Snow, the images of a halo, fire, and sunlight contrast with the- which one?? A- image of a snowy, sun-capped mountain B- face of the speaker's dead wife C- image of a sunless mountain ravine D- memory of a happy marriage"

b'Can you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you. 1When you go to the supermarket, you insert a 50-cent coin into the trolley and you get in how can I express this 2You put the things you need in the trolley. 3I usually go to the counter of sliced meats and ...'

b'What are some effects of materialsim in American life?'

b'2. Final Project: Diversity and Your Community \xc2\x95 Resources: Appendix A. \xc2\x95 Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word autobiographical research paper that analyzes the influences of diversity as it relates to your community. In your paper, write your first-person account of how human ...'

b'What was the climax or the highest piont of interestt in the story Before We were Free if you could help I will be so greatfulp ?'

b'Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you 1 I went to a winter camp in the mountains with people from my parish. How do you call the house owned by the parish where people can spend their summer or winter holidays? 2The weather was bad Or We had awful/...'

b'what was the rising actionthe problem present in the story before we were free please?'

b"Hey... Can you please give me some questions on William Shakespeare sonnet 29, 30, and 116. I tried to look for MCQ to practice some more, but i didn't find so please if you can help me i'll appriciate it thanks"

b"1.Before she followed the white rabbit through the tiny door, Alice has shrank, shrunk to a very small size 2.Vulcan's hammer rang, rung as he worked metal for the Roman gods. 3.Not only have I never rode, ridden a roller coaster, but I probably never will. 1.shrunk 2...."

b"1.That cute little puppy has stole, stolen a biscuit. 2.The Boys Choir of Harlem has never sang, sung more beautifully. 3.Jimmy's toy sailboat had sank, sunk to the bottom. 4.Why had the dog took, taken the cell phone outside? 5.Why have all those people swam, swum ..."

b'Where can I find examples of the sentence pattern Pronoun-verb-article-noun, conjunction-pronoun-verb-adverb on the internet? I need 5 examples. Thank You.'

b'the trees are long and their branches are tall. sentence fragment anywhere?'

b'take the first definition then double one letter to spell a word Example Slang word for a police officer - cop A place wher chickens are kept - coop Q. Your male boy - before long - Q. A written sales pitch - To put two and two together Q. longing for something to happen - ...'

b'Intelligence of the turkey, write the following in possessive form'

b'A wind began to blow, and he shivered. With all his strength he tried to hold and to understand the mood that had come upon him. In that high place in the darkness the two oddly sensitive human atoms held each other tightly and waited. In the mind of each was the same thought...'

b"I forgot to include the following statements. Thank you very much. 1 In the main street there are two baker's shops if I write two baker's without including shop is to be regarded as a mistake?. 2 Elizabeth seeks advice from her astrologer, who predicts that two empires ..."

b"Can you check these sentences on Elizabeth I's film, please? Thank you 1 In 1585, Roman Catholic Spain, under the rule of King Philip II , is the most powerful country in Europe. 2 Philip intends to make war against Protestant England in retaliation for English piracy of ..."

b'I need to write a Parody on TV media analysis. Where do I begin?'

b'You had to say whether or not the underlined word was adjective or pronoun. Can you check? -That- is my favorite fiction book. -That- is a pronoun. -This- is a good collection of books, too. -This- is a pronoun. -These- are good to read. -These- is a pronoun.'

b"This isn't that hardok maybe it is but I just want you to check. We had to say whether of not the underlined word was a adjective of noun. The ones I had trouble with were: She certainly had a -spring- in her step that day -Spring- is a noun Only the -steel- rim was left. -..."

b'Is it ethical telling an associate and close friend that she should pay more attention to her work responsibilities, or management will fire her please explain why?'

b'Is it ethical or unethical to Deemphasizing negative test results in a report on your product idea?'

b'Can you check these statements for me, please? 1 What did you have as a drink/to drink? I had a coke. 2 Winston is attracted by the telescreen, which shows a report about the big iron. The Party has taken control ? of his life 3 The street, in which ? his house lies, is...'

b'How does an occurence at owl creek bridge a reflection of the period of time?'

b'How is An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge a reflection of the time period which produced it 1890s? THis was my last question, and i been stuck on it for 20 minutes, please HELP'

b"I have to write an outline on The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway, and I can't seem to find an appropriate thesis statement for such a paper. I was hoping someone could help me. I was thinking something along the lines of: In The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway uses ..."

b'why abortion should be illegal? a paragraph summing up why abortion should be illegal'

b'1.After our guests had ate, eaten, we all toured the city. 2.He did, done the experiment that very afternoon. 3.Lenny had never drove, driven a tractor before that day. 1.eaten 2.did 3.driven'

b'1.It is amazing that no one has ever fell, fallen off that latter. 2.Have you ate, eaten at the new Philippine restaurant? 1.fell 2.eaten'

b'Working in the construction world usually pays betta than mini mum wage but has some physical demands true?'

b'An all expense-paid trip to Florida will be given to whoever/whomever wins the sales contest. This would be whomever? And...Please direct my inquiry to whoever/whomever is in charge of quality control. this would be whoever?'

b'There is no such thing as safe sex false?'

b"DMPAthe shot is injection of hormone progestin which prevents release of an egg and prevents sperm frm joining the egg, for: A. 12 weeks B. 6 months C. 12 months D. 1 year Im guessing B, I don't know"

b'An individual can have HIV for years without develop ing aids this is false right'

b'You should not tell your partner that you have an STI this would be false right, you should cause ur also putting their life at risk by not telling them that you do.'

b'There is a cure for aids. This would be false right'

b"Some STI's are passed by kissing? would that be a no"

b'Teamw ork skills r needed to supply productivity to the work force? True or False? I put down True, is that correct?'

b'What percentage of job openings are found in the newspaper? A. 75percent B. less than 20percent C. 40percent D. 25percent Would it be like D?'

b'Do Skills working for retail include personal and money skills?'

b'what kinds of nouns are there? Proper?'

b'how many types of verbs are there, like there is action verb, any other kind?'

b"I have a few other questions. Thank you for your corrections. 1 Do you say You do long and high jump? 2 In the main street of my towm there are two hairdressers or hairdresser's shops? two newsagents and a leather goods shop. 3 How do you call the sports activity done ..."

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. I hope you can have a look at them, too. 1 When I have PE, I usually pack a pair of shorts, running shoes, a vest and a tracksuit in my ruchsack. We play volleyball, do athletics, a bit of weight training, high and long jump ?. 2...'

b'The procedure applies to the assigning of expiry dates for milk products. or The procedure applies to the assignment of expiry dates for milk products. Which is correct?'

b'how will you use critical thinking to deal fairly with opposing views?'

b'It was impossible for him to come. What part of speech is impossible in the previous sentence?'

b'In the sentence He was made clean. what part of speech is clean?'

b"Thank you very much for your improvements. Here are some more sentences I would like you to check. 1I'd prefer you to go to the cinema rather than go to the caf\xc3\xa8. 2 I'd rather you drove to the mountains rather than go there by bus. 3They are going on a bus sightseeing ..."

b'Which character from Silas Marner fits this characterization? pretty, spirited, and devoted to Silas a.Eppie b.Dolly c.Molly d.Nancy'


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