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b"I still have some doubts about a summary I made of Macbeth's plot. I hope you can have a look at it, too. I included various alternatives. Please, tell me if they are all possible. 1The play opens with the news that Macbeth has succeeded in defending Scotland from an invasion..."

b"recommending the purchase of excess equipment to use up your allocated funds before the end of the fiscal year so that your budget won't be cut next year."

b'Answers for telling an associate and close friend that she should pay more attention to her work responsibilities, or management will fire her.'

b"Can you recommend me internet sites where I can both listen to and read the news in English? I need to practise the vocabulary used when reporting news, especially that concerning car accidents. Here are some more sentences I'm not sure of. 1 John Lennon's song Give peace a..."

b'what would be the reaction of a reader if the topic sentences in an essay did not coincide with the supporting points?'

b'when do you use present perfect?'

b'Can someone explain to me the second and third stanzas? She rose to His Requirement By Emily Dickenson She rose to His Requirement, dropt The playthings of her life To take the honorable work Of woman, and of wife. If ought she missed in her new day Of amplitude, or awe, Or ...'

b"On Sunday Morning while church bells rang in the village along shore the world and its mistress returned to Gastby's house and twinkled hilariously on his lawn. What figure of speech is this?"

b'Can you please help me check these school rules in case of an evacuation? 1 During an evacuation you have to must? 2 stay calm 3 queue with the respective openline and closeline 4 go calmly to the nearest emergency door 5if you need, go down the stairs, always quietly 6...'

b"If I'm writing about the Thirteen Colonies in my paper. Does Thirteen Colonies need to be capitalized. example The Learner will develop a understanding of the three different regions in the thirteen colonies."

b'I need to describe a little bunny for my English class. What are some adjectives, figurative language, and descriptive pharses which I could use to describe it? Thank you :'

b'Clauses that modified in d following sentences.1this work is good enough.2Amina cook really well.'

b'Please help me...I need activities about Transitional Devices or Words or Phrases... Thanks...'

b"Please write this. Write simile for Valentine's?I give mine teacher.Be nice"

b'Does the word Promethean need to be capitalized or lower case letter? It is called a promethean board.'

b"Wouldn't have reached as many people, and they wouldn't have been able to respond as quickly to criticism from the states-rights side of the debate."

b"Can someone help me analyze this poem? I don't understand the poem From a Correct Address in a Suburb of a Major City By Helen Sorrels 1908 She wears her middle age like a cowled Gown, sleeved in it, folded high At the breast Charming, proper at cocktails But the inner one ..."

b"Hello. I'll appreciate it if you answer my questions: 1is it possible to say Thousands of Egyptians conducted a meeting in Cairo meaning held a protestor is the word meeting something like discussion? 2is it possible to use confine in the structure a confined ..."

b"Ou'vit le garcon? mean in english?"

b'would you say: her aspiration of freedom or her aspiration for freedom ?'

b'i have to write an acrostic poem on the word black...help me please and thank you.'

b'what are the styles of characterization'

b'why is the ending of a story significant?'

b'Can you check if these sentences are OK please? I forgot to include them before. 1 The first three questions are questions on the revision and must be answered by all those students with low marks. 2The British Museum is such a fantastic place to visit. 3 She is giving a ...'

b'Why Should one know the difference between prejudice and racism?'

b'1. What do we call the movement in literature and the arts that emphasized nature and emotion over reason? [x] a. Enlightenment b. Reformation c. Romanticism d. Neoclassicism 2. Who said it is the government\xc2\x92s job to protect the natural rights of life, liberty, and property...'

b'How can i generally discuss books and World Wide Web in my introduction? I mean i want to focus on books and internet.'

b'Find the word that is acting as either a predicate nominative or predicate adjective in the sentence. Then tell which of the two it is. Megan is an intelligent girl.'

b'Can you check these sentences for me please? Thank you. 1 Who were the Druids and what was their role within the Celtic social system? Refer also or also refer? to the etymology of their name. 2 When did te bubonic plague strike England and what were the consequences of ...'

b"Can you please check these sentences? Thank you very much 1King Philip II of Spain plans to take over England and wants his daughter to become Queen of England in Elizabeth's place. 2 On the other hand, Elizabeth is pressured or pressurized? to get married but refuses her ..."

b'Is the word during a preposition in Were the animals hiding during the storm yesterday.'

b'Which one of the following statements is not true about the president Ratcliffe portrayed in The General History?'

b'can u find the climatic sentences in the poem Africa by David Diop'

b'Were are the nouns in this sentence? Today.in the united states, cell phones are a very popular item.'

b'can you check my grammar and content? i need to submit this paper for an exam and want to get a good grade.'

b'compare and contrast the representation of the small town characters in Ethan frome and our town. do the authors depict their characters in a similar way or different? how do these depesitions influence the stories? To me both characters in both books are somewhat similar ...'

b'What do I do forr the title of a book because in the second paragraph American Literature Masterpieces is the title. Also pllease check for any other errors. Would you be interest in owning one of the most important books collection in our nation history? American Literature ...'

b"My son has to classify each word in the sentence; The boys gave my brother a bat. He can't figure out what my would be classified as."

b'Match these. 1. Cross 2. Crescent 3. Buddhist 4. Hindu 5. believer 6. infidel 7. secularism 8. Christian 9. Islamic 10. Bible 11. Koran 12. Bhagavad-Gita 13. Upanishads 14. Ifa, Orunmila Yoruban'

b'Please make the correction so that my paper is error free. Dear Ms. Powell Thank you for your order. The enclosed invoice indicted that the shipment was sent under separate covers. This shipment includes all volumes except the final volume that is being represented. The new ...'

b'Can you please proof this letter for all errors? I need to make sure it is free of errors. Dear Mr. Wilshire: Pursuing to our discussion last week we expected to receive your completed application together with the minimum enrollment fee. If you are wavering and hesitating to ...'

b'How does the decription of a setting of a short story reflect or relate to the different conflicts occuring in the story? Can you give some examples, if you can. pls help'

b"That question was related toa short story called 'the guest'."

b'What are the differences between the schoolmaster and guest in terms of characterization? why is this important?'

b"I need to create a list of power shifts, starting from the opening scene of Act I. It's supposed to follow the exchange of power throughout the play. I have read the play two times already and still need help."

b'Backpacking also has its basic four, these being, in order of importance, hiking shoes, the backpack, sleeping gear, and shelter. What correction should be made to this sentence?'

b'what does cliche mean'

b'what are the four things you look when proofreading'

b'More than a thousand people are killed in a road accident during the december holiday.How can this carnage on our road be stopped?'

b'In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck struggles to decide what he should do when his heart and his conscience pull him in different directions. He eventually decides to go with his heart. Write a short essay explaining why you agree or disagree that this was a good ...'


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