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b'Please HELP correct punctuation spelling only. THANK YOU In your letter of July 18, you made a settlement demand of 20,000; accordingly, we have forwarded your settlement demand: the medical reports from Dr. Hammonds and the hospital records to our client. Our client has ...'

b'Briefly explain Anne\xc2\x92s relationship with her parents. How is her relationship with her father different from her relationship with her mother? What does each relationship tell you about Anne, her values, and her needs? the book is the diary of a young girl by anne frank'

b'I learned that handling behavior in a science lab is easy to do as long as the ground rules have been laid out for the students. Is this sentence correct?'

b"I am trying to analyze Wendi Kaufman's Helen on Eighty-Sixth Street. I do not understand what Vita's mother means when she says Truth is beauty and beauty is truth... Please explain the meaning of this quote."

b'\xc2\x95 Use at least five adverbs and five adjectives to write a 150- to 300-word review of a movie, sporting event, musical performance, or television show. \xc2\x95 Bold each adverb. \xc2\x95 Underline each adjective. Here is what I wrote, but I am having trouble trying to figure out ...'

b'As you know, Anne frequently refers to how much she appreciates and enjoys nature. Why is nature so important to Anne? What does nature represent that she so desires? How do Anne\xc2\x92s passages on nature in the diary affect her mood and affect the mood of the diary? this is on ...'

b"how can you interpret this quote: the things we're drawn to satirize are, in many cases, the things we're most wary about in ourselves"

b'After we did two types of sand together, he did the rest on his own. or After we had done two types of sand together, he did the rest on his own. Which one is correct?'

b'Is after the hurricane a pharase or clause?'

b'I need the vocab word for the following definiton: Unrealistic devices or procedures that the audience agrees to accept ex: aside.'

b'in tragedy vocabulary. I need the word for the following definition. a device where by the audience or reader understands more of a situation or of what is being said than a character is aware of.'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. 1 Other themes are those of? the passing of time and the relationship with nature. 2 Beowulf swang up the same as raised? his towering shield and shook out the same as lifted his sword so hard that it snapped against the...'

b"Can you help me check the following sentences I'm doubtful about? Thank you. 1The dragon tries to kill Beowulf with the flames he blows from his mouth. 2 Beowulf is buried wiht the glory and the gold he had won ? in his battles. 3 The name Beowulf results from the root ..."

b"Need some advice What to do the with the class for the first time? I don't know the class and they don't know me. They are not children. The youngest person is 20 and the oldest around 35-40- There are 10 of them in the group and they are learning English as a foreign ..."

b'Who is H. L. Mencken? What is he best know for? What was his reputation? Why was he disliked by many Southerners? can anybody help with this thanks'

b'clutced her notebook in the other hand as though it were a flyswatter is this a similie?'

b'clutced her notebook in the other hand as though it were a flyswatter'

b'how can a school fundraiser for a hospital help prepare me for life after high school please help and thank you'

b'I need a topic sentence that DOES NOT include factual information about Greek mythology'

b'can i know how to paraphrase : 1 fresh and dried cherries are one of the only natural food sources of melatonin, the chemical that controls the body`s internal clock to regulate sleep. researches who tested tart cherries and found high levels of melatonin recommend eating ...'

b'I have writiers block..How would I start my research paper on animal rights?'

b'Can anyone tell what is a hickory slat?'

b'Are you going to go trick or treating? which is subject which is predicate.'

b"Hey guys, Need help with an intro of this question or a prompt. Imagine you're a 12 year old boy from Afghanistan who is newly arrived in Australia. Write a diray entry outlining your experiences of your first day at school. Include 5 words from the spelling list to include in..."

b'Which word choices for each sentences should I use in parenthesis? The state legislature meets in the Capital or Capitol. They are planning to precede or proceed with the construction. The professor will precede or proceed me on the program.'

b'PLEASE CORRECT PUNCTUATION ONLY. THANK YOU Re: Evans vs. Brown I tried to call you about the above case but learned that you were out of town, and will not return until Wednesday. You wrote to me on June 1 to ask what authority I had or could get to settle this case, and we ...'

b'PLEASE CORRECT PUNCTUATION ERRORS ONLY. THANK YOU Re: Johnson vs. Ralston We have received medical information from Midvale Clinic, and copies of all the documents we received are enclosed. We received nothing from Dr. Best, and the only items we received from Dr. Greenville ...'

b'Please Correct punctuation errors, only. Thank you Subject: Policy 27380 Your insurance program, Policy 27380 is enclosed. We advise you to add this valuable document to your other important papers. Please review your certificate carefully. If you have any questions ...'

b"If I wanted to say--This is Jos's backpack. Would the comma go between the s's as I have included, or would there just be a comma after the s?"

b'What actions could the friar and nurse from Romeo and Juliet have taken in act 4 that would have changed the outcome?'

b"Is plural for Kelly....Kellys or Kelly's?"

b"1 Can you tell me if the word counter of frozen food, frozen food counter can be replaced by freeze counter? 2 Go through the arcades as far as the baker's. At the baker's turn left into Piccadilly Street. 3 Cross the road on the zebra crossing./ Go past the zebra ..."

b'Hi there I know two languages so far English and Russian. I know the Russian language as well as I know English. So, I was wondering about a third language to take at the college. I want to take a European language, but I cannot decide. Among my top choices are German, ...'

b'Add it How are these words alike? add more. made,play,train...'

b"Cn you please help me with these sentences, please? Thank you very much in advance. 1 Do you mind if I change channel to the football match? 2 If there is an earthquake and I'm inside a building, I'll get or I ge under a table or desk. 3 If I'm out of a building, I move ..."

b'thesis statement on jack the ripper'

b'Which is the most effective coordinating conjunction to join the following independant clauses? The wheather forecast calls for more rain today. We will have to cancle our beach outing'

b'What are some product that are essential to your quality of life besides cell phones and ipod'

b'Can you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you very much. 1The avenger is involved in complex planning. 2 A lot of murders occur within the play. 3 The hero becomes more and more isolated throughout the play better: within the play, as the play develops? 4...'

b'Are news article summaries written in past or present tense? For Example: The Author describes how the 4 year old boy works at construction sites OR The Author described how the 4 year old worked at construction sites Thank you'

b'arguments and counterarguments in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman'

b'Can you check these sentences for me please? Thank you very much. 1 He doubts about suicide wrong He is doubtful about /he has doubts about suicide. 2 A period of doubt follows, in which not when? the hero plans his revenge. 3 Every man is scared: better everyone/all of...'

b'Proofread for spelling Capilization, commas error,any other mistakes, and correct them for me. To all ABC Internet Customers we have resolved the problem we were having with the Internet backbone for Southern Illinois. There was an NAP connection that was having trouble in ...'

b'Correct any errors found.Thank you Thank you for your request for a credit card with our store. Before we can issue you a credit card, we must ask you to furnish the information on the enclosed credit application. When we receive it we will process your application as quickly...'

b'Please find errors and correct them. To all ABC Internet Customers we have resolved the problem we were having with the Internet backbone for Southern Illinois. There was an NAP connection that was having trouble in Atlanta, Georgia. This is been resolved. The speed is much ...'

b'Please Check for any errors I wish to compliment you on the radio ad you presented to the committee yesterday. This ad will be a fine complement to our advertising campaign for Wiz our new product. By the time, we have our next meeting you may be able to devise additional ...'

b'Please read for errors and correct them. Thank you for your request for a credit card with our store. Before we can issue you a credit card, we must ask you to furnish the information on the enclosed credit application. When we receive it we will process your application as ...'

b'how do you get the symbolism of a short story?'

b'25 independent words'

b'Here are the last sentences I forgot to include before. Thank you very much. 1 Natural behavior, that is to say irrational and unrestrained, was considered good in contrast wt rational behavior. 2 Humble people were considered unspoilt by civilization. The term Victorian ...'


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