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b'what would be a disillusionment using setting in the Great Gatsby?'

b"Is that correct to say: If he were she or in her place , h'd get a racer? Thank you very much fr your help and information"

b'I need to find this article named relationship skill critical for building professional relationship and write 2pgs about it, however I cant seemed to find it online. can you plz tell me where I can find it. I apperciated it, thanks'

b"Can you please help me complete the fill-in-the-blank activity, please? I'm not sure if the rules in America are the same as in England. 1You can get a part-time job when you are 15 years old. You can ride a 50cc moped when you are 14 years old. You can't leave school until ..."

b"I left out the questionnaire I really need you to check. I have to refer to what happens in America. 1You can get a part-time job when you are..You can ride a 50cc moped when you are......You can't leave school until you are......You must be ......to join the army. You must ..."

b'I forgot to include the following words. Thank you.I need help for the questionnaire, too 1Which household chores are most popular among American teenagers? Can you see if I wrote them right? put the rubbish out, sweep and mop the floors, take the bed linen off the bed, wash...'

b"Hello I have an assignment where I have to rewrite the Bill of Rights in modern english. I've been able to do most of them, but I'm stumped on the 9th amendment. The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained..."

b"the characters nat hocken from the story the birds by,Daphne du Maurier and general zaroff from the most dangerous game by, Richard Connell must overcome internal foes as well as external monsters list and explain each character's internal conflicts."

b'Hello. Please help me to choose the correct word order: 1equivalent-lacking English neologisms; 2English equivalent-lacking neologisms. Meaning: new words which have no equivalents in other languages. Thank you very much.'

b"Can you please help me formulate the questions better and answer the last two yourself? Thank you very much. 1 I quarrelled argued with my best friend because I refused to let her copy the maths test from mine?. 2 She is cross/furious with me now. I'm going to make it up..."

b"Can you please help check these sentences I wrote about adjective and past participles. Thank you. 1I'm as pleased as Punch. 2 Your project is excellent.I'm pleased/happy/satisfied/content are they all synonyms, did I include all?. 3 This song is so boring.I'm bored with ..."

b'please help me if my letter is correct in the grammar. kindly help me to make a good letter. march,21,2011 subject:sales commission to: THE MANAGER DEAR SIR, I am writing to you due to next month will be my annul vacation and,I would like to ask a favorale request regarding ...'

b'please help me if my letter is correct in the grammar. kindly help me to make a good letter. march,21,2011 subject:sales commission to: THE MANAGER DEAR SIR, SIR,I AM WRITING YOU DUE TO NEXT WILL BE MY ANNUAL VACATION AND I WOULD LIKE TO ASK A FAVORABLE REQUEST REGARDING MY ...'

b'Can you please check these ideas on stress and young people, please? Thank you vey much for helping me finding an excellent site on science 1 The two things teenagers are most stressed about are how to make new friends and how to improve their school performances. 2 Their ...'

b"I'm doing a English project on Sir Thomas More, and I had to make a movie maker project, so we have a choice of what music to play. The movie maker project is all about his life, teachings, and his writings, basically. What song should I use? Or any idea what type of genre? ..."

b"Though I specialized in Germanic languages, I need to present in a very simple way using a very simple language some scientific topics in English to Italian 18-year-old-students studying applied sciences whose English is very poor. I'm seeking internet sites where ..."

b'What does it mean when your teacher asks you identify the climax of a novel?'

b'projects for the stranger by albert camus'

b"In the novel, Push by Sapphire, how does Precious' repressed memories affect her? How it manifest?"

b"Thank you very much for your help. Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check. I included four sentences on how to make wine 1This wine is made from Nebbiolo grapes, grown exclusively on the slopes vineyards? of these hills. 2These veneyards have been cultivated ..."


b'Help me write an essay on How I learned English by Gregory Djanikian.'


b'The main antagonist to the other characters within the story is?'

b'Quick Question: When TYPING an essay, how do represent a song and a picture book...do we quote marks, bold or italics? AND Wiesel choose to write about his time during the Holocaust in order to educate the audience \xc2\x96 people aged 15 and above \xc2\x96 so that history may not ...'

b'is it right if i say spirit of belligerence?'

b"Blast 3 points from a team. At a game, what does that sentence mean? Would you paraphrase the sentence? What does 'blast' mean here?"

b"I have to write an argumentative paper on the topic: Recent changes to Georgia's HOPE scholarship program. To start off I wanted to conduct some research on the topic, but I only want to use good secondary sources from academic websites or something like that...Can someone ..."

b'Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I got the grade back for that english paper you helped me write a few weeks back...the movie analysis on A Walk to Remember. I got a B : But I have a chance to revise it according to the teachers comments and turn it in for a better ...'

b'Hello Can you write the word Goodbye like this and like this Good bye? What about Goodnight or Good night?'

b'Write a 150\xc2\x96200 word paragraph about the most helpful information you have learned from your other second-block course on how to make sound financial decisions. Underline your topic sentence and bold your clincher sentence.'

b"We sat across from each other during Peggy's recital."

b'Which is the most effective coordinating conjuction to join the following independent clause? Miriam wants a digital picture frame, She cannot afford one just now should i use for, so, and ,or but'

b"My 1st grade son needs to write a paragraph but is having a very hard time grasping the concept. How can I help him with this? He doesn't under stand that the paragraph has to blend/flow and be about the same topic all the way through. What shoudl I do?"

b'Hello When you are writing the unknown words f.e. on the board can you write the following or is something else correct I am referring to articles: an aim- a counter-revolution- a supporter- a square- a mayor- a green area- a pedestrian zone- So should you write the unknown...'

b'give examples of literary and -literay prose by citing examples from any source of your choice 350 words you may quote the source'

b'Both editors in chief asked for leave of absences at the same time. would the correct form be.... leaves?'

b'Does this question make sense: What is the author portraying in this chapter? or What are the emotions being portrayed in this chapter?'

b"Hi I need help and I appreciated it. am kind of confused and don't what to write. I have to do journal where I see, read, explore, observe about Intersecionality. How can I start writing about this? Thanks"

b"Confederation: For and against.. In a chart, list Joseph Hows's points against Confederation in one column, and Macdonald's points in favour of Confederation in another. This is what Joseph Howe said: Let us see what the Canadians desiere to do. They are not, as have shown, a ..."

b"Are these last two senteces correct Do you have to take a make-up exam if you fail a subject in June' Do you know what festivity is celebrated on next 16 MArch in Italy It has been 150 since the Italian republic was founded."

b'Cueca is a folk dance of Chile. How do you pronounce Cueca in English?'

b'I forgot to include these other sentences. I hope you can check them, too as I need them for tomorrow. 1 This obviously represents the secret and evil side of nature. Hyde is only ever seen here, never at the front of the house. 2 Furthermore, the most crucial events of the ...'

b"Here are some more sentences I'd like you to revise. 1 Several symbols are used to explore the theme of the double. The setting of the novel is ambivalent since it seems to be halfway between England and Scotland, London and Edinburgh. 2.Both capitals have a double nature as ..."

b'I have some doubts on how to rephrase a few sentences on Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I hope you can have a look at them. 1The story is told from the point of view of Mr. Utterson, a London lawyer and friend to the brilliant scientist Dr Henry Jekyll. 2 After relating a ...'

b'Thank you very much. Here are some more questions I need you to check. Choose the topics on the basis of your own preferences and then interview your American twinned students. Write their answers on the sheet provided by your teacher. Be prepared to be tested on their answers...'

b"I forgot to include these other questions. I'm going to arrange them according to their topic school, sports activities, travelling ?, clothes ?, student exchange programm, family, food. Do you think the topics are all right? 1 Do you have a report card on which your ..."

b'Thank you very much for helping me improve my questions. What do you think of this activity? Can you think of any other questions to include? 1 Do you support any charities? 2 What clothes are fashionable among teenagers in America these days ??? 3Do you know the name of ...'

b'Which one is the correct sentence? If they both need grammar work do tell. aThis gives evidence that people will work hard, but will never receive a fair deal for their effort. OR bThis gives evidence that people will be working hard, but will never receive a fair deal of ...'

b"The questions I selected are as follows. I'd like you to improve my vocabulary. 1 Why did you decide to join the school/or students' exchange? 2 What do you expect from it? Can you say anything in Italian? If yes, where did you learn it? 3 Can you get any Italian channels ..."


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