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b'A man purchased eggs at the rate of Rs 48 per tray of 30 eggs . At what rate per hundred should he sell the eggs to gain 15percent'

b"fx = cosx add 3x Find f^-1 1 and f^-1' 1 f^-1 1 = 0 f^-1' 1 = 1/3 These are the answers given, but I also don't understand how my teacher got these."

b"fx = x^5 add 2x^3 add x - 1 Find f^-1 3 and f^-1' 3 f^-1 3 = 1 f^-1' 3 = 1/12 Those are the answers, but I have no clue how my teacher got them."

b'The ratio of the number of goats in farm x to the number of goats in farm y was 9:4. After 35 goats were transferred from farm x to farm y,there was an equal number of goats in each farm. how many goats were there in each farm at first?'

b'Using fermats little theorm, find the least residue of 8^123 modulo 61'

b'Recipe needs to make exactly 10 cups. 5 ingredients. Using 1/3 cups and/or 1/4 cups only. Please help.'

b'Given:AD=20 AC=15 Prove_CD=5'

b'A sphere of radius 7 m is circumscribed about a regular triangular prism. If the base edge of the prism is 1 m, find the volume of the prism in m3. Round off your answer to four decimal places.'

b'the perimeter of a parallelogram is 88 cm and one of its adjacent sides is longer than the other by 10 cm. Find the length of each of its sides'


b'Suppose an employee starts working after completing her MBA at age 30 at a starting salary of 50,000. She expects an annual salary increase to be at minimum 1percent, at maximum 5percent, with a uniform distribution. Her retirement plan requires that she contribute 8percent of her salary, and ...'


b'four times a number plus three times the sum of a number and four is equal to negative nine'

b'In triangle ABC with coordinate A3,4, B-5,2 and C1,4 , line segment CF is the altitude of triangle ABC. Determine the equation of the line that collinear to line CF'

b'Find the equation of the line which cuts the y-axis at -3 and is parallel to 4x-yadd=0. Please show working out, thanks.'

b'If the hot-air balloon shown in the shape of spehre, what is its radius? Hint: V= 15,000 cubic ft.'

b'a metalworker has a metal alloy thay is 25percent copper and another alloy that is 60percent copper. how many kilograms of each alloy should the metalworker combine to create 90kg of a 53percent coppet alloy'

b'The diagonal of a square is 3 feet long. Find its perimeter. My answer: a^2addb^2=c^2 x^2addx^2=3^3 2x^2=9 divide both side by 2 x^2=4.5 x=?4.5 x=2.1 feet Is this right?'

b'r=4/-2-6sin? 1. What is the eccentricity of the function? 2. What is the distance between the pole and the directrix? 1. A. 2 B. -2 C. 3 D. -3 2. A. 2 B. 2/3 C. 3 D. 6'

b'Input 48,24,12,6 Output24,12,6,3 Rule?'

b'My question is: Between which two whole integers is -0.5. how do I explain this'

b'Let Fx = ?0 to x e^t^2dt a Compute limx ? ? xFx/ e^x^2 b Compute limx ? 0 Fx/xe^x^2'

b'Theresa has a chose of which pack of pencils to buy. At the store 20 pencils cost 4.00, or 12 pencils for 2,70. A which is the better buy based on its cost per pencil? B what is the difference of the cost per pencil between each pack?'

b'r is no less than 1 unit from 24'

b'Jessica has been given a list of 4 bands and asked to place a vote. Her vote must have the names of her favorite and second favorite bands from the list. How many different votes are possible?'

b'Two parallel lines are cut by a transversal Suppose m?438\xc2\xb0 Find m?6 and m?7 * m?6 and m?7 are corresponding angles *'

b'Dr. Mallory practices at your hospital and your competitor. Presented below are data for DRG 469 major joint and limb reattachments, lower extremity with MCC that reflects practice patterns for Dr. Mallory at the two hospitals: Your Hospital Competitor ...'

b'A company establishes a sinking fund in order to have 100,000 for upgrading office equipments in 4 years. If the company makes fixed monthly payments into an account paying 6.6percent compounded monthly, how much should each payment be? How much interest will the account earn in 4 ...'

b'Hi there, I am doing my statistics homework and am having trouble with a few problems. I sincerely appreciate any help I receive : According to a local chamber of commerce, in 1993, 5.9percent of local area residents owned more than five cars. A local car dealer claims that the ...'

b'Hi there, I am doing my statistics homework and am having trouble with a few problems. I sincerely appreciate any help I receive : A manufacturer claims the standard deviation of salt in their meat is .5. An SRS of 18 samples shows the standard deviation s= .62 alpha = ....'

b'Hi there, I am doing my statistics homework and am having trouble with a few problems. I sincerely appreciate any help I receive : A manufacturer claims that the mean lifetime of its lithium batteries if 1200 hours. A homeowner selects 25 of there batteries and finds the ...'

b'Hi there, I am working on a few homework assignments and having trouble with a few questions. I sincerely appreciate any and all help : A bank claims that the mean waiting time in line is less than 4.1 minutes. A random sample of 60 customers has a mean of 4 minutes with a ...'

b'A college class with 30 sophomores, 18 juniors, and 12 seniors is divided into project groups where each group has the same number of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. What is the greatest number of groups that can be formed? How many sophomores, juniors, and seniors are in ...'

b'A rectangular Persian carpet has a perimeter of 216 inches. The length of the carpet is 30 inches more than the width. What is the dimension of the carpet'

b'On Sunday Mrs Scott drove for 10 hours at an average speed of 60 miles per hour on Sunday she drove for 10 hours at an average speed of 55 miles per hour her car can travel 25 miles for each gallon of gas how may gallons of gas did Mrs Scott use on both days'

b'T=r/d What is r? What is d? And how?'

b'A clock loses 1/2 minute every hour if it is put right at 6:00am on Sunday what time will it show the following Sunday when the correct time is 7:00 am'

b'Eldon received 72 on his first calculus test. The marks were normally distributed with a mean of 60 and a standard deviation of 8. He received 80 on the next test, which was normally distributed with a mean of 75 and a standard deviation of 6. Which was the better mark, ...'

b'how many different sums of money can be formed by choosing 1 or more coins from 4 different kind of coins?'

b'A tax free municipal bond pays 4.75percent compounded continuously. What is the value of a 2,000 bond after 30 years? Round your answer to the nearest cent. [Hint- A=P e^rt where P= presentinitial value, A= future value, r= annual rate, and t= number of years] P.S.The rt is an ...'

b'Give quadrilateral EFGH ,with coordinates E1,4, F1,2, G5,0 and H3,4; verify that EG bisects FH'

b"The Following Table gives the sales for the Sasquatch Men's Shoe store: Shoe Size , Frequency number of pairs sold 4 , 8 5 , 12 6 , 31 7 , 50 8 , 58 9 , 46 10 , 37 11 , 14 12 , 11 1determine the mean for the distribution, correct to 2 decimal places. 2 Determine the ..."

b"GCF and LCM of 252, 420, and 180 252: 2,2,3,3,7 420: 2,2,3,5,7 180: 2,2,3,3,5 GCF is 12 and I think LCM is 1260? Can you please tell me if I'm right?"

b"What is the smallest number i must multiply 315 in order to make it a perfect cube? Please tell me the method you sed and how you got the answer. I've been doing guess and check and it is time consuming."

b'On May 23, Samantha Best borrowed 4,000 from the Tri City Credit Union at 13percent for 160 days. The credit union uses the exact interest method.What was the maturity value of the loan?'

b'A rational function is defined as this: fX = frac{a_0 add a_1X add a_2x^2 add cdots a_n X^n } {b_0 add b_1X add b_2 X^2 add cdots add b_mX^M} Which allowing complex numbers can be factored to this: fX = frac{a X - alpha_1^{e_1} X - alpha_2^{e_2} cdots X - alpha_r...'

b"Please Help Me The equations below express the relationship between a person's height, H, and femur thigh bone length, F. Both measurements are in inches. Males : H=27.5add2.24F Females: H=24add2.32F a If a man's femur is 20 inches long, about how tall is he? b If a woman's ..."

b'you are dealt 13-card bridge hand from a 52-card bridge deck. what is the probability that you will be dealt exactly 5 hearts? what is the probability that you will dealt at list 2 hearts? what is the probability that you will receive 5 hearts, 4 clubs, 2 diamonds, and 1 spade?'

b'A submarine is at a depth between 100 and 200 feet the surface of the water is represented by the number 0. Which number could represent the depth, in feet, of the submarine? A-225, b-145, c40, d 165..'

b'If the perrimiter of a regular hexagon is 75 what is the length of each side'


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