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b"1 Four American 17-year-old students will be in class with us tomorrow for an hour. 2 I need to prepare some activities to entertain them. They can't speak any Italian so the activities must be English. 3 I was thinking of preparing a questionnaire myself about their ..."

b'is it ok to end a paragraph with a quote'

b'I need to quote a sentence but need to take out one word to make it make sense in my paper, how do i go about doing this'

b'a friend has a new baby and has invited you to her house . write a letter accepting the invitation . ask for two questions that you need before the vist .'


b'Imagine you are a working mother of 3 children who has experienced inequity in the workplace regarding pay and conditions. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper supporting the article. Select 10 words from the spelling list: maternity, crippling, nexus, inhibit, ...'

b"Question on citing, I know how to cite articles and web pages but how would I come about citing what people said in an open discussion? Or rather, I want to quote someone's response on a blog. Thanks"

b'1. What injection does a person at 16 years need to receive? 2. What injection does a person at 16 need to receive? 3. What injection does a person at 16 years old need to receive? 4. What injection does a person aged 16 need to receive? 5. What injection does a person at age ...'

b'1. Wilma was able to walk again at age twelve. 2. Wilma was able to walk again at the age of twelve. 3. Wilma was able to walk again at twelve. 4. Wilma was able to walk again aged twelve. Which ones are correct? Could we use other expressions?'

b'I realized I left out a paragraph for you to check. Thank you. In particular, can you say a bike shop, enthusiastic about? 1 Johnny has got a headache and he can\xc2\x92t train. Storm is training for the triathlon alone. 2 Her times are fast but she finds training alone boring. 3...'

b'Two very last doubts. Do you say the Augustan or The Augustans were interested in real life. He admitted it had been him who ate all the cake./He admitted eating all the cake. Are they both correct?'

b"These are the very last sentences. I'm unsure whether to use she or her in sentence 6. Do you say found out or found/discovered in sentence 2? Is it possible to turn this sentence into the passive? She has been doing the washing for two hours. The washing has been done..."

b'I forgot to ask you if the sentences I sent you before were gamatically correct. Thank you. In particular the use of through in q. 1, as for in q. 4. 1 Time is personified through the use of a capital letter in line 9, through the use of verbs referring to human action ...'

b'Can you check these sentences for me, please? I really need to know if they are possible because I need to meet some American teachers tomorrow. 1How do you call the teacher who is at the head of the English Department in a high school? 2 She has organised a variety of ...'

b'Can you please check if everything is correct now? I made the chages you told me. I have one more doubt in n. 3: Can I used bored with instead of bored by? 1She was really upset about her uncle\xc2\x92s death. 2She was embarrassed about the way her father treated her/about ...'

b'Can you please tell me if the tense choice is correct in this paragraph? Tahnk you. Two verbs in brackets. 1 Time is personified through the use of a capital letter in line 9, through the use of verbs referring to human action line 10: beding, come and finally through the ...'

b'I forgot to include the following statements. I hope you can have a look at them, too 1 embarrassed about/at are the prepositions intercheangable? I was embarrassed about how untidy my room was/at about? having to ask for money/ to ask for money. 2I was cross/annoyed/...'

b"Thank you very much for your correction. I need to know which prepositions are possible after certain adjectives of emotions. I hope you can help me. 1disgusted at/by/with I need to provide examples. I was disgusted at/about/ by ? the news of the Prime Minister's love ..."

b'I have a question about the short story Son by John Updike. I have research this and read it but find it very confusing-I have two answers totally eliminated and would just like some input-Thank you so much Is Son told in a.order from the contemporary father and his ...'

b"Hello Why don't we say possessive pronouns in English for the following words: my, your, his, her, its, our, your, their. Why do we say possessive adjectives? It doesn't make sense to me since my mother tongue is not English. Can you maybe explain this to me? Thank you"

b'I forgot to include the other sonnet N. 116. I find it hard to rephrase the last couplet. 1Sonnets 116 is about love in its most ideal form. True love is to be based on mutual trust and understanding. 2 True love doesn\xc2\x92t change when the situation changes or with the ...'

b"Thank you very much for all your information. I'm finding it difficult to rephrase two sonnets by Shakespeare, especially number 130 To my Mistress' eyes. 1 The sonnet is Shakespeare's tribute to his uncomely mistress, commonly referred to asthe dark lady because of her dun..."

b'I have a question about the short story Son by John Updike. Is Son told in a.order from the contemporary father and his memories and reflections b.reverse chronological order, from past to present c.fragments that are set in different time periods and all from contemporary ...'

b'Can you please check this paragraph I summarized myself from an internet site called euronews. I think it can be useful to revise passive tenses and, of course, to keep up to date with what happens in Japan. 1.A 10-meter tsunami slammed into the Japanese city of Sendai killing...'

b"In comparing an oak tree with a maple tree, you can correctly say that A. oak is often used to make ships, while maple is often used for furniture. B. both maple and oak trees lose their leaves in the fall. C. acorns are good to eat, while maple seeds aren't. D. unlike oak ..."

b'why diversity is or is not an important element of our Canadian culture in your opinion?'

b'can you evaluate my essay ? tell me waht do you think about it, and what should i do to improve it. Satisfaction The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. This saying made me think about life, people, and their attitude toward it. This saying reflects how we ...'

b'help me translate please i tried it myself but it was a mess : My name is Isabella and I am 14 years old. I live with my parents and two brothers in the outskirts of Newport. My school is a few miles away from where I live, I go to school by coach but I used to go to ...'

b'2. Recent economic concerns prompted President Obama to meet with credit card industry executives in April, 2009. The national credit card delinquency rate has continued to grow in recent times, and the President, along with Congress, aims to end unfair fees and increases in ...'

b'Sonia, a fellow employee and friend, repeatedly shows up late for work. You and others have covered for her in the past, but some people are beginning to resent her tardiness and several have made comments to her about about it. However, she has not responded to peer pressure ...'

b'Explain how John Hersey blended characteristics of fiction and nonfiction in Hiroshima. How does this combination of genres help Hersey convey his feelings about the atomic attack on Hiroshima? Write a short essay that explains your answer. Support your ideas with details from...'

b'Write an essay in which you argue whether Antigone did the right thing. Should she have buried her brother or obeyed the decree by her uncle? Support your answer with at least two specific references to the play.'

b"In this exercise you'll write an essay supporting a generalization about some topic. Any ideas for generalizations?"

b"Need help with this-- In this exercise you'll write an essay supporting a generalization you've stated about some topic. Any ideas for generalizations?"

b'can u give me multiple choice questions from the examview on the story A Noiseless Flash from Hiroshima by John Hersey ... i really need to practice this selection. Plz if u can, copy and paste the questions because the link you might send me would not work ... Laptob ...'

b"Create an imaginary dialogue between Laotzu and a contemporary high school student in which the student asks for the philosopher's advice. Focus the dialogue on a concrete situation involving school, work, or relationships, and be sure that Laotzu's advice is in harmony with ..."

b': Is this a good Thesis statment? Because of the downturn in the economy as well as more people collecting rather than contributing to Social Security will make the program go broke before today\xc2\x92s 20 somethings are able to collect.'

b'What does she look like? 1. She looks like a movie star. 2. She is tall. 3. She looks like a bear. 4. She is beautiful. 5. She is reserved. Are the answers all correct? What are suitable responses to the question? Would you add some more suitable answers? Thank you. Have a ...'

b"In the play Oedipus Rex, from the beginning of Oedipus's rule in Thebes through the end where i he exiles himself, how does the relationship with the gods with the people in Thebes change, beginning, middle and end."

b'I forgot to include these last two sentences. Thank you very much. 1.It fostered individualism, and wasn\xc2\x92t concerned with abstractions such as social justice, equality or fraternity. 2 Liberal thought influenced the new view of the world and affirmed free-will, salvation ...'

b"These are a few sentences on the Augustan Age I'd like you to check. I'm unsure about punctuation and word choice. 1. The 18th century England was called Augustan after the period of Roman history which had achieved political stability and power as well as a flourishing of the..."

b"I forgot to include these last two sentences. I hope you can look at them. 1 Macduff wasn't born to a woman I mean naturally since he was torn from his mother's womb. 2 My favourite programme is called \xc2\x93Year zero\xc2\x94 and is broadcast on TV every Thursday evening from 9.00..."

b'When the government issued the Susan B. Anthony, dollar coin on July 2,1979 it met with some disapproval.'

b'I\xc2\x92m having problems in paraphrasing the song \xc2\x93Never Ever\xc2\x94 by All Saints. Can you check it, please? I included a sentence on the use of \xc2\x93propose\xc2\x94 and one concerning the use of reflexive pronouns. 1 Storm is a bit ashamed of herself. She feels sorry for Jason. Ed ...'

b"I just need to know if zapping, channel surfing are synonyms, if subscribe is followed by to, and if propose could be followed the indirect object. I included a few more sentences I really don't know if they are possible. 1 I hate people zapping channel surfing, channel-..."

b'I just need to know if the verb \xc2\x93prophesy\xc2\x94 can be follow by to ex. to Macbeth, if \xc2\x93army\xc2\x94 is considered as a collective noun plural, if the word devil is used with the definitive article and if the expression \xc2\x93to be born by \xc2\x93 is correct. I also need to know if ...'

b"Hello. I will really appreciate your help. 1which preposition is correct or better in the sentence oil is a curse of/for the Middle East 2is it possible to ommit that/which in the sentence this is a fundamental right 'that which' every state must respect 3is the ..."

b"Journal Activity 2.1 A: Prewriting: What Makes a Good Story write an evaluative essay in your journal. In this essay you'll state your opinion of a short story from this textbook or a movie you've seen and then support your opinion. You'll write down your criteria for what ..."

b'My question is about sasquatches. I just want to know if they are real. Is there someone who can answer this question??'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. 1 I hate people zapping channel surfing, channel-hopping when watching TV. 2We bought a Freeview box an a satellite dish to watch free satellite channels around the world. 3 We also subscribed ? to Sky to watch the national...'


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