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b"I left out two sentences. Thank you. 1 I take the clothes out and not: I take out the clothes? 2 You mustn't speak during the lessons/during lessons/during your school hours/during your school classes. 3 You must be in class when the teacher arrives. I have to separate ..."

b'In Chicago what are some jobs problem list it.Explain'

b"I have two more questions on the same theme. Thank you. 1Pay attention to not at your teachers' explanations. 2You must put up your hand, if you want to ask a question to your teacher/your teacher a question . Are they both possible? 3 You mustn's shout at your classmates..."

b"I left out the following sentences. Thank you for your help. It's urgent 1 I must always bring all my books and exercise books to school class? I must do my homework every day. 2 How can I get to the school or to school? from here? Do you know how I can get to the ..."

b"I forgot to add the following sentences. Thank you very much. 1 In the evening I always have to prepare ? my schoolbag.I must put up my hand if I want to speak ?? I mustn't eat or drink during school hours also: lessons? 2 I mustn't interrupt my the? teachers when ..."

b"Hello, I can't figure out the significance of the quote in Tale of Two Cities: Drive him fast to his tomb. I know it signifies the beginning of the revolution but I'm not sure why."

b"Can you please check these sentences? It's really urgent. 1 At school I mustn't cheat during a test also tests?. 2When I do the washing-up, I have to put the dishes into the dishwasher, then put the washing-up gel powder into the dishwasher, start it and wait for the ..."

b'I am pretty good at writing papers, but poetry is my weakness. I have to read For C by Richard Wilbur and I am having the hardest time analyzing it. Please help me'

b'What is a principals report?'

b'Thank you very much. Can you help me rephrase the last few lines, please? Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,-- My friend, you would not tell with such high zest To children ardent for some desperate glory, The old Lie: Dulce et ...'

b'identify one example of personification from dorothy aldis s poem snow and knikki giovannis poem the world is not a pleasant place to be'

b'i have no clue how to paraphrase paraphrase the quotation: the poets voice need not merel be the record of man it can be one of the props the pillars to help him endure and pervail.'

b'What are the nouns and verbs in this sentences. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend own understanding.'

b'I forgot to include the following sentences on fashion. I hope you can look at them, too. Thank you. 1 How do you call a half-button up T-shirt with a collar? In Italian it is called a polo T-shirt. 2 He is wearing a blue polo T-shirt with the Ralph Lauren logo on the top ...'

b"I really need your help to rephrase the following lines taken from Owen's Dulce et decorum est. I included a lot of question marks for the parts to rephrase. 1In the second stanza the soldiers succeed in putting on thier clumsy helmets.Someone, however, is still crying out ..."

b'In paragrpahs 2-4 the letter Public Statement by Eight Clergymen why does King use narrative in paragraph 2 and why does King use refutation. In paragraph 3 why does King use allusion.'

b'when and where did Euclid write the proof of the pythagorean theorem. why did the proof was written.'

b'how to make a sentence in spanish and english in these words.La hija/tener hambre'

b'I went to parent-teacher conferences, and it was not what I expected. I have learned that at parent-teacher conferences not all the parents show up. Are those sentences correct?'

b'It\xc2\x92s time for a road trip You are going to a major concert festival in another state and have found a lift there on a ride board through the concert web site. There are three other people sharing the ride with you, each from a different background and with a different ...'

b'What does strike your fortune mean?'

b'In paragrpahs 2-4 the article Public Statement by Eight Clergymen why does King use narrative in paragraph 2 and why does King use refutation. In paragraph 3 why does King use allusion.'

b"Can anyone summarize acts II and III of Romeo and Juliet into two separate paragraphs? I can't seem to put the scenes into detail for my upcoming play. Something detailed please and thank you"

b'1. Tell me when to meet. 2. Tell me when I should meet. 3. Tell me when you should meet. What does 1 mean, 2 or 3? 4.She hurried up only to be late for school. 5. She hurried up, but she was late for school. 6. She hurried up, but was late for school. Does 4 mean 5 or...'

b"1. What do you have to do in an emergency? 2. What do you have to do in emergency? Which one is correct? Are both OK? Do we have to use 'a'?"

b'1. The President is to visit China next month. 2. The President is going to visit China next month. 3. The President is due to visit China next month. 4. The President is scheduled to visit China next month. Does 1 mean 2, 3,and 4? Is 1 commonly used when we speak English?'

b"If my thesis is Social networking is a powerfull force in modern society. It helps us stay connected with friends, even if we don't show them the 'real' us and it has shaped current events and our views on these events... will my topic be about facebook or myspace. topic ..."

b'After Watching Titanic I like watching movies. I saw the movie Titanic with some of my friends. It was great fun. I especially liked the scenery. The actions of the actors in the movie was realistic. The role of the main actors was romantic. The big iceberg in the sea was also...'

b'Are you just a math tutor? Cause you could provide great help in English to jiskha students.'

b'These sentences below is about is how the Entrepenuers are making money off of the gold miners. So, the sentences below are some part of a poem, which is: I thought: What will stampeders need? Now I\xc2\x92m a Dawson millionaire I sell them ALL long underwear. So what do these ...'

b'What do these lines mean: I thought: What will stampeders need? Now I\xc2\x92m a Dawson millionaire I sell them ALL long underwear.'

b"Avez-vous une peinture favorite? English: [No I don't have a favourite painter. I like all the different kinds of styles that artists use in their paintings. Some appeal to me, and some do not, but there are many artists out there, which I really like.] Non, Je n'ai pas un ..."

b'Aimes-vous peinture Girl before a Mirror - Picasso? Pourquoi ou pourquoi pas? English: [Yes I like the painting Girl before a Mirror by Picasso because it is really colorful, and the reflection of the girl is something totally different, its strange but cool at the same ...'

b'1. What is the person doing in Picture 1? He is cutting out a flower on the light green paper with a pair of scissors. 2. A person is joining the red paper to the purple paper. 2-1. A person is joining the red paper and the purple paper with a paper fastener. 3. A person is ...'

b'Que remarquex-vous interessant dans tableau ..Aqueduct and Lock? English: [In painting, Aqueduct et Lock, the scenery just amazes me, the reflection effect looks really nice] French: [ En tableaux, Aqueduct et Lock, le paysage juste etones moi, le reflexion effet, regarde ...'

b"I'm posting questions related to those paintings one by one. Detestez-vous une peinture? Laquelle? Pourquoi? English: [Yes, I hate the painting, A Japanese Bridge, because it is not clear.] French: [Oui, je deteste la peinture, A Japanese Bridge, parce la peinture n'est pas ..."

b'He took the test yesterday is it adverb or adjectives'

b'I did not realize how important it was to collaborate with the staff at school, such as janitors, until I need them in my room. Teachers have so many responsibilities, and for that reason, it is beneficial for evryone to have as much help as possible. Are this sentences ...'

b'It took me a while to meet my communication goals, because Mrs. step was not their for a while. Does this sentence need the comma before because?'

b'Would i capitalize son in a sentence?'

b'Hello. Please help me with articles: The opposition lost its seats in an/the?election last week. All the?electoral bodies in the country are controled by the President. Thank you very much for your help.'

b'Not sure how to do this?? can anyone help? Incorporating Statistics, Graphs, and Illustrations o the different types of statistics, graphs, and illustrations that are appropriate for your topic. o Where do these visuals fit most effectively into your paper? Explain how these ...'

b'Can someone check my answer and let me know if it is missing something? Make any necessary corrections to the following paragraph- look for sound alike words, verb tense shift, singular subject/pronoun agreement etc\xc2\x85 Tom Greene, Director of Sales, was in the office yesterday...'

b'Make any necessary corrections to the following paragraph- look for sound alike words, verb tense shift, singular subject/pronoun agreement etc\xc2\x85 Tom Greene, Director of Sales, was in the office yesterday. He shows the staff various new products for marketing and asked that ...'

b'Section I: Make all necessary corrections to the following sentences. If a sentence has no errors, mark it correct as written: I did it but need reassurance. first sentence is teachers the second one is mine. 1. I\xc2\x92ve always wanted to go to college, it is something my mother ...'

b'how to do an oral presentation on to decribe a formal wear superstore. i had to submit this assigment on monday 4th april.'

b'What responsibility do you think the international community has when natural disaster strikes a community as it did in Haiti? Do you feel the international community failed the Haitian people? If so, what should they have done differently?'

b"Explain Bernad Cohen's distinction between the media's telling us what to think as opposed to telling uswhat to think about."

b'is this a good tittle for an article.. Causes and Treatments of Drug Addiction my article talks about the risk factors and briefly about treatment... any suggested tittles ..'

b'THESIS Facebook can have negative approaches such as facebook addicton, unsecure privacy, less social interaction, and causes problems with relationships,therefore i believe facebook should be limited by parents and by the users. is this a good enough thesis??'


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