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b'In Swimming Strokes by Lee Carroll in paragraph 1, how many errors are there in subject-verb agreement, parallelism, and pronoun-antecedent agreement?'

b'the assignment is to write a paragraph explaining the key differences between the four types of writing. I need clarification on whether the four types of writing should be summary,analysis,synthesis,evaluation or narrative, descriptive, comparative, expository. I know the ...'

b'what does Argumutm ad hominem mean. please give an example.'

b'If I had these analogies, which would be the most logical answer? 1. Metropolis: necropolis :: acondominium:cemetery bacropolis:acrophobia cacronym:pseudonym dmegalopolis:necrotic 2. pachyderm:hypodermic :: adermatologist:ectoderm bgiraffe:telescope cpedagogue:demagogue...'

b'Thank you . I just need to know if it is right to say Read pp. 71-75 and then do the following gap-filling activity.'

b"wouldn't:couldnt::green: ?"

b'I urgently need you to check these sentences for me. Thank you very much for all. 1 Mary couldn\xc2\x92t afford to go to the cinema last weekend. She decided to take some money from her brother, Ben without asking him for it. 2 Her best friend doesn\xc2\x92t know whether or not she ...'

b"Mary Shelley says she conceived the idea of Frankenstein: A. while watching a frightening storm B. after listening to a discussion about the nature of the creative process. C. after visiting a morgue. D. when she thought of a better ending to Polidori's story. I'm stuck ..."

b"what message does the poem Ozymandias convey about earthly power? A. power will bring fame B. with power comes despair C. power is fleeting and will decay D. power brings glory I'm stuck between B and C? I met a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and ..."

b"A theme of Auld Lang Syne could be: A. memories are valuable when put in their proper place. B. new friendships are valuable. C. loyalty in friendship is a difficult thing to find. D. New Year's Eve celebrations are important. I think it's C?"

b'Formalize the following english statements as quantified WFF. Let Sx be the predicate x is a student, Bx the predicate x is a book, and Hx,y the predicate x has y, where the universe of discourse is the universe, that is the set of all objects. Use quantifiers to ...'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences. I hope you can have a look at them, too. 1The British upper class still thought of itself as the centre of the civilized world. World War I put an abrupt end to all this. 2 In June 1914 the heir to the Austrian throne, the ...'

b'Can you please check the sentences I wrote on the outbreak of World War One. What do you think? I went to the site you recommended to me or just me?. 1 King Edward VII 1901-1910 came to the throne after the death of Queen Victoria. 2 The Edwardian Age saw the ...'

b'Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you. 1 If I won 2 million Euros at the lottery, I would transfer part of the money onto my bank account and invest it in state bonds/government securities 2I would buy myself a house in the mountains and one at the ...'

b'Is this a okay paragraph? Can someone help me with it? People write on their wall about their daily life in social networking because people discuss about their life and to conversation with their friends or even people we do not even know. I would go on other people\xc2\x92s wall ...'

b'1. This is Shrek, who is the main character in the movie, Shrek 3. 2. This is Shrek, who is fun, strong and tall so that many children likes him. 3. This old lady in Mother Teresa, who devoted herself to helping poor people in India. 4. This old lady is Mother Teresa, who ...'

b'1. My school has an artificial playground, so students can play soccer in it. 2. My school has an artificial soccer field, so students can enjoy playing soccer after school. 3. My school has beautiful flowers, so it is great to look at them in spring. 4. My school has tall ...'

b'Another quick question... A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings seems to be told in a third-person omniscient narrative, because we know the thoughts and feelings of all of the characters, with the EXCEPTION of the old man...is this still considered omniscient or is it ...'

b"I'm having trouble writing an introduction to this literary analysis. It's for A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings. I'm supposed to show how the elements point of view, character, setting, tone and style, and symbolism convey the authors themes or central ideas. I'm not ..."

b'What is the theme of the book NUmber 8 by Anna Fienberg?'

b'Thank you very much for helping me Your information was really of help can you say that? Here is a paragraph I wrote on Dulce et Decorum Est by Owen. I know it is incomplete. I also need to find more data on the War poets and on this poem, too. Can you help m? 1 This poem...'

b'What type of figurative language is the following sentence? : Oh, never, if I live to a million, Shall I feel such a terrible pain.'

b'1 I find it difficult to describe activities people normally do when working on the computer on Microsoft Word, for example. Can you help me? For example: I switch on the computer, then I click on the icon word and wait for it to open. I type in my paragraph, I save a ...'

b"I visited the site you recommended to me. I just have a few mor doubts. I included a few more sentences whose vocabulary I'm not sure of. 1 The teacher was annoyed/cross with me for being late BUT she was annoyed/irritated by the heat/the elephant. 2 I was frightened by the ..."

b'I have to write a story in the perspective of a 2 year old and I need a plot for the story. Any suggestions?'

b'Can you please check one more thing: 1The students were delighted by /with their exam results. Are by and with possible? Is the meaning the same as they are pleased, satisfied, content with? their exam result? 2 They are depressed, sad, happy, unhappy, miserable, ...'

b'Thank you. I just want to know if She was anxiuous for me is grammatically correct.'

b'Is it all right to say he was anxious for me, but about my health? Thank you'

b'I have removed all your posts English and English 2 from overnight because of the incredibly objectionable content. Currently, you are also blocked from posting anything. If your posting privileges are restored, please make sure you do not post any type of objectionable ...'

b"1 I need to find a good site explaining the period between the two World Wars and after with reference to the Irish question, the Suffragettes' Movement , the New Deal, the Walfare State, and the Swinging 1960s on a blackboard. Actually, this kind of information is not ..."

b'The Lady of Shalott I have two events and have to find the quotation. 1st event The handsome, dazzling figure of Sir Lancelot rides by in his shining armour. The Lady sees him in the mirror and can no longer bear her imprisonment. 2nd event The Lady floats down the river past ...'

b'How to write an essay topic is based on the 2010 fifa world cup in s.a'

b'Do you think the last sentence links to intolerance, and do you think this paragraph makes sense? The only figurative device that is completely and effectively used in Night is first-person perspective. The use of first person conveys the incidents Wiesel encounters in the ...'

b'The following paragraph describes what some may consider to be a typical North American tourist. It reflects one opinion only. North Americans whovisit foreign countries do not commonly fit this description. Read the paragraph. Then write your answersin English on the answer ...'

b"I'm also noticing that theres some sort of problem with this paragraph but I...I don't know. Like im nots sure if its the right example and if it links to intolerance. The only figurative device that is completely and effectively used in this text is first person. The use of ..."

b"im studying for test and I am supposed to write about what are gender roles, how do they effect,, influence, inform our conceptions of masculinity and feiminity. I especially don't get the femininty and masculinity part. Thanks and I appreciate ur help"

b'The Lady of Shalott I have an event and have to find the quotation. 1 The handsome, dazzling figure of Sir Lancelot rides by in his shining armour. The Lady sees him in the mirror and can no longer bear her imprisonment. The quotation I think it is, is: A bow-shot from bower-...'

b'Write 9 sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence. im so confused'

b"just can't figure these sentences out. have to rewrite these sentences, correcting the problem of incorrect omission.? 1. A liberal arts background is excellent for such professions as lawyers and doctors. 2. American colleges consistently produce more physical education ..."

b'Review the video titled Writing Process. Read the Short Form Axia Writing Style Handbook. What are the two most helpful suggestions in each? If you were to propose one additional suggestion to include in each what would it be?'

b'1. He is a black and white dog. 2. It is a black and white dog. 3. She is a black and white dog. Are they all grammatical?'

b"1. They are a poet and a statesman. 2. He is a poet and statesman. 3. They are a poet and statesman. 4. Both are a poet and a statesman. Are they all grammatical? In 1 does 'they' refer to 'Both'?"

b'There is one paragraph matching each of the following types: summary, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation write a paragraph about the difference between the four types of writing. The difference between the four writing are that the summary is a condensed version of a piece if...'

b"I just can't figure these sentences out. have to rewrite these sentences, correcting the problem of incorrect omission.? 1. A liberal arts background is excellent for such professions as lawyers and doctors. 2. American colleges consistently produce more physical education ..."

b"Hi, I'm trying to start on my argumentatvie essay today and at least get the rough draft done. The topic is Recent changes to Georgia's HOPE scholarship program. I have found a few sources that I can include in the essay but what I need help on is how to start this out. ..."

b'Do you think that films, in general, influence society or does society influence what is presented in films?'

b'Can you check if my instructions on how to do the washing and the washing-up are correct? Thank you very much. When you do the washing, you sort the clothes, put them into the washing machine, insert the washing powder into the drawer or plastic container, start the washing ...'

b"I'm not sure if this paragraph is right. In the last sentence you have to say how the non-fiction text displays the concept of intolerance. Also, if there is a problem in how the quote/example I used just let me know add if there's a better way of writing the last sentence. ..."

b'The American Dream in the Great Gatsby through the use of setting? Please write one example. I thought the parties was one.'

b'1. I have not made up my mind yet. 2. I have not decided yet. 3. I have not determined yet. 4. I have not made a decision yet. 5. I have not made a determination yet. Are they all the same?'


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