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b"Can you please tell me if the following expressions are possible? 1 Would it be all right with you if I got my book from the other room? I left it in my backpack. 2 Can you wipe the blackboard off? 3 You should return the book to the library in two week's time. 4 Can you ..."

b'star is to ____ as island is to archipelago'

b'what are some Controversia topics in regards to what is happening in the news currently?'

b'write a passage using rhetorical devices on aperson, idea or ideology'

b'Please check for commas errors, speling and any other grammar error. Please provide the correc answer. The quality in the air in our community interests all of us. We must all work together to keep the air safe for our children. During the past six months we have observed that...'

b'What has a lot of power and start with with a s and ends with a l.'

b'Please check and make sure my words are spelled correct and I have commas where they need to be.If not please correct it for me.Also do I suppose to capitalize smothers canning fortune. Please let me know whether you want to go by air or drive to the meeting in Chicago. If you...'

b'Please check for any errors. If there are some errors please correct them for me. When you were in my office last Tuesday, you stated that you wanted to alter your will to include two additional heirs. I have now prepared a will in compliance with your instructions. Please ...'

b'Please check for spelling and commas errors. If commas need to be placed somewhere please let me know where. Please let me know whether you want photographs taking of the altar during the ceremony or after the services. If you would prefer not to have pictures taking during ...'

b"I need help with homophone for a couple sentences I am stuck on. Sentence 1: The _____ in that phone booth has a shirt with a turtle-necked______. Sentence 2: The campers in their _____ are _______ about the reports of bears. Don't show your ____ while on board a ____ ship. ..."

b"Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. 1 Henry believes beauty to be not as superficial as thought. 2 He urges Dorian to enjoy his youth now that he can, while it won't last for ever. 3 He also urges him to give in to any kind of sensations forgetting moral..."

b'After reviewing the lecture and suggested readings for this week, you have probably picked up several useful tools for stress management. Not only can you use these tools to help you choose better ways to react to situations, but you can also help others by sharing positive ...'

b'What does ei means when a teacher writes this on your research paper? Thanks a lot'

b'Can you help with writing a paragraph using all these words? Scientist, encourages, limitations, robotics, asthma, and fit. All the words must be in the paragraph.'

b'In the message portion of your Discussion post, start by writing one general sentence about a topic After your one general sentence, write three or four sentences that add specifics to your description'

b'How long did the journey to Virginia actually take Smith and the colonists?'

b'Posted by English on Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 7:26pm. 1. You can read whatever magazine you like. 2. You can read which magazine you like. 3. You can read that magazine you like. Which one is right? Are they all grammatical? What is the difference in meaning? rfvv - ...'

b"1. He has great taste in fashon. Would you like to paraphrase the sentence? What other words can we use instead of 'taste'? What is the meaning of 'taste' in the sentence?"

b'* Diego How do you pronounce the name above? Is it a male given name?'

b"1. However brilliant she is, she won't be able to solve this math problem. 2. However brilliant she may be, she won't be able to solve this math problem. 3. No mater how brilliant she is, she won't be able to solve this math problem. 4. No matter how brilliant she may be, she ..."

b'1. Call 911. 2. Call at 911. 3. Dial 911. 4. Dial at 911. 5. Call me at 123-4567. 6. Dial me at 123-4567. Which expressions are right?'

b'1. She studied hard, only to fail. 2. She studied hard, but failed. 3. She studied hard, but she failed. Does 1 mean 2 and 3? Are they all grammatical? Do we have to put a comma before only?'

b'My father lived to be ninety. My father lived to be ninety years old. My father lived until/till ninety. My father lived until/till ninety years old. My father lived until/till he was ninety years old. Are all the expressions grammatical and the same? Which expressions are ...'

b'1. The news about the hurricane is _____ in the newspaper. comparative form of clear 2. My brother has seen this movie _____ than he has seen any other. comparative form of often 1.clearer 2.more often'

b'where can i find help about direct and indirect objects'

b'How Did Patria Mirabal foreshadow in the book In the time of a butterflies ?'

b'why are string puppets harder to make use than finger puppets?'

b"In the sentence: Then within two years, King Uther fell sick of a great malady. The word within is a/an: A. verb B. preposition C. pronoun D. adverb I'm stuck between B and D. help? Thanks"

b"When is Diego's school's anniversary? 1. It will be next month. 2. It is next month. Which answer is correct? Are both correct? Which one is commonly used?"

b'according to frederick jackson tuner ,why did english ideas aboutgoverment change when brought to america'

b'1. Who, Whom wrote this poem about Knoxville, Tennessee? 2. Has anyone told told Maya or she, her about the opera? 3 .The coach was happy with we, us runners. 4. Who, whom should I thank for the tickets? 5. Mr. Yu helped we, us students in the library. 6. Who, Whom...'

b'Does the fallowing sentence make sence? There are many traditions or habits that a person or society may have that are complacent to other values.'

b'In general, which skills, tasks, and academic areas tend to come more easily to you? Which require more focus and effort and present more of a challenge?'

b'1.The winner of the essay contest was she, her. 2.Who, Whom did you baby-sit for yesterday? 3.Next year, we, us students will go to the Museum of Natural History. 4.Mrs. Hsing made Lily and they, them new costumes. 5.The ball landed between Austin and I, me. 6. It ...'

b'I included the ones I was really unsure of. Hopefully were the others possible 1He also produced a series of plays, among which The Importance of Being Earnest 1895 which became his masterpiece. 2.His novel was accused of immorality whereas his play of obscenity. In 1891 ...'

b'I forgot to include these last sentences. I really hope you look at them, too. 1 Dorian and his pure, innocent appearance are symbols of bourgeois hypocrisy whereas the corrupting picture could be regarded as a symbol of the immorality of the Victorian middle class. 2 The ...'

b'1. My parents are proud of Mina and we, us. 2. The wranglers gave he, him some roping lessons. 3. My sister and she, her stayed after school. 4. We are responsible for all of they, them. 5. We, Us Simpsons love this movie. 6. Who, Whom will you meet at camp? 1.us 2...'

b'I made a few changes myself. Can you please tell me if everything is possible? 1The Wildean dandy is on the one hand an aristocrat, who uses his wit to shock the others and on the other hand an individualist who seeks demands absolute freedom. 2 He devotes his life to ...'

b'. Let p, q, and r be the following statements: p: Jamie is on the train. q: Sylvia is at the park. r: Nigel is in the car. Translate the following statement into English: p ~q r'

b"Thank you very much for your help. Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check. 1The Wildean dandy is on the one hand an aristocrat, who uses his wit to shock the others and on the other hand an individualist who seeks demands absolute freedom. 2 He devotes his life..."

b'prepert speech;A full speech of;The answer to skills shortage in South Africa'

b'Correct punctuation, please. Attached is a list of guiding principles drawn up by the Spanish Club Council for the students to follow while in Spain. We appreciate your support and we will keep you informed of the progress of our plans for the Spain summer study group.'

b'Correct punctuation, please. The students will be able to receive mail through the American Consul in the city, and any emergency messages should be directed to the office of the American Consul. Since several short excursions are planned to visit the site of the Guadalupe ...'

b'Correct Punctuation, please. As you know, the students will be staying in private homes in the city while studying and touring. Mr. Diaz is preparing a detailed report of the trip plans, and will submit it to you within the next few days.'

b'Punctuation Correction please At the present time, the Spanish instructor Joseph Diaz has agreed to assume the major responsibility for the final arrangements. Karen McGraw, president of the Instructor\xc2\x92s Council and her husband have agreed to accompany the group as sponsors...'

b'Punctuation Correction please As we have discussed, the Spanish Club wants to sponsor a summer study trip to Spain. If our initial surveys are correct, the number of students wishing to participate in the summer study group will exceed 15.'

b'Please correct punctuation and spelling errors. Thank you We have an appointment with Representative Howard at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 1, in Room 209 at the Capitol in Nashville. Our appointment will precede the General Committee meeting in room 7 of the Capitol. ...'

b'In an entry dated July 15, 1944, Anne writes the following: \xc2\x85in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can\xc2\x92t build my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a...'

b'Please Help correct punctuation spelling Thank you I tried to call you about the above case, but learned that you were out of town and will not return until Wednesday. You wrote to me on June 1 to ask what authority I had or could get to settle this case, and we discussed ...'

b'Please help Correct punctuation and spelling only. Thanks We have received medical information from Midvale Clinic, and copies of all the documents we received are enclosed. We received nothing from Dr. Best, and the only items we received from Dr. Greenville were x-rays. I ...'


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