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b'Can you please check if these sentences are correct? Thank you. 1 The witches are unable to distinguish between opposites. For them fair is foul and foul is fair. 2They are able to predict the future and are generally associated with the devil. 3 First, they prophesy to ...'

b"Ok one more thing about quantifiers :D Can you help me and tell me which of the following sentences are correct in both ways: 1.I have no/I don't have any time - is both possible? 2.He works a lot/much 3.There are too much or to many people? I think 1 and 2 can go both way and..."

b'Write THREE statements in which you commit the either/or fallacy.'

b'Please check for any type of errors. And corect them for me. Thanks RE: Evans vs. Brown I tried to call you about the above case, but learned that you were out of town and would not return until Wednesday. You wrote to me on June 1 to ask what authority I have or to get to ...'

b'Please checka nd correct fr any errors. Read Johnson vs. Ralston We have received medical information from Midvale Clinic and copies of all the documents we received are enclosed. We received nothing from Dr. Vest and the only items we received from Dr. Greenville were x-rates...'

b'Please check for any errors. Correc them for me and I would appreciate it. Thank you for your interest in Rogers Video Theater. I am enclosing a copy of the leased agreement. The 1695.00 unit can be leased for 98.00 a month for 24 months. The first and last to payments are ...'

b'Explain why rhythm and rhyme are used in epic poetry.'

b'Please check for any errors. Let me know if i need to place commas anywhere or delete. Attached are the Widget Sales figures for the past six months. My principle concern is the lack of effectiveness of the sales manager in the Southwest Division. The sales has drop in each of...'

b"I'm writing an easy about my hero. I need s strong into sentence with a a action work. So carving have Taylor swift has impacted my life..''"

b'Is impacted an action word?'

b"Thank you Writeacher for your answers today : Here are some other questions : : Do you say We've had a lot of rain recently or lots of rain? Can someone explain the difference between those two phrases - in your own words. Also what exactly is the difference between a little..."

b'Can you please check my last sentences. I really need to know which expressions are best. Thank you. 1He studied at Eton college, where misbehaved students used to be beaten. 2 On his return to London he experienced poverty. 3 At the time not in this period he began ...'

b'Which sentence below has an underlined action verb? A. The poem Easter Wings is written in the form of wings. is is underlined B. Paradise Lost is an allegory. is is underlined C. In Meditation 17, Donne compares man to an island. compares is underlined D. ...'

b"I forgot to include these last two sentences. 1 Slaves worked either on sugar cane plantations better of sugar cane or in their masters' houses. If they rebelled, they could have an ear cut off or be killed. 2 For them the only way to escap ws the underground railroad ..."

b"I'm finding it dfficult to check a few more sentences. These are the last on this theme. Thank you. 1He studied at Eton college, where misbehaved students used to be beaten. 2 On his return to London he experienced poverty 3 At the time not in this period he began ..."

b"Thank you for improving my punctuation. Here are some more sentences I'm doubtful about.In particular, I find it difficult to express numbers 7 and 9. 1 However, while looking at the picture, a cry of pain and indignation comes from him. 2 He can see no change in it, except ..."

b'I checked the spelling mistakes and I reworded some of the sentences. Can you please check them and tell me how I can improve them? Thank you. 1Dorian throws himself on the sofa, and starts thinking of his past. He recognizes he has filled his mind with corruption, committed ...'

b"I don't understand the book I'm reading. Its called Goodnight Mr Tom. We writing exams on this but I really need help understanding this book. Please help me."

b"I have a few more sentences on Dorian's death I'd like you to check. Thank you. 1Dorian throws himself on the sofa and starts thinking of his past. He recognizes he has filled his mind with corruption, committed horrible crimes and has exerted an evil influence on others. 2 ..."

b"I forgot to include the following sentences. I hope you can have a look at them, too. 1 1984 can be considered an anti-utopian novel, which shows Orwell's sympathy for all the people who were murdered and exhiliated in totalitarian dictatorships ? in the first half of the ..."

b'I still have a few doubts. I hope you can have a look at them, too. 1 Winston is a thry-nine-year-old man characterized ? by blonde hair and a ruddy complexion, caused by the use of blunt razor blades. 2 At the beginning of the book he enters his modes apartment, where the...'

b"Hello Which expression do you use the most in English? Don't take amiss to me or something similar? I am looking for a verb but I can't seem to find it in English. Is there also an expression like to take harm on someone? I hope you get the idea which verb or expression I am ..."

b"Could you please check the correction of your first sentence? I included a few more sentences on Stevenson's novel. Could you please have a look at them? Thank you. 1 a 1984 can be considered as anti-utopian novel. 1The single dominant theme in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is that ..."

b'Can you please check these five sentences for me I find it difficult to correct. 11984 can be considered as an anti-utopian novel because it provides the description of a society in which a totalitarian government controls any action of the people. 2In this ? state of ...'

b'is there such thing as exercising of oversight on ....'

b'Do all essays require a thesis'

b'How do I properly site sources on my research paper?'

b'1. He got into college last year. 2. He went into college last year. 3. He got to college last year. 4. He went to college last year. Are the four all the same in meaning? Which ones are commonly used?'

b'In Emily Dickinson poems she has some of the first letters of words capitalized. Why so?'

b'What are words with the ending shion except cushion and fashion?'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you. 1 Forensic artists are also essential to catch criminals. They are required to possess two skills. 2 First, they need to have good interview skills as they have to talk to victims and listen to their descriptions. 3...'

b'Can you please check if these sentences are OK? Thank you. 1Forensic science adopts different scientific methods to catch criminals. 2In particular, scientists can examine a suspect\xc2\x92s fingerprints or check blood type. 3 They can also check teeth and look at dental records...'

b'what are words that have the same beginning sound as cushion has?'

b'what is the appositive inthis sentences Charles Lutwidge Dodson is better known by his pen name,Lewis Carroll.'

b'how to write a good thesis for a research paper?'

b"An example of verbal irony is: A. Macbeth saying, O, yet I do repent for my fury, that I did kill them. B. Macduff referring to Lady MacBeth as O gentle Lady. C. Macduff saying O horror, horror, horror. D. the witches saying, fair is foul and foul is fair. I think it's D?"

b'I am between two different thesis statements for Frazier either it is where the writing becomes italicized, Remember to keep shower curtain inside tub at all times Or In the last paragraph from Operating the shower curtain is kind of tricky to there is no need ever to touch...'

b"Help In Ian Frazier's essay How to Operate the Shower Curtain, what problems are users likely to encounter in using the shower curtain?"

b"The internal struggle of Macbeth's that forms a central conflict of this play is: A. his cowardliness and his wife's bravery B. his loyalty to Duncan and his ambition to be king. C. his hatred for Duncan and his desire to be kind. D. both A and B I'm thinking it's D but not sure?"

b'I have a report to do on ways people tried to live forever. can anyone help me find info for this.'

b'Read the passage below and complete it with the verbs in Past Simple from the box. _____________________________________ create,take,test, offer,be, publish,come out,have , give, find; _____________________________________ The PostScript language was developed in the early ...'

b'class vii analogies'

b'rosaq was nervous around the large dog whose moods were easily changable'


b'Read the following passage and choose where to insert these sentences. a Magazines such as Fortune and Business Week were all mocking him. b But it is true that Jobs was still losing money. In the early 1990s he was going c Pixar Animation Inc. Was also bleeding cash fast. ...'

b'Complete the sentences by putting the verb in brackets into the Past Simple or Past Progressive. 1. I saw a light in your window as I ___________________ pass by. 2. The student ________________ answer the question when the headmistress came in. 3. Five years ago my Dad ...'

b'please help me if this correct answer or grmmar question below. what is your purpose to visit to canada and provide your itenerary. my answer. i am going to canada for work since i have an employer for 2 years contract working. 2.what other country you wish to visit and who is...'

b"1. I'm in the third year of middle school. 2. I'm in the third year in middle school. Which preposition do we have to use? 3. My school is a boys-only school. 4. My school is a boys' school. 5. My school is girls-only school. 6. My school is a girls' school. Are all OK? ..."

b"1. I am a freshman in high school. 2. I am a freshman of high school. Which preposition should we use? Are both OK? 3. There'll be a parade on the anniversary day. How do you pronounce There'll? 4. We'll choose between upper secondary school and vocational school. What ..."

b"Hello once again Can you tell me the difference between Don't underestimate me and Don't underrate me Which one is more used in English and what's the difference between those two words? Is there any other similar word? My second question. Can we say both I'm Croatian and I..."


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